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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Being Sneaky and Finding My Cat

      by , 10-07-2015 at 06:48 AM (Dimension X)
      I just woke up from this one.

      It started out at the property of my old elementary school, I remember seeing the principal outside near the building and then I quickly turned a corner to avoid him. It was apparent that I was not allowed to be there, and I was avoiding being caught. I ended up sneaking into one of the buildings and going up a narrow stairway and opening a door to the stands of an immense stadium, there were kids on the seats and from what I could see, there were also kids on the grass below, competing in something.

      I don't think I can stress enough just how huge the stadium itself was. Seriously, the place was massive.

      I met an old friend of mine, Johnny, except he was only like 10 years old for some strange reason. Anyway, a bunch of the kids in the seats started throwing a ball around and kept trying to hit me with it, so I left. Johnny followed me, and I kept reminding him to stay quiet because I wasn't even allowed to be at the school apparently.

      We were sneaking around various areas of the outside part of the school. There was one point where I thought he got noticed because he just said "Run" and ran ahead into some bushes.

      I guess we weren't caught though? We kept moving forward into a forest area, which eventually somehow formed into a dark room with shelves in the middle.

      There was a fox in it for some reason, and I remember petting it. Johnny found a fox too, and we had them sitting together in a basket before I heard my mom's voice from outside, and she said something like "I wish they'd have me here (volunteer teacher probably) when my son isn't here on Friday, when he's at FESS."

      So... I was supposed to be there? No... The bell rang signaling the end of the day, so I picked up a fox, and went outside to show her. Only when I went to show her the fox, it ended up being one of the cats that we left behind at our old house a few years ago in real life, Silver.

      We were both surprised that it was him, and so she gave him some food to eat, and I'm not sure what happened after that.
    2. Strange Animals and John Cena

      by , 10-04-2015 at 11:02 AM (Dimension X)
      I thought young children were more likely to dream about animals?

      I heard that somewhere on the internet, so it must be true.

      Anyway, this dream was oddly full of animals in at least one part, and the other part was full of people, because it took place in my old elementary school... More on that after the one about the animals.

      Now, I'm not sure about the order of the dreams, it kinda felt like I randomly jumped between them, so I'm just going to put the one about the animals here first, and then the one about my school after.


      I was in a basement that looked like nobody had been in it in years. ...It looked like a room in The Last of Us, to give you an idea. Post apocalyptic, basically. There was one window without glass, that lead outside. The window sill was at ground level outside too. I was going to climb out, but I had a tablet and I was in a chat room with a specific person who I won't mention. I kept telling them "Hang on" because I was going to climb through the window space. Not sure what this meant, but there was this caterpillar-type thing that had apparently helped me in some way. It was on the inner window sill and I thanked it before trying to put it through the window so I could climb out with it. There was snow at one point here too for some reason, but it disappeared. The creature could fit in the palm of my hand and it seemed intelligent somehow, although it did not speak. I'm still not sure how, but I know it helped me in some way.

      I gradually climbed out while carefully carrying the creature at set intervals before finally setting it down on a rock... But this is where it got a little unsettling.

      On the rock right next to where I set it was some sort of naked lizard creature, but it was dead, with a splatter of blood around it. I remember looking at my finger and seeing blood on the end as though I touched the little splatter by accident. This is also the only time I've ever seen blood in a dream... I think.

      I looked back at what I thought was the caterpillar, but it had somehow mutated into another one of the naked lizard creatures. I wasn't sure if it was alive, and at this point, I didn't try to touch it. I remember thinking: "There's... blood everywhere."

      I got up and away from the rock only to realize where I was. I was beside a really tiny stream, in between two sort of high naturally-formed walls. The land dropped down a few times like huge stairs, and I remember seeing weird frogs, a diseased cat that had somehow made its disease its power, and some sort of heavily armored talking turtle that was defending itself from some other creature who I also think was a giant frog or toad.

      Something happened, and I was in a room again, trying to squish a small bug that kept running around. I found a kitten somewhere in the room after I squashed the bug, and then the dream ended. That was one of the weirder ones I've had, I'll admit.


