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    1. First fully intentional and complete WILD - Neighborhood exploration, my students

      by , 08-29-2017 at 02:54 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      So this here is a big deal for me. A REALLY big deal!
      It's been a little more than 6 years since I started with lucid dreaming, and like many other hopefuls I was also aiming at WILDs. Suffice to say they were very elusive to me for the longest of times. Painfully slowly over the past years I had more experiences giving me insight, like waking up unusually slowly out of a dream, basically an unintentional reverse WILD and all sorts of things like that.

      So then today was the big day. I got into bed, decided to get out again and read a couple of things on WILDing again as I was planning that for a while anyway. Set my alarm for a bit more than an hour, sleep, get up briefly and put in earplugs.
      They were a bit uncomfortable at first but rolling over and pressing my head into the pillow actually helped. They were just noticeable enough to give me an anchor while shielding me from outside sensory input.
      As I was laying there I felt a heavy and tired sensation quickly, the one that's been dragging me back into sleep all sorts of times when I wasn't supposed to remain sleeping, but at the same time I felt my mind be decently alert and awake.
      Maybe a minute or so after seriously lying down I start getting intense feelings of motion, I patiently feel into them and wait for them to pass, then I get up.

      I'm in my room, it's dark and everything looks normal, and this surely would've made for an FA, but I didn't lose my consciousness at all, so I immediately reality checked with a nose-pinch, and sure enough, I was in a dream. Incredibly smooth and direct transition too. Perfect.
      I open the balcony door, and as I wasn't exactly dressed I grabbed a t-shirt and quickly put it on while strolling through the neighborhood. It was very close to my actual living place in K, but there were some differences. I strolled through the place, and there were 2 persons, I levitated up on a building and then jumped down in one swoop close to them, like I often did in a Power Armor in Fallout 4. They did give me a weird look and I made a small impact but it wasn't much.

      I conceived a plan to test out more stuff so I thought why not try summoning some beautiful girl? So I went into an apartment building, around a staircase corner and there was someone waiting who was very likely inspired by someone I knew from real life. Had red short hair like my wife currently but looked otherwise a lot different. At least the concepts, proportions, facial structure and the like were a compound of actual people known to me. She wasn't what I was looking for though, so after a few words I got out and repeated the same process (enter an apartment building, go around a staircase corner, meet someone) 2 more times.
      The next time was a person that was inspired by one very particular person I know and remember from real life. I asked her about her height which just cemented my realization that she was directly inspired by person IN I knew from many years in my past. Again a few words and I moved on.
      The third and last time there was yet another person in the same line, sort of okay looking, but not what I had tried to summon as eye candy, leading me to the realization that somehow my summoning parameters must've gotten restricted to known persons and looks.

      I entered one of these apartment buildings again and basically entered a separate space with no way to get back, and it was bigger on the inside too. Hammer space time.
      The place was very dimly lit and the architecture was almost persistent, changing just ever so slightly with every passing minute of me strolling through the corridors. I opened doors and explored rooms.
      One of the rooms I distinctly remember was a storage chamber, and while looking into it and the vicinity I heard some disembodied voice talking about inheriting riches and getting through an awful time in an awful city, with him thinking he wouldn't have made it otherwise.
      Odd but okay.
      I also stumbled upon a room that was described as my classroom, with me being the teacher, but no one was there. It also had elements of a kitchen, a train station and not enough chairs.
      Here I'm not perfectly sure about the chronological order, but some time before or after those rooms the dream sort of dimmed, and thinks became hard to see, I had the feeling of slipping away. I really focused on everything I was feeling, similar to ADA exercises, and a pulse ran through everything, giving it an invigorated and strong color for a moment. Also the corridor I was in when I did that had some mixture of grass and tiles on the floor.
      Towards the end of the dream I heard a screeching sound to the left of that corridor, a terrifying cacophony, which only after a couple seconds I recognized as the train delivering my students.
      I went to the room again where I saw them, I think like 5 or so. There was some Yu-Gi-Oh theme to them (for whatever inexplicable reason), and one of them was a snake dude, with scales and weird eyes.
      Upon looking into his eyes the dream ended somewhat abruptly as I felt myself waking up, I knew there was no going back so I got up and happily started writing down this entry.

