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    1. Incredibly Strange DC's - Mad Max Stuff?

      by , 09-26-2018 at 06:13 PM (Dimension X)
      I was in some house with a bunch of DC's I've never seen before. A few of them looked like old friends from school, but I was unfamiliar with most of them. A different one was asking us random questions, and we were supposed to put our hands up to answer, like in school. The entire place was decorated in a hardwood style. It had a very homely vibe. It took place in a weird, circular kitchen. It's like there was a big pillar in the middle that had all the things a kitchen should have. Counter tops, a stove, and a refrigerator. We were all sitting around it.

      I was in front of the fridge, and there were a few people off to my left. The fridge door was open though, and for some reason, it was GIANT. It stretched all the way over to me, and it kept swaying back and forth. We couldn't close it for some reason. I pushed it away, and it swayed a bit too far to the right, hit someone, and they shoved it back, yelling at someone next to me, because they couldn't see it was me that pushed it.

      I circled around the pillar eventually, saw a few people and went outside. It looked like my old elementary school's yard. A ton of DC's were here. The one that was inside asking all the questions was out here now, sitting in a big chair.

      Next, I was put aside, and started basically watching some kind of mad max style movie. It was almost a desert. A man was having a hard time climbing up a rubble filled highway hill. There was a husk of a car nearby, with a stash of something valuable. He climbed onto it and took a box of something. Eventually the person who owned the car's stash came by, and was about to get angry, but then the man offered to buy the valuables for 49 currency. I don't remember what he said they were, but they certainly weren't dollars.

      Yet another apocalyptic style dream... I've been having a lot of these lately.

      First the dream about the airships lighting the sky on fire, New York becoming a charred, jagged ocean of black rock, then the dream about the meteor strike... And those are just the big ones.

      Not gonna be surprised if something cataclysmic happens in real life soon.

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    2. Seeing my dead cat again + some other fragments

      by , 09-18-2018 at 07:54 AM (Dimension X)
      After another year, I can finally focus on dreaming again. I'm having trouble getting the motivation to write as soon as I wake up, but hopefully I'll get used to it again, like before.

      If a dream isn't like a story, or there are multiple different things that happen separately, I'll use bullet points now instead.


      -Was with my parents, and there were a bunch of other cats around, all the ones from the farm house we had to leave back in 2011. I distinctly remember calling out to one nearby, who was rolling around. His name was Boots. This is not the deceased cat, however. The only cat we now know is gone, is a tiny female cat named Ryza. I think I was partially lucid here? Eventually, I started crying, and I picked her up in my arms when she got close and I said "I just miss her so much" through tears. Woke up with my eyes watering. ...Maybe she's somehow letting me know she's okay.

      -With my brother Aaron, and not sure if my parents were there. There was a small hill nearby that we were on top of already. At the top was a parking lot. A truck suddenly drove up the hill, and into the parking lot, while flipping multiple times, yet sustaining no damage. I remember saying "That truck's a tank!"

      -In a different, yet familiar house, looking around. I remember it definitely being haunted in the dream. Haunted by the spirit of an elderly woman. Eventually, I remember looking around and saying "Thank you for letting me be here." Not long after, a horrible sensation coursed through my body, and I felt like I was getting electrocuted. The dream ended shortly after. ...What a bitch.

      That's it for now. Gonna try to write in here more.
    3. The Red Whale Expedition

      by , 08-13-2017 at 11:46 PM (Dimension X)
      Most of the beginning escapes my memory, but the earliest I remember is being on a small boat with some old man, as he paddled it through the ocean. I was telling him a story about a particular whale that had destroyed something of mine, or had a significant impact on my life somehow. He began to tell me a story about how a giant red whale destroyed his ship and killed his entire crew.

      Well, that's unsettling.

      The air was very foggy, and it was raining slightly. It was cloudy and almost dark. Maybe a storm was approaching?

      We were on the little boat for quite some time in the dream with not much happening.