      This one involved being in my old elementary school gym and being in an assembly.
      I remember talking to a few people but not really saying anything odd. We were finally sitting in rows and guess who I was sitting behind...? Fucking John Cena. The first internet meme that has ever appeared in a dream. Once I realized it was him, my brain automatically played his theme music.

      Good lord.

      What the fuck, brain?

      I didn't go lucid, but I had a vague thought like "...Are you fucking serious?"

      God dammit.

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    3. Mansion/Tunnels/Disaster Center - (Longest dream in a while)

      by , 09-14-2015 at 07:22 PM (Dimension X)
      This one was kinda lengthy. It all started in some new house I got. The house was incredibly technology focused. I apparently got the house because the kid that used to live there died. Creepy. Anyway, the house was huge, it had big rooms with wooden flooring, and it looked very much like a mansion. It probably was a mansion. I remember going into this kid's room, and seeing what he had. All the things he owned were now mine apparently, so I looked around for cool stuff. He had a bed that had drawers underneath it, so I remember pulling a drawer out and seeing a bunch of things. There was a little bit of various clothing, a GameBoy, a microphone, small portable speakers...
      I even saw my own Pokemon Silver Cartridge in the drawer. I could recognize it because it has an old sticker on the back. There was a bit more than that, but that's all I can really pinpoint. The thing is, I own those things in real life. Even the GameBoy was purple, like the one I actually have. Something really didn't seem right. I picked up the microphone and showed it to my mom who was standing in the doorway. I had to remove it from the tangle of cords first though. I was excited specifically about the microphone for some reason, still not sure why I even would be. What frustrates me the most is that I ALMOST went lucid when I pulled out the drawer, but especially when I picked up the microphone. Something about touching things in dreams makes me almost lucid.

      This happened before in a really old dream I had that has an entry here on this site. In "These Guys Want Their Pepsi" I'm pretty sure I picked up a football in this dream, and when I did, I almost went lucid just like in this one. Oh, but we're only 1/3 done this dream, so let's continue...

      Then next part was that in the house near the entrance, but also near the kitchen, there was a button with the Steam logo on the wall, and I remember pressing it, then heading into a dark room. Maybe it was the bedroom again? I remember picking up some random toy and it was a transparent Walkie-Talkie that displayed the time digitally, and played music. The music was sort of alien-like, and I'm not sure how else to describe it. I remember there was a big screen in front of me at this point, maybe for a gaming console? My mom was there and was trying to play something for some reason but I kept on having to guide her through the basic menus. Sounds like something I'd actually have to do in real life if she ever decided to play my PS3. Oh joy. I'm not sure what happened after this, but next thing I know, I'm a soldier in a series of tunnels. A series of very very hot steel tunnels. There's a bunch of automatic doors, and other soldiers. Eventually everything started to get hotter, even though I couldn't actually feel anything. Everyone's armor was just glowing orange and melting, killing the people inside the armor too, obviously. It didn't happen to me, I took off my helmet and I was able to get out somehow. The tunnels all turned glowing orange from the heat and started collapsing. Not sure why all that happened. Now for the next part...

      I was suddenly very far away from the mansion and the tunnels, walking down the street with a woman who was (apparently) my wife. Then suddenly out of nowhere, we gazed off into the distance and saw a HUGE explosion. Like a disaster level explosion. My wife and I started running down the road very fast. The shockwave never came, but the explosion itself was heading our way. It was pretty far from us, so we had some time. We ran and ran... All the while, she was behind me, so I was never able to focus on her face. We came across one black car on the road that looked like it belonged in the 1930's. It stopped for us, and without saying anything, I opened one of the rear doors, and saw that the car was full. My wife closed the door quickly and the car sped away.
      I never really thought it was creepy at the time, but the 4 people in the car were all dressed in 1930's attire, and as soon as I opened the door, they were all staring at me with a bleak expression on their faces. There appeared to be two women and two men, from what I can remember. My "wife" ran on ahead somehow without me even seeing her, and I ran to some random place. I ran inside a building and was stopped by a woman. I asked her what this place was and she said it was the Disaster Center. I remember asking through panting where my "wife" was. She was just around the corner in some waiting area. I joined her, but for some reason was instantly transformed back into my normal self, and my "wife" took the form of my mother. She was sitting down chatting with her friend who had 3 kids. I remember having a lunch there with a ton of things in it, peach yogurt, potato chips... A bunch more stuff I can't remember. The youngest of the other woman's kids was a toddler and started trying to take my food, one item by one. As soon as one was taken, I'd take it back immediately. This went on for what actually seemed like at least two whole minutes. Eventually I got the hang of it and started predicting what food item the kid would go for next. I shouted "Stop taking my food!" and then suddenly everything changed again. This next part happened right before I woke up. For some reason, I was out of the dream now, but it kept going. ( You know, when a dream sorta becomes a movie that you watch.) It was about two "monster" parents letting their daughter be a part of monster combat training...? This really reminded me of Monsters Inc... Some big monster boss guy said that her colors made her more unique.