      Now I'll see if I can repeat this semi-reliably. Sure, I might not be able to pull it off every night, but this was to deliberate and specific for me to believe it to be a fluke. I can do it again. And more importantly I then should be able to actively incorporate Ryuuko into these dreams.
    2. [Long and detailed lucid!] WILDing, summoning Ryuuko and taking a look at her (glitched) model

      by , 12-16-2016 at 03:39 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      So this was probably the most stable and most vivid lucid dream I've had so far. Maybe not the longest but it was rather long too.

      I'm not entirely sure how exactly I got into the dream. I had been drifting back and forth between sleep for hours in the bed, always trying to think about visualization and WILDing, but never really managing as I always fell asleep quickly. I think this time I lost consciousness just for a very short moment and snapped back at just about the right moment.

      So I was lying in a bed, had my eyes closed, and saw mostly normal phosphenia. I didn't feel entirely normal and I wanted to open my eyes and be in a dream.
      So I opened my eyes, being in a state of what I'd call skeptical lucidity, I believed that I was kind of in between dream and reality. What I saw in front of me was a massive cupboard that covered the whole wall, though it was composed entirely out of drawers. My vision wasn't normal either, it's like I saw a correct main image but then much weaker and transparent copies of the main image slightly wavered around.

      I left the small room and went down a hallway to the left, it was dark outside and the light was very dim. My vision normalized somewhere here. A bit down the hallway I turned left again and entered a very large staircase (5m x 5m or so, the structure was very similar to my first boarding school). Around here I tested my powers for the first time, summoning a faint green glow on my fingers. I also heard some unintelligible voices from somewhere else in the building, but I didn't really care. I wanted to fly but I still didn't trust my current state completely. Then I summoned some weird stone, it was beige and glowed somewhat white and it had levitation powers focused in it, and this is when I trusted my lucidity. Then I did something I didn't ever do before, instead of looking for an exit point or breaking the glass, I just phased through it, and by that also through one of the steel bars that were between the glass panels.

      Now I was outside, floating around a bit. Either it quickly turned bright or I have a memory gap here, I'm not completely sure. Now I was in a place that was kind of city, kind of village, kind of medieval, kind of modern. Imagine a small clearing and a raised plateau in front of me, there were tables there with some stuff on them, parts of the ground were neatly layered with stone, parts were grass. Around the perimeter of that clearing were buildings which seemed kind of medieval, but the further the buildings were away, the more modern they seemed. There even appeared to be tall apartment blocks in the distance.
      I remembered I wanted to do stuff with Ryuuko in my dreams. I suppose this is the time and place to elaborate on her, refer to this place:
      Ryuuko Drakisu | Dream-Alter-Ego and persistent DC
      So I landed close to the tables on a small free patch. I remember a bearded man standing there. Think of a Nord from Skyrim, just looking better, more realistic and having less of an annoying aura. He greeted me shortly I think.

      So I summoned Ryuuko kind of as an empty DC, like a model with only the most rudimentary understanding and behavior possible, which is pretty much what I wanted at this point. I think she appeared in plain sight but I'm not entirely sure. Also there were a lot of details that were wrong. Her horns were reddish and on her side, her face was just wrong and from someone else, the hair was too short and had a wrong light brown color, her skin was too dark, had freckles and actually on all places of her body except the face the skin texture was missing, it was like Vantablack. Though parts of her natural scale armor, that is on the arms and legs, seemed to be present and mostly correct, I didn't focus on their details all that much though. I think I saw her wings in a folded state too, but again didn't pay enough attention to them to tell for sure.
      I told this Ryuuko model to start fixing the skin color. What it did was a bit bizarre, it touched its face with its hands and then kinda rubbed the skin color all over her body, gradually replacing the blackness, albeit the revealed skin texture was still wrong and covered with freckles, I wonder why.
      At this point I also noticed she was naked and was missing her clothes.

