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    1/3 Checking into insane insane asylum

    by , 01-03-2023 at 02:32 PM (167 Views)
    I was a high school student walking past a gas station with "cage"-like cots surrounding the outside. I was remembering that this school year we can take a camping field trip and will get to stay in these cots. Im thinking about getting to sleep near my crush, Blonde Girl.


    I am Blonde Girl and am checking myself into an insane asylum. Im thinking its a bit of a shame since this year I would have gotten to take the camping field trip, but this is more important. when I show up it looks like the dorm building I dreamt about on 12/15. ....... Im in a room to the right of the entrance with a group of girls (5-6 of them) around my age + the headmistress of the asylum. The girls look 'inbred' as in they have distorted and somewhat ugly facial features but not terribly so, and they have hick accents. The headmistress is beautiful but scary. she looks like the crazy russian lady from Zoolander (the movie i watched before having this dream). We were having a conversation to get to know eachother since we were going to be a group therapy group together, but then one girl mentioned her girlfriend or something. The other girls started agreeing with eachother that they were all incredibly homophobic and didnt like gay people. This freaked me out since in the dream I was bisexual. I wanted to let the gay girl know later that we could stick together. I was beginning to question by decision to check myself in here.


    we are at the insane asylum lobby and the headmistress tells us to make two lines with all the other kids (co-ed group with different age kids from 6-18 ish). I try getting in one of them but its chaotic and the other kids push me out. I get in the right lane and I see its full of little kids so i think im in the wrong lane. I move back into the left lane but there is an infinite number of kids getting in the left lane. The headmistress says we are all so lazy for picking the left lane, since the right lane will do the dishes. in our line we walk toward the elevator. I start thinking 'damn i was going to go on a diet but if i do that here theyll think im anorexic'.


    This part is a bit NSFW

    The headmistress of the insane asylum (russian lady from zoolander) and natalie portman are involved in a pornographic shoot (but in the dream it is funny). they are both clothed (natalie portman in her star wars outfit and the russian lady in the zoolander outfit) with NP wearing a comically long strap-on. RL says something like 'ive been so crazy punish me' and NP tries inserting the strap on but its so long that its flaccid. They lift of their shirts a little bit and say something like 'Yeah we are still skinny'.

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