      Then, I woke up. That was the longest dream I've had in a while, whoa. And all that was still the third dream I had last night. (Check previous entry for other one that I remembered little of, and the other one that I remembered absolutely nothing from.)
    4. Tall House

      by , 09-07-2015 at 01:22 PM (Dimension X)
      I was at some tall and loose looking building that seemed to really only be held together by metal walkways. Maybe a radio tower of some kind? There didn't seem to be any real parts that were solid and that had rooms, it just seemed to be all open. I was there with a friend, and it was his house, although his identity changed multiple times throughout the dream. His father and a friend his father had went up to the walkway where we were, which was about 30 feet off the ground. There was a door that led to nothing and his father went through it and fell all the way down, but he was fine. He apparently needed to do it in order to put the staircase in place. There was now a metal staircase outside the doorway he just jumped out of, which made it easier to get up to where we were. I don't remember what happened after this, but the next thing I know is that we're in an actual room now, even though his house seemed to have none. I was at the top of some staircase inside with my friend, and we were looking out the window and we saw my mom coming up to the house. She used the staircase that was put in place outside and came inside. Somehow, she was at the bottom of the staircase we were at the top of, and she was telling me how if I went back to school, I would need to "buckle down" and get better grades. This was pointless. We had an argument, and I reminded her about how I'm not going back to school because I graduated. She persisted anyway, and I was constantly compared to my friend next to me who got all B's. When I apparently only got C's. None of that is even true actually. This dream happened after I tried to do a WILD. I failed of course, but I did get close to the transition, so I'll try WBTB tonight.

      Does anyone have any advice for someone trying to get back into WILD after like 2 years?
    5. Epic Fight!

      by , 04-07-2013 at 03:17 PM (Dimension X)
      This one was really cool. It started out in front of a run-down looking house. I was sitting in a car. Kinda felt like I was Dean from Supernatural. Anyway, there was some other guy beside me in the car, but it wasn't Sam. We both went inside and explored it. Apparently we were supposed to obtain a password for a certain door in the house. Some guy was inside and I guess we had to fight it out of him. There was a relatively big chamber before the door. "Sam" and I went behind a big piece of concrete (Probably a fallen wall) to wait for the man so we could jump out and fight him. "Sam" was noticed before me though, and the man threw something at Sam's neck and he fell on the ground. I remember them as being... Well, you know wind up toys? It was a handle to wind something up, only it had a really sharp point. Then I stood up to fight the man. He was wearing ragged clothes and he looked kind of old... Maybe in his 30's to 40's. The man threw a wind up handle at me but I dodged it. I don't really remember parts of the fight here though. But all I know is that I was doing kinda bad until I learned how to avoid the wind up handles entirely. He threw another one at me and got it in my neck, but I pulled it out and punched him in the face. He stumbled and fell onto the ground. Another wind up handle was thrown but I blocked my neck and it didn't hit me. Then I started punching him over and over and over. Left, right, left, right left, right left, right left, right left, right left, right... Until finally he looked dead, and I picked him up and threw him out a window. "Sam" woke up and pulled the wind up handle from his neck. Then he asked me if I got the password from the guy. Of course I didn't though, because I just punched the crap out of him and threw him out a window. I felt kind of guilty at that too. But yeah that's what I remember. It was pretty neat, especially the part where I kicked ass.

      I rate this dream 4/5 awesome dances.
    6. Flying isn't always fun

      by , 08-06-2012 at 08:03 AM (Dimension X)
      This requires a lot of explaining. So in other words, a lot of reading, but please bear with me ._.