      At this point the bizarreness of what I saw made me think about what to do, and it seems my focus slipped and
      I lost my lucidity. Somehow me and the Ryuuko model walked into a nearby shop, where I remember seeing her one last time, still not completely fixed up. Then some people were quite frankly talking about completely irrelevant shit, some stickers and some glitter was around but I hardly want to bother remembering. I know that for some time I just observed, then I ate some of the glitter. Then I woke up, much to my dismay. Had my focus not slipped I bet I could've still done a lot more in that dream.

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    3. The moons of Tibaro and some planetary devastation

      by , 10-30-2016 at 10:39 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      This certainly wasn't the standard type of lucid dream for me, and I'm happy it lasted longer than a couple of seconds as well, here goes.

      I was in a big city, and I had my bike and my smartphone with me (I don't own a bike in real life). And then... a talking monkey stole my bike, I was uncertain what to do at first and considered calling the police. Instead however I decided to run after the monkey and got my bike back by kicking against the back wheel and knocking it off. I went back to where I was first, all the while that monkey insulted and threatened me.

      That's when I got angry, and lucid. As it often happens in my dreams, even lucid, I tapped into a certain power as if it was the most natural thing ever. I called upon the moons of Tibaro.
      ("Moons of Tibaro" is the clear sentence I remember I said or thought in the dream. A really interesting side note is that I thought about the dream while being awake and still had a piece of information imprinted on me when I thought about the moons, one of them was called "Shadow of Pria". I might be wrong about the Pria part but I know for sure it was a short word starting with P. But yeah, I didn't remember that from the dream, the information just popped up in my mind as if I was still dreaming.)
      What I essentially did was some sort of telekinesis/summoning to call in an outrageously devastating storm of meteors from the moons of Tibaro (I think there were 3 moons and I brought debris from all of them). The impacting objects were all mostly black, maybe a bit gray, and had a structure and sheen like obsidian. With time the talking monkey transfigured into something entirely different, something that I almost killed a couple of times but every time I almost had it finished it regenerated before the final blow. It didn't even have a defined shape anymore.
      At some point during the fight I also got to see things from a system view. I could see the moons of Tibaro, a large but uninvolved object which I presume was the planet Tibaro, and another... planet or moon that I was on. I really wonder what that place was I was on, considering it seemed to have the size of a moon, was very close to Tibaro, yet was not considered a moon of Tibaro. And here I also got the impression that the moons of Tibaro had some consciousness of their own, and they disliked the object that I was on. This is also why I said telekinesis/summoning earlier, because I feel that I've both called upon their power as well as using my own in the form of telekinesis to direct the meteors towards me.
      The fight was so huge the city was turned into fine dust in which we continued to fight, and soon the planetary object I was on got a large part of its surface blown off by the fight, up to the point that the once almost perfect sphere was now VERY unshapely.
    4. Nuclear blasts, a floating city, and I successfully overcame a false awakening

      by , 04-23-2016 at 04:18 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was in a house, it likely seemed like one of my earlier homes, the house my family used to own. There was someone else with me but I don't know who it was. I looked out of the window, and the scenery was a lot different, I saw mountains and plenty of green out there.
      The sun was about to rise and we saw it, but we also saw light of... nuclear explosions, 3 or 4 in total.
      (I think it was around here where I got lucid but oddly enough I'm not sure, maybe I already was lucid)
      I pointed out the explosions to my companion, expecting some sort of shockwave to hit us, but it never did.
      After that a scene in some kind of floating city came, there were many fragments floating around, some with buildings and/or plants. For the life of me I can't remember the transition from the house to that city, even though I think it was only 1 or 2 minutes in the dream. This floating city had mostly dark gray elements and some orange, and I know that orange was the most prominent color all around us, partially from the sunrise, maybe partially from the blasts. It looked a bit medieval and fantasy-like, probably inspired by some game. I moved upwards with strong jumps, like in a platformer. On a slightly larger island, where 2 or so buildings and some plants were, there was a group of people in dark clothes. I went to them and talked about something, I don't remember everything. What I do remember is that I explained the game Sonic Riders to them, and how I would love to have a pair of those floating shoes and how I liked the idea of them more than hoverboards.