      When we finally made it to land, the sun began shining and he dropped me off onto white painted docks. The paint was worn and peeling. He then got back into the small boat and paddled away. There were multiple different elevations of the docks close to each other, with stairs and such. There were many tables with people eating at them, and the tables had umbrellas. I've only ever seen so many dream characters once or twice. There were a lot of people. They were dressed fancy, and there was even fancy music playing while the people ate. The main restaurant counter was on the docks too and almost formed a wall, preventing people from going onto the actual land behind it. I remember sitting at the counter, but not having enough money to get anything, despite the prices being very low. (85 Cents, 65 Cents, etc.) Looking back on it now, maybe the old man dropped me off temporarily, and I was waiting for him to return? I really have no idea. No idea why I would've stayed there either.

      The rest is a blur... There was something about me getting a bottle of water, and...

      That's all I remember.

      Pretty weird.
    4. (I'm back after like 2 years lol) Strange House and Objects

      by , 07-21-2017 at 05:39 AM (Dimension X)
      It's been a while... Since I have some time, I've decided to come back for a bit and try lucid dreaming again.
      I mean, it's been like a year and a half or something, I think... Dang. How has everyone been...?

      Oh well, I'm back. Here goes.

      Recently just woke up from this dream... I was in an unusually big house. The only other person I recognized was my dad, but I remember there being a bunch of other people there with us. My mom may have been there too, but I'm not sure. There was a very dark kitchen, where there was something to do with me needing to make food...? Weird. The living room had some sort of big box, full of big RC cars... Huh? Rocket League? I specifically remember pulling the Road Hog out of the box... My dad wanted me to pick a vehicle so he could upgrade it or something. I went through the entire box, tossing out the different cars, until I eventually found one that I wanted to keep I guess. I ended up also finding a lot of small objects on the floor. Like... Things that I own. There were DS games, and other small/old toys and stuff. In particular, there were some DS games that were only the plastic case from the cartridge. As in, no actual game. I remember seeing Spectrobes 2 specifically. Huh.

      That's all that I really remember.

      In my time away from here, my dream recall has become a bit stale.

      Time to get back into it...
    5. Past Life Memories?!

      by , 02-01-2016 at 06:16 AM (Dimension X)
      I think I discovered something pretty freaky. It's happened twice now, so there must be some significance.

      I believe I actually had a past life, and I've been seeing memories of this past life in my dreams. At first there were black and white grainy visions of people from the times of what looked like World War 2 that I've mentioned in a past entry. I know I've never seen those people before. The message I got from the visions is that I was in WW2, but I never put it together until now. Those visions happened a few months ago, so I never really thought anything of them. But... Maybe like 40 minutes ago, I awoke from another pretty freaky dream. It was 1998 in the dream, and I was back to being 2 years old. My vision was a little grainy too... My parents couldn't understand me when I tried to say anything and I spent almost the entire dream trying to convince them that my consciousness was transferred from 2016 back to 1998 somehow.

      However, there was this other part, where I stepped into the bathroom and I was instantly in the early to mid 60's. My parents hadn't even been born yet. My vision was far more grainy and there was a TV in the room, with some sort of late night talk show. There was a man and woman being interviewed, although the woman seemed to be the focus of the show. She was showing some sort of dress to the audience... She must have been a clothing designer. I don't remember what the dress looked like, but... Let's just say it totally wouldn't be in style right now. The show was focused on the dress for a little bit and then the program fizzled out.

      I sort of remember what the woman looked like...

      Time to do a bit of research.
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    6. Perfect Fruit, The Imprisoned King, and The Cliffside House

      by , 11-01-2015 at 10:47 PM (Dimension X)
      I had a somewhat lengthy dream that was split up into 3 parts.

      Part 1: Perfect Fruit

      I was out somewhere in the forest with a friend and there was some old lady's house and she was gone for the day or something. She had fruit growing inside the house and I opened the window and saw the most perfect, bright red, strawberries I've ever seen. There were small bunches of grapes on the same plant, so I took one of those and I put it in a backpack, that was somehow mine because I left it there. I had apparently been here before...? That's weird.

      Part 2: The Imprisoned King

      Somehow in the back of my mind in this part, there was a story about a king who was wrongfully imprisoned by his own people. I took the role of this king and I was in a prison cell with someone else, trying to unlock the gate through the bars which was oddly farther away from the cell itself. I used something that looked like Thor's hammer to jiggle the gate's locking mechanism, and it came loose, so I escaped. This one kind of ties into the next part...