      Ok so about 6 months ago, I lived in a nice house... Everything was normal. Then, out of nowhere I had this one dream where it felt like I was awake. But what happened was, I was laying down with my eyes closed... And I could feel my bed float off the ground a few feet, and rotate 360 degrees before slowly falling back to the ground again. ...It didn't stop there. A few days later, I had another one of these dreams, except it was a bit more intense. Instead of slowly floating, this time my bed floated a bit faster, right up to the ceiling of my room. My eyes were open and I saw the ceiling like 20 inches away from my head. Then it dropped quite fast onto the floor. I started to have these dreams quite often, and they kept getting more and more intense with each one. Eventually I was at the point where I would have a dream like this and my bed would either skyrocket past my ceiling and into pitch black darkness, or carefully aim itself and dive into the floor at breakneck speed. It felt like I was on a roller coaster, except way faster. After about a month or so, I actually started to discover on my own that I could kind of control where my bed was going using my mind. Although it didn't work as often as I had hoped, it still helped. Then I had this one dream... This one specific dream that really freaked me out.
      My bed floated horizontally in this dream. All I saw was darkness, but I could feel it moving. And then my bed floated by a white fireplace. I didn't have a fireplace in that room. But the thing that really freaks me out about that is, there's a chimney right outside my room, as part of the house... There WAS a fireplace in my bedroom... 200 years ago.
      The fireplace that I saw was white, and there was a small fire in it, and it was brighter than it should have been for such a small fire. Yet, the light didn't go anywhere else. The light itself only surrounded the fireplace.
      Eventually these dreams started to happen less often. Then I had to move out of that house. I left my old bed there because I already had a new one ready for the new house, the one I'm living in now. After I moved here, those dreams stopped ENTIRELY. I think those were lucid dreams, though. Because I felt awake in all of them. Even though these events happened not that long ago, at the time, I knew what a lucid dream was, but... I don't know... I have no idea why I didn't take control. For some reason, now, it's harder for me to fully LD... Anyway, thanks for taking your time to read this, it was pretty weird.
    7. Giant

      by , 07-28-2012 at 05:32 AM (Dimension X)
      Well this dream I had a while ago... But nonetheless it was kind of a bad one. Ok so I was in my backyard, and all I remember is that there was this giant person standing about 80-100 ft tall. And they saw me and they actually tried to reach down and grab me. So I saw a freakishly huge hand coming at me. ...But for some reason, I couldn't run away, so instead, I was on my back just backing away using my arms. I actually got through some bushes and escaped though. The dream was supposed to be a bad one I guess, but I got away. Freaky though...
    8. Meteor Crash?!

      by , 07-27-2012 at 05:52 AM (Dimension X)
      Ok so I had this dream about 1 or 2 years ago... I was in my house and then all of the sudden I thought I heard something outside. I went out to go see what. When I got outside I didn't see anything... Until i looked up. I saw a huge flaming meteor about 40 ft above the ground come from the top left area of where I was looking and it headed more to the right and downward at high speed. It crashed behind some trees. And when it did, I saw a huge beam of light burst from where it crashed, and heard an EXTREMELY LOUD screeching noise. I swear, it was literally the loudest thing I've ever heard. Real life, or dream. Heh... The sound itself was really high pitched and sounded like "PEEEEAAAAAAAAA" and then quickly followed by a really loud explosion.

      Has anyone else ever heard anything extremely loud in a dream before? Seriously this was louder than anything I've ever heard before.
    9. Overcoming real world fears in lucid dreams?

      by , 07-23-2012 at 09:00 AM (Dimension X)
      A few years ago, I had a dream I was standing in the street... I got randomly hit by a speeding vehicle, but instead of getting splattered on the pavement or waking up, I was launched into the air, still in standing position, (here's where I become semi-lucid) then I notice how far I am from the ground, (actually about triple the height of telephone poles), but instead of freaking out, I just crossed my arms and said "Is this really supposed to scare me?" Just after I said that, everything turned distorted, like it was television, and someone was messing with the antenna. Then everything went dark for a few seconds, and I woke up. Before I had that dream, I was terrified of heights. Now... They don't bother me in the least. Has anyone else had this sort of experience? Like, gotten over a fear in a dream?