      Then everything went black and I felt the dream fading, and as usual I struggled against it. It seems I was out of the dream for a short moment but this time I managed to hold on to my consciousness without completely waking up. I'm pretty sure this would've become a FA if I hadn't manage to hold on to my consciousness by a thread.
      After some time of focusing and struggling I saw light, and quickly noticed that it was kind of like the light you'd see coming from under and around a door when it's bright outside and you're in a dark room. I reached for the door and opened it, just to see the same thing again. Then another door, and another one. Then, after I think I opened 4 or 5 doors I actually got outside and had full visual input from the dream again. It was cloudy but bright outside, and I was in some kind of village with broad streets and little to nothing happening. I tried to fly, but was only able to float. The last thing I did was changing the sky into a clear night scenery with tons of stars, which looked and felt beautiful, but alas then I woke up for real.
    5. Arsenic meat is good for lucidity

      by , 02-03-2016 at 07:45 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Now this dream had a seriously weird start. I think there was something happening before I got lucid but I don't remember it.

      I was in some kinda camp close to a small creek. There were tents and some structures which I guess were placed to dry clothes or so. I had some self made "arsenic meat" with me, it was in an aluminum pot and was essentially raw meat in a clear liquid that consisted mostly or to some degree of arsenic. It smelled abhorrently chemical and I know that I accessed a Wikipedia page on arsenic via some kind of direct neural interface, no intermediate electronic device needed. On the page it talked about its psychoactive properties (not existent in real life as far as I can tell). Either I ate a piece of that or the smell alone was enough to induce said effects and I experienced visual distortions and some degree of control over these. That promptly made me lucid.

      Spoiler for TL;DR: I had sex with my wife:

      After that I had a FA but I did not wake up. I was in my home, and for once it was spectacularly close to my actual home, only minor details like color were off which is super rare. I was standing in the bathtub and was fiddling with a tarp that had seemingly become dirty when my wife and me had fun. I had also worried about my wife getting pregnant since we didn't use any contraception. And the tarp was mostly in the toilet... the weirdness of it all snaps me back into lucidity, I do the nose pinch RC. I go onto the bed in my bedroom, and my wife was also there, talking about something. I know I half consciously listened but since I knew it was DC I didn't pay it too much attention. I thought about trying shared dreaming but ultimately didn't try.

      I jumped outside, I'm pretty sure from my balcony. I look at the sky and... it's obviously bright day from all my surroundings yet it's actually night in the sky, it's black and I see the stars.
      (I only saw it in the dream but found it weird after I woke up and thought about it, this mix between night and day at the same time is new to me.)
      I thought about flying up but didn't want to spent too much time in a black void, so I improvised and filled the space partially with a beautiful green nebula, it worked quite spectacularly. I fly up into the sky, aiming at the border of the nebula. I was rather disappointed to see that the night sky was only a texture several kilometers above the planet. Instead of fixing it I turn back towards earth and spin it around to take a trip to Japan. It takes me a moment to find it, and it's not a normal earth globe either but I managed. The globe w
      as... it was still a perfect sphere and the countries had roughly the right shape but it was vastly scaled down, so that each country was only barely a large city. I entered Japan on the east in some kind of harbor and went westwards into an industrial area. I remember seeing some soldiers and then I used a weird high precision zoom interface to inspect my surroundings. I see some products and wares and eventually find and pick up a lead-pouring game, you know that Sylvester tradition thingy. Right then I'm violently yanked out of the dream and wake up.

      And incidentally I realize I had this dream right on time to finish my first TotM (I had this dream only hours into February), and I didn't know the task by then either.

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    6. First lucid stellar flight

      by , 01-25-2016 at 01:27 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was in a room in a surprisingly normal appearing house, it was rather dark and the only light that was present were from the stars and a planet that appeared unnaturally big in the night-sky. It had a mostly yellow surface but it was possible to make out details without a telescope.

      This immediately made me lucid and I reality checked. Just like in a previous dream I tried to break the window I was looking through, oddly enough again without success. I just opened it and jumped out, it took me a moment but then I took flight towards the planet. The dream told me it was 4 parsecs away but that's not a realistic unit, it was more likely maybe... several times the distance between earth and moon? Something with that magnitude. I accelerated to FTL speed and reached the planet within a matter of seconds. I worried about decelerating properly but actually managed to do it perfectly and had a soft landing. The plants and animals there were loaded as 2D sprites at first (typical case of dream WTF) and were replaced with actual 3D representations a moment later. I don't remember much details about them, I think because there weren't many details. As far as I remember I was on some kind of beach and the water was to my left.