      Part 3: The Cliffside House

      I was no longer the king but I was in a house that my mom and dad were in. I immediately got the feeling that the house was perched on the edge of a cliff. It was early in the morning and they were still sleeping, so I was sneaking around the house avoiding giant guard bird walking in the halls. I remember one of them being called a Scroller by the other person I was still apparently with, even though I don't remember who it was.
      I was looking for money, in any form, around the house. I was looking in dressers, jars... You name it. I was looking for change, so I could buy something. My parents didn't find out I was looking.

      That's all for this one.

      I've had a few other dreams that I didn't get to add here yet, so maybe I'll add them eventually.
    7. The Computer Lab

      by , 11-01-2015 at 04:17 AM (Dimension X)
      I've made it a goal recently to find out who or what exactly the wolf that protected me in my previous dream "winter wolves" is. There was something significant about it, but I can't put my finger on what it was. It surely didn't seem like a normal dream.

      In a normal dream, the pack of wolves would have killed me without a doubt. There wouldn't be one particular white wolf protecting me from the others. It's too out of the ordinary for my dreams. I need to find out what the significance of it was. Ahem... Now on to my recent dream.

      I was in a school computer lab that was a basic square shaped room. It was pretty small, and had about 20 computers total. Each computer was up against the wall on a table and they went all the way around the room. There were a couple people with me in the room and I remember random videos starting to play on a bunch of the computers so I paused all the videos and was suddenly commended for doing so, even though it wasn't that big of a deal. 4 computers had a video playing on them. I remember a few names of some people. One person was Mikey, who was actually someone in a video, and the other was Uzo... I think he was in the room. There were a bunch of other names, but I guess my dream recall hasn't improved enough to remember more than maybe 2 words from any of my dreams.

      I have to start making a list of dream places to revisit, as well.

      Also, Happy Halloween.

      That is all.
    8. Non-detailed Dream Week

      by , 10-22-2015 at 10:34 PM (Dimension X)
      I've had a bunch of dreams every night for the past week, although I haven't written them down because either there's been too many to keep track of, or they're not detailed enough to get their own entry.

      But in each of them, I've been on the verge of lucidity. I think I was 50% lucid for a recent one, and I actually had a surprising amount of indirect control over everything.

      I am making progress, just not writing down anything unless it's worthwhile.
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    9. Pokemon Game Thing

      by , 10-16-2015 at 04:36 PM (Dimension X)
      I feel like this deserves its own entry. I had this one last night, the same as the "Pizza Supermarket" dream. While in this dream, I felt like I was on the brink of lucidity once more, but it just didn't connect.

      I was playing a Pokemon game on my 3DS. Only it was very strange... It didn't seem like it had the normal bird's eye view, but rather a common third person character view. I was turning a corner on a dirt road, heading to a small desert. There were boulders in the sand, and when I went up to them, they shook a little. I continued on the path and made it into the desert. It wasn't long before I triggered a random encounter, and a horde encounter no less. I was facing 5 Pokemon that were bull-like. They looked like Tauros, but in a way, they weren't. It was just like a horde battle, except I was using 5 of my Pokemon when in the games, you only use one when facing hordes. I remember my shiny Klefki and Umbreon were 2 of my 5. I currently have them both in my team right now, so maybe the others were supposed to be the rest of my team... Anyway, I thought everything was good, but then I realized every single enemy Pokemon was level 64. Oh God. I thought I was doomed, but then I looked down at my own, and they were around the same level. One was level 70, another was 60-something, another 64, Umbreon was 40, and Klefki was 64. Umbreon is the lowest level in my team right now... Maybe there's some accuracy in this dream? When I was reading the levels, I felt the 3DS in my hands, and that's when I felt like I was going to turn lucid the most.

      For me at least, lucidity seems to be nearly triggered by holding/touching objects.
    10. Pizza Supermarket

      by , 10-16-2015 at 04:25 PM (Dimension X)
      Oh look, another dream where it's just my mother and I, in a store.

      Can't tell you how many times I've had one of these.

