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    1. A little nightmarish with a taste of Ryuuko's first flight

      by , 04-19-2013 at 10:03 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Well this is the first dream in my DJ which I'll tag with nightmare, though it doesn't qualify as a real nightmare since it didn't get me unnerved at all.

      I was in my home (which of course looked totally different like always, the rooms were rather thin and long stretched), my girlfriend was present as well but barely participated at all. At some point I had a weird somewhat painful feeling in my mouth and then half of a tooth broke off. I was somewhat annoyed but didn't remotely react to the situation like one would in real life, at some point the half tooth in my hand suddenly was a row of 3 which stuck to each other as well as being half soft and crumbly (really weird consistence). Then the PSU of my PC started to smoke and I just calmly turned off the electricity, one ore 2 more minutes later I had a thought along the lines of "Well fuck all this, this is a dream anyway". (Yeah, even when I have something nightmarish I don't really care)

      I don't really know if there was much of an intermission here, maybe just a few seconds maybe 2 minutes.

      I thought that I wanted to have a lucid dream, I was sleeping before (definitely didn't open my eyes) but I've just been seeing some phosphenia, I focused on what I've seen and I tried to see grass and a simple green landscape. It was hard but I had success! What I've been seeing slowly morphed and I barely felt my body at all. After a minute or 2 I was in a forest and I turned into Ryuuko as much as I could, I didn't feel much from my new body but at least I had my wings, I used them for strengthened jumps to get up into the trees, but that's where my dream ends already. I lost awareness and woke up soon after.

      Well this was my first real DEILD and my first success in really getting into a dream from a state of phosphenia. There's been at least one case before were I was very close already though.
      I guess my first WILD may really draw close

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