      Then comes a somewhat hazy segment, I'm pretty sure I traveled to another planet but I don't remember much about that.

      On this other planet (which I think was grayish-green) I saw a really weirdly shaped moon, which was very close and on crash course (stellar stuff, it might have still taken months for it to hit). The shape was a bit like a thimble, but with other details. There were more of those in the system, and then I also saw a damaged Tactical Borg Cube (it was wrongly labelled as destroyed).
      I went close towards it but suddenly found myself inside without entering it, where I fought with some turrets. After this I woke up.
    7. Floating, exploring and calling for Arxas

      by , 12-15-2015 at 03:51 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Today I FINALLY had a lucid again. Maybe it's because I got a small job yesterday, something I've been needing and previously I watched some jobs to go to other people by sheer luck, or rather my misfortune. Whatever.

      I was in some kind of city, passing something that might've been a restaurant The outside spot where people where sitting was 1,5m or so higher than the street, and there was a slopping angle, I stood on the slopping surface and jumped, but instead of falling relatively fast I managed to pass the street of the crossing I was at, jumping 20m or so. This was in fact pretty much enough to make me aware of my surroundings and a short moment later I was lucid, even without reality checking. I was on the left side of the street and went into a building, which unsurprisingly was very spacious on the inside and also had an odd architecture. Parts of it seemed... like a skate park I guess. There were also other people and they've been working on at least one room, ladders and buckets of paint were in that room. I remember that the ladder tumbled at one point and I got hit by a bit of paint, oddly I seemed not to wear a shirt for that moment, albeit I think I did before and after that incident. Throughout the dream I remembered Arxas and occasionally called out for her, albeit I wasn't quite sure what to do so nothing much came out of it. The first time my vision went blank and the dream tried to fade I desperately tried to hold on, and eventually jumped down some stairs (or a slopping surface, not sure). The breeze and impact I felt due to the movement actually pulled me back into the dream for a few minutes. The next time it faded I tried the same again, this time without success, although it felt like I almost had success.
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    8. [Long and detailed lucid!] Desert jumping, wife summoning and weird dream character antics

      by , 05-01-2015 at 12:52 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      This must be the longest and most stable lucid I ever had! Not just that, it's the 3rd lucid in a row! I'm really hyped and pumped up about that as I really seem to be getting my old strengths back.

      I'm not quite sure where and how exactly it started but the first thing I remember was in the desert.
      I lucidly observed a guy meeting his father in some kind of shop and the father looked in utter surprise, and that surprise was utterly and ridiculously emphasized by the fathers face and eyes constantly expanding and morphing. The guy was called something like Abbot I think, and the father was called Akbarra or Akharra I think. Not really sure but all the names start with an A at least. The village I was in was called Aldiba, I'm a bit more sure about that at least.
      (The names were likely inspired by the system names of Space Rangers HD)

      Then I was outside, still observing in 3rd person. The story now revolved about a man and his wife, who were sentenced to death by starvation. They both were bound to small walls, and the were covered by a rugged piece of cloth, like half a tent, preventing anyone in the village to see them and vice versa. However the man had his brain and with that his essence/soul/whatever implanted into another person, that was also visibly shown by the person at one of the walls having an opened head and no brain inside.
      (Mind you the scene was not gory, the art style was... unique, hard to describe. There was no blood and a much more purple color to the bodies.)
      His wife however died without being rescued, and he only managed to extract her brain and took it with him. The dream did not state whether it was possible to revive her from that, so for all I know maybe it would've been possible in that dream land.