      Either way, this recent one involved us going to a supermarket, where I had a little less than a dollar to my name, and I wanted to go back home to get the rest of my money. We were walking through the supermarket, and I remembered that they were selling slices of pizza for one dollar each. I was short by maybe 5 cents, so while we were at the counter, with the pizza nearby... I asked my mom if she had any extra money so I could get a slice. I'm not sure what happened, but I did end up getting one, and we left to go home. Only our home was just another supermarket. Great. I remember seeing a bunch of my friends from high school in it, and then I said "I'm going shopping" because I could now get the rest of my money. I headed upstairs and for some reason, started thinking about Japan, and Japanese stuff. Suddenly, the name Tsukuba appeared in my mind, and I awoke with that name fresh in memory. I looked it up now, and apparently it's a place in Japan. Tsukuba is place I've never heard of, but my subconscious is responsible for me knowing it, no doubt.
    11. Winter Wolves

      by , 10-15-2015 at 06:36 PM (Dimension X)
      This was from yesterday, but I forgot to write it down... whatever.

      It had a pretty simple setting, it was like I was in a national park set in winter with a bunch of other random people from my high school I recently graduated from.

      Everything seemed okay, until everyone started running away from something. I didn't need to ask because when I turned around I saw a bunch of wolves far away chasing everyone. I began to run with everyone else through a tunnel bridge made of wood. There wasn't really anyone around me anymore though, everyone was separated by quite some distance. Soon enough, another bunch of wolves appeared where I was running to and cornered me somehow.

      I thought I was screwed, but one wolf that looked different from the rest went near me and fended off the other wolves. It kept me safe. The others were scared to approach it, and left.

      ...Maybe this is the first appearance of my Dream Guide? I certainly hope so.
    12. Being Sneaky and Finding My Cat

      by , 10-07-2015 at 06:48 AM (Dimension X)
      I just woke up from this one.

      It started out at the property of my old elementary school, I remember seeing the principal outside near the building and then I quickly turned a corner to avoid him. It was apparent that I was not allowed to be there, and I was avoiding being caught. I ended up sneaking into one of the buildings and going up a narrow stairway and opening a door to the stands of an immense stadium, there were kids on the seats and from what I could see, there were also kids on the grass below, competing in something.

      I don't think I can stress enough just how huge the stadium itself was. Seriously, the place was massive.

      I met an old friend of mine, Johnny, except he was only like 10 years old for some strange reason. Anyway, a bunch of the kids in the seats started throwing a ball around and kept trying to hit me with it, so I left. Johnny followed me, and I kept reminding him to stay quiet because I wasn't even allowed to be at the school apparently.

      We were sneaking around various areas of the outside part of the school. There was one point where I thought he got noticed because he just said "Run" and ran ahead into some bushes.

      I guess we weren't caught though? We kept moving forward into a forest area, which eventually somehow formed into a dark room with shelves in the middle.

      There was a fox in it for some reason, and I remember petting it. Johnny found a fox too, and we had them sitting together in a basket before I heard my mom's voice from outside, and she said something like "I wish they'd have me here (volunteer teacher probably) when my son isn't here on Friday, when he's at FESS."

      So... I was supposed to be there? No... The bell rang signaling the end of the day, so I picked up a fox, and went outside to show her. Only when I went to show her the fox, it ended up being one of the cats that we left behind at our old house a few years ago in real life, Silver.

      We were both surprised that it was him, and so she gave him some food to eat, and I'm not sure what happened after that.
    13. Strange Animals and John Cena

      by , 10-04-2015 at 11:02 AM (Dimension X)
      I thought young children were more likely to dream about animals?

      I heard that somewhere on the internet, so it must be true.

      Anyway, this dream was oddly full of animals in at least one part, and the other part was full of people, because it took place in my old elementary school... More on that after the one about the animals.

      Now, I'm not sure about the order of the dreams, it kinda felt like I randomly jumped between them, so I'm just going to put the one about the animals here first, and then the one about my school after.