      At this point I took on the perspective of that dude, albeit the actual plot the dream followed so far was pretty much dismissed. The new body was behind the wall the man was chained to, and I had to get away from the village (Aldiba). Behind the walls the desert started, so getting away was only a matter of 200m or so without being seen. The village seemed mostly empty, however there was a wandering merchant entering the village from the left but I managed to get away unseen. At this point I jumped my way through the desert, with the jumps almost being equal to flying. There were a bunch of annoying black dogs all around who intended to attack me when I came close. The first one followed me but I jumped down a steep cliff, being rather sure that the dog would very much dislike the impact, unlike me who didn't care in the dream. Not completely sure if it followed me but I think it tried, and then stopped following for obvious reasons. I think at this point a saw a forest bordering the desert to my left.
      The next dog that tried to attack my felt my annoyance through a sand fountain propelling it very high in the air, for a certainly more than just unpleasant impact. The 2 or 3 next ones got the same treatment, albeit the fountains I called then were not as strong.
      Then there was a lost dog trying to attack me. I jumped up and raised the sand along a bit, essentially burying the dog. Now I was standing on the border to a new territory. There was fertile earth and a few plants here and there. I felt the dream fading but stabilized by taking in all the details of my surroundings, mainly by moving further, watching the plants and loudly wording the details I saw. Eventually I think a reached a point where the earth kind of was on the roofs of buildings, a rather weird but interesting sight.

      I went into a building at some point and here a lot of stuff happened of which I'm not completely certain in which order it happened.

      I was in a staircase, and there was an elevator door, it was a normal single metal door which a big piece of glass allowing to look through. It looked somewhat dark and sinister. I considered breaking in and using the elevator or the shaft to get around but decided against it.
      I'll describe the staircase structure from the point standing in front of the door. In front of me is the elevator, directly left to that were stairs leading down, directly right of the elevator were stairs leading up. 90 right and left from me were hallways to the rest of the building I think.

      I was on a in between level and there were a bunch of dream characters. For some weird reason I thought about turning that place into a living space which... didn't make very much sense.

      Eventually on that level I decided trying to summon my wife for shared dreaming. The dream actually gave me an interface, listing her artist name. The interface obstructed like 80% of my view. I looked at it and eventually found a summon button on the far left. After clicking it a piece of color was gone from the button, stuck to my finger as a small piece of paper. I consciously took notice that the dream basically giving me an interface made out of paper, which I found funny and interesting. As nothing happened yet I clicked the button again. Eventually she was summoned in a very fiery and somewhat flaming form, albeit the dream/my subconscious/something realized that it was not possible to actuall drag her into the dream and the avatar was replaced with... Samus Aran in her Varia Suit, albeit a somewhat more gray variant. I followed her, instinctively knowing though that I didn't manage to summon my wife. We ran past a bunch of people and my mother, or at least her voice asked me about the severe injuries of someone. That someone had his butt injured (butthurt pun? I wasn't butthurt myself though so no clue what or who...) but I didn't particularly care and responded that I knew about it, but didn't care, not intend on getting dragged into the pace of the dream characters and their weird antics. Eventually though the dream faded and this time I couldn't stabilize it again.

      However it felt like a good 30-40 minutes of lucidity all in all, which is amazingly awesome.

      3 days in a row I sleep with Chakra aligned minerals beside my bed, and 3 days in a row do I get lucid. Did the minerals help? I have a healthy amount of skepticism, but the results really speak for them self and the speak is more than just a bit statistically significant. Whether they 'purify my energy' or just cause a positive psychological reaction, I'll believe in the positive results.
    9. Flying up high and walking on metaphorical water

      by , 12-26-2014 at 08:20 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Partially due to technical issues, mostly due to laziness and a lack of time I procrastinated posting this dream.

      In the dream I became lucid and had to struggle with trying to control the dream and flying for a moment, then I managed to get through a window and I fly up into a beautiful blue sky, then I saw myself from above and zoomed out further, somewhat like in the game Spore. The dream felt rather awesome. Then I found myself walking on some water and wanted to fly higher, but then I realized that the water was just a metaphor or the highest plane I could move up to at that time.
    10. Falling elevators, an awesome panorama and being interrupted while lucid again

      by , 09-25-2014 at 03:39 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Today I had a fairly interesting dream in which I even became lucid! What a darn fuck I've been awakened to instead waste more life, time and health in the company... Anyway,

      I was in some rather huge complex which was located in the sky, far above the clouds. It might've been roughly inspired by a documentary about the Sony center in Berlin I saw yesterday in the company. The construction largely consisted of mostly golden metal strands, with mostly glass and/or transparent materials for grounds and walls, so the clouds could be permanently seen from anywhere. I remember there was some event going on, and for some reason Sasuke could be heard, expressing his hate for purposeless people. I was distrusting the elevators I used and eventually one elevator stopped one level below the place I wanted to go out on, just that there was nothing there yet, so as the doors which were transparent anyway opened I looked down onto clouds and a long fall. I was somewhat scared (not much though) and then the elevator started dropping. It was a really long fall though, so there was plenty time to stop it, and I was talking about fixing it with some voice, and eventually it was fixed in time.

      I already was close to the ground where an astonishingly awesome panorama greeted me. It was rendered at first in the old FF8 style, I was probably on some cliff, close the ocean. Ahead of me was a big yellow platform on which I controlled some characters in FF8 style, I think there was another platform behind it, smaller and slightly to the right. Further ahead was either another island or a part of the one I was standing on, connected through the land I saw at the edge of my vision to the left. My vision also seemed to be wider than in real life. Where the beach of the opposite piece of land would've been was a stone construct with water pools and creeks, with repeating patterns.

      I've been taking in the awesome sight which grew increasingly realistic, making me lucid by sheer awesomeness and feelings!

      My fear from the situation with the elevator before turned to its opposite and I jumped down the cliff, gently gliding, until the alarm wakes me midflight...

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    11. The (much too short) apocalyptic view and some uninteresting stuff

      by , 07-13-2014 at 07:58 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Another lucid dream, once more proving to me at least some parts of me seem to be regenerating. Or not decaying further. Either way...

      ...the first part of the dream I can recall begins with me being in some kind of 'mall'. While it felt and was treated like a shopping mall, it much more looked like a home, that was maybe a little bigger than an average house. The interior was largely gray with some white, relatively normal I'd say, it didn't look fancy but acceptable by my standards. I remember the living room, there was someone I didn't know, a Playstation (1) and a staircase when walking through the room, which felt very spacious as it was connected to the other rooms, no doors or stuff that made you feel you changed the room.
      I eventually walked up the stairs, and remember a more white kitchen like room, with an silver oven placed at an convenient height to work with. Somehow I felt and noticed that the dream played during a different time than reality, I was somewhat in the past, and first upon realizing that planned to make use of it to change things for the better.
      I'm not quite sure what happened, or how, but then I'm standing on a small ledge, outside of a building, 20 m above the ground or something. The view I saw was... absolutely amazing, apocalyptic and dark. A feeling emerges I couldn't describe, a more valuable experience than I could ever get from watching even the most emotional movies in real life for hours. I'm falling down and I
      realize I'm dreaming, I feel relaxed and fine.
      I'm in a big zone, I don't even know what it was, a train station, a building, maybe just an open place with some constructions. I was testing around with gravity, and again I also was flying a little. My girlfriend was there as well, she asked me if I was still dreaming, I did an reality check and replied that I was of course still dreaming. After some more time of being lucid but somehow doing nothing fancy I felt my focus fading for a moment, then I woke up.

      Man, if just for once I would actually start doing something relevant upon becoming lucid...
    12. King Rufus [Violent and annoying dream]

      by , 12-26-2013 at 11:44 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      So this dream was somewhat unusual and did tick me off somewhat.

      During the whole dream I wasn't lucid, and I also wasn't physically present, I only saw things from 3rd person perspective. The dream basically consisted of me seeing various kinds of monster girls (hence girls with animal traits like tales or wings) in different situations, all of which ended with an more or less violent death of said girl. There were some explanations about some of them, most notably one nicknamed 'Scales' because of the fact she had dragon feet, hands, wings and a tail, which where covered with yellow scales. Her scales could prevent any damage or piercing but the pain from impacts (like arrows) was still the same, just as if the arrow would dig into the flesh. She was hunted and in the end pain paralyzed by a storm of arrows, then carried to some village where the population mob most violently and brutally killed her by ripping her into 2 parts, the dream showing how how her legs and hip separated from her upper torso. All of these incidents where caused by a king called Rufus who spread hate and racism.

      I suppose I might make him a target in one of my future dreams since blowing him up for messing with my dreams would certainly be appropriate.