      I was in a basement that looked like nobody had been in it in years. ...It looked like a room in The Last of Us, to give you an idea. Post apocalyptic, basically. There was one window without glass, that lead outside. The window sill was at ground level outside too. I was going to climb out, but I had a tablet and I was in a chat room with a specific person who I won't mention. I kept telling them "Hang on" because I was going to climb through the window space. Not sure what this meant, but there was this caterpillar-type thing that had apparently helped me in some way. It was on the inner window sill and I thanked it before trying to put it through the window so I could climb out with it. There was snow at one point here too for some reason, but it disappeared. The creature could fit in the palm of my hand and it seemed intelligent somehow, although it did not speak. I'm still not sure how, but I know it helped me in some way.

      I gradually climbed out while carefully carrying the creature at set intervals before finally setting it down on a rock... But this is where it got a little unsettling.

      On the rock right next to where I set it was some sort of naked lizard creature, but it was dead, with a splatter of blood around it. I remember looking at my finger and seeing blood on the end as though I touched the little splatter by accident. This is also the only time I've ever seen blood in a dream... I think.

      I looked back at what I thought was the caterpillar, but it had somehow mutated into another one of the naked lizard creatures. I wasn't sure if it was alive, and at this point, I didn't try to touch it. I remember thinking: "There's... blood everywhere."

      I got up and away from the rock only to realize where I was. I was beside a really tiny stream, in between two sort of high naturally-formed walls. The land dropped down a few times like huge stairs, and I remember seeing weird frogs, a diseased cat that had somehow made its disease its power, and some sort of heavily armored talking turtle that was defending itself from some other creature who I also think was a giant frog or toad.

      Something happened, and I was in a room again, trying to squish a small bug that kept running around. I found a kitten somewhere in the room after I squashed the bug, and then the dream ended. That was one of the weirder ones I've had, I'll admit.


      This one involved being in my old elementary school gym and being in an assembly.
      I remember talking to a few people but not really saying anything odd. We were finally sitting in rows and guess who I was sitting behind...? Fucking John Cena. The first internet meme that has ever appeared in a dream. Once I realized it was him, my brain automatically played his theme music.

      Good lord.

      What the fuck, brain?

      I didn't go lucid, but I had a vague thought like "...Are you fucking serious?"

      God dammit.

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    14. Unknown WILD Thing

      by , 09-27-2015 at 07:11 PM (Dimension X)
      I'm not even sure what this was, to be honest.

      But I did the usual WILD technique, and then I was suddenly in the dream world, except I was just in the other room playing on my 3DS and shiny Pokemon hunting.

      I remember finding a shiny Pokemon but feeling super exhausted at the same time and falling asleep at the desk, only to slip back into consciousness.

      I'm not even sure this classifies as a lucid dream because I wasn't even aware I was dreaming, but I still felt like I was in one.

      I don't know.
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    15. Fire Message/Aliens/Water Bottles

      by , 09-26-2015 at 03:08 PM (Dimension X)
      I really wish I got up and went to my computer at 3AM to write down the first one, because now I don't remember the important parts. Either way, I was in some forest and between two trees, there was some dark screen. On the screen there was a message written in fire somehow? I can't remember what it said now though, damn it. I don't think it was anything important, but it would have been cool to still know.

      But now for the sorta scary part.

      There was this next part where I was talking to a friend who apparently had died.

      He had returned for a little while to talk to me and a few others. The screen between the trees was apparently the portal back to the afterlife for him, so I stopped him before he went through it and said "Wait, the entire world needs to know, what happens when you die?"

      He then said to me "I'm not allowed to tell you."

      But he was allowed to reveal one thing.

      He said something like "Death really is only a transition to another plane of existence" or something like that. For the record, I'm not exactly religious, so that was a little freaky.

      Next, this other dream was still connected somehow, even though I think I had it later.

      I was still in the forest, but in a clearing. And I saw a UFO above some trees, and everyone else saw it too. It looked like the stereotypical saucer shape and had glowing red lights underneath. When it flew away, it was super fast and was gone almost instantly. Looking at the people around me at this point, and I see that maybe I'm at some campground. Strange.

      The last one was about me running around some school field with a water bottle for some reason. I remember there were 3 of them and I had the smallest one and I was trying to get the other bigger ones. I remember drinking all the water out of one, and it tasted oddly good somehow, even though water obviously has no taste really.

      Sheesh, what a weird bunch of dreams.
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