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    13. Breaking the glass and spreading my wings

      by , 12-14-2013 at 12:28 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was on my way to work, I was driving in a car through the mountains, and it was a beautiful, already somewhat bright day, the complete opposite to my actual way to work. I got lost there but realized how far away from reality all this was, then I suddenly was in a building with a nice view of the mountains and did a nose-pinch RC, with success.
      Out of a strong urge to fly I dashed forward, broke the glass of the window and spanned my wings, starting to glide immediately. The world then was filled with repeating patterns which I could control to some degree, but the dream faded fast.
    14. Search for the maintenance shaft (First DEILD)

      by , 08-26-2013 at 01:12 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      The dream started with me sitting in a bus, it was an unusually big one, and it was driving uphill in a small city. Apparently I overslept my target stop, but I was too far to just get out and walk back so I was sure to be too late, wherever I was going. I was considering what to do when I met S from my old school in B. He gave me a different thought perspective, and without changing my mindset much I became lucid and decided to just trust him.
      (The part where we went out of the bus was missing somehow, though I'm sure it was right the next stop)
      Then I was in a building, it was some minutes after 12 (maybe 12:03), he gave me something and ordered me to go upstairs to find some maintenance shaft, it was the second floor, top of the building. The staircase was like a 5m x 5m excision of an 8m x 8m square corridor, there were doors to other rooms all around, the doors were all open and it was rather dark inside the rooms. I searched but I didn't find anything, and at around 12:36 people where coming back and I had to hide.
      Eventually the dream faded as my alarm woke me up, I snoozed it and went back to sleep for 20 minutes.
      Surprisingly though I only lost my consciousness for a really small amount of time, and then perfectly resumed the dream, I had my first complete DEILD, without really trying.
      I snuck back to S who was bending over something, he then told me that I needed to find an engine up there to put a micromodule in it, then some indefinable stuff happened and I found a maintenance shaft, it opened up for me and looked futuristic, a policeman was attacking me for some reason but the shaft closed behind me, stopping him from chasing me. I went into a morph ball mode and bombed some smaller Dominator devices away, now I was on a rail outside, it was day.
      (The part with the Dominators and the engine with the micromodule came from the game Space Rangers 2, the morph ball from Metroid. Those things only started to influence the dream after the DEILD, so that might have something to do with it)
      lucid , memorable
    15. Amazing Antichamber X-Sectors and the Club la Forge

      by , 06-15-2013 at 05:51 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was flying around in an undefined spaceship and everything was much like in a X3 game. I went to a special sector where something interesting was said to happen and the whole sector was filled with fancy things like special shaped colorful moving micro-nebulas and a lot of things that behaved roughly like the physics in Antichamber. There also was this huge in weird colors glowing weapon flying around, close to one of the mentioned micro-nebulas. At some point I went to one of those chambers and then I was outside my ship (no special equipment needed), I and some other people where watching the everchanging effects until I started interfering with them, and then they took on more and more shape, until eventually a small keyboard appeared. I played on it and there were several distorted mirror like versions replicating the same accords that I played.
      Eventually I got to see something hotel like and in perfect Antichamber manner just stepped into that place, it looked a little rustic. On the frame of the big entry door was a small sign with 4 words "X Club la Forge" (I don't remember what the X was, but I think it was 'To', as in 'To Club la Forge'). Somehow I was really hyped about that (La Forge by the way definitely refered to Geordy la Forge from Star Trek) so I went out and somehow had Data accompany me there, it were just a few meters. Something about Club la Forge made me realize I was dreaming, like "damn it's the Club la Forge,
      I must be dreaming!".
      Inside I tried to start stabilizing softly with taking in all the details of my surroundings. I was at a table where a beautiful girl was sitting, maybe she was representing my girlfriend but I'm not sure. She tried to talk to me but I heard really loud music and couldn't hear anything else, then I just had the weird idea of taking my smartphone and turning down the volume, which surprisingly worked though not completely. She waved me to her so I brought my ear close to her and heard her talking, she said something about efficiency but neither do I remember what she said, nor did it make sense to me. Then I unfortunately already woke up.

      This was my 60th lucid dream.

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