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    Like a fish out of water. (Lucid)

    by , 09-12-2010 at 06:36 AM (1021 Views)
    Date: Sept.11
    Time: sometime between 6:30am-10am

    Important Note:
    Okay, so I haven't really been logged into the site regularly for a week or so, as school has started. I find my schedule to be hard to include lucid dreaming, but fortunately I tried that no-preparation technique about just being confident, and guess what it worked.
    Description: Okay this was a very stable, and very vivid lucid dream, I still don't have much dream control except for my own actions. I seem to not be able to fly, I don't know why but my past 4 attempts at flight have failed. I know I can, because I actually floated quite high on my first semi-stable lucid dream. Other than that, I haven't on will. But this dream I did try a little bit of telekinesis, and it worked just a little bit.
    I can't recall my weeks worth of dreams, school has started so it has been harder. I remember some parts of dreams during the night, but when I take naps, I can remember some fragments. This dream started right in a middle of a plot, but I can barely remember why it was happening. Anyway on to the dream!

    Dream: Okay so I am with two of my brothers, we are walking on this hill, and at the bottom of this hill is a wooded area. Outside the air is cool and crisp. The sky has taken on a dark blue color, the type of sky you see right before it becomes dark. Everything is this shade of blue. I guess we are looking for somebody, as in my field of view I see someone running by the woods, so I give chase. My brothers or whoever I was with completely disappear. As I enter the woods, I see the ground in the middle slope down into a tiny creek bed, water is running through it, I can hear the water passing over the pebbles as the current takes it down the stream. The water is probably only half an inch deep. I somehow trip into the water landing on the pebbles. Now I start acting strange, I start doing backwards somersaults, I keep doing this frantic movement for about a minute. During this I become lucid. Even as I become conscious of the dream, I am still doing little flips backwards, and sideways acting like a fish out of water. Finally I get it under control as I am now standing. I start walking, but I black out and find myself in the void. I am only in it for a few seconds, but I then have an FA, where I am waking up in my room downstairs. I still am conscious of the fact that I am dreaming, but I never bother to do an RC, I just for some reason know that I am dreaming. So I end up in my basement. Before I do anything, I start to stabilize my dream. I rub my hands together, and grab onto the dream objects, and just cement myself in the dream I look around and my basement looks like it did about 8 years ago. With the old couches, and the t.v box in the corner of the room. I see my mom stacking VHS tapes onto the shelf. She notices me and asks me to help her. I say "No sorry mom, I am dreaming right now, and that you aren't there." She says something, but I don't remember. So I walk toward my laundry room. It has that old blue striped wall paper, and I see some brown boxes on the floor. For some reason I get the idea to try to use telekinesis. I point my hands toward the first box, and just try to move it. I successfully make it shake. So I am done with that. I turn to my mom and ask if it is alright for my subconscious to come over to our house. She says yes (I don't know why I asked her lol.). So I end up appearing upstairs in my living room, but all I see is the bay window, and front door. I don't recall anything else there. I take a look out the window and see three people walking toward the door. The first guy is a younger guy, dressed like a cop. Just without the hat. He has short brown hair, no facial hair. He is a bit taller than me. The second guy is nondescript, I don't remember what he looked like. And the third is a young teen around my age. Only the cop guy enters the house. I say are you my subconscious? He says yes, but then all three of them disappear and I am outside the house in front of the front door. The outside has that same color dark blue as before. I see the houses around my neighborhood. I see my brother's old car where it used to sit. I walk towards the street, and I want to fly. So I jump up into the air, but I just fall back down. So I do it a couple of more times. Those attempts fail. So I repeat to myself this is my dream, and I can fly, because I know I can. So I try swimming up into the sky, but that fails. I then try doing a superman fly, but again doesn't work. I always have trouble flying, I wonder why. So now there is this white vehicle coming on down the road. I thought it would help to jump off of the car and see if I could fly. So I run toward it, and jump onto it, and then off of it. The car completely vanishes, and I am suspended in the air. I gently float back down to earth. As I hit the ground, a giant skyscraper appears in front of me, on the corner where AJ's house used to be. And in this building I see somebody in a crazy mask, with a sniper rifle! So I take cover behind my brother's old car. As I crouch behind it, I can feel the cement, I can here the shoots being fired. I start looking around for a weapon, I try willing a sniper rifle in front of me, but that doesn't work. I notice my brother standing up and not caring in the world that a sniper is shooting at me. I don't think he noticed me, or the sniper. The dream ends abruptly, and I awake.

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    1. Matte87's Avatar
      Cool LD! I have always had an easy time flying, and what you can do if you're having a hard time, is to imagine what it feels like to be on those free-fall rides. Except the other way around, where you're being shot upwards. I almost never succeed in flying if I run. I always have to stand still, hold my arms out to the sides and just feel like I'm being blown upwards first by a big fan.

      The telekinesis power will come! I had trouble with it, but suddenly I could do it, and now I know I can. So I can.

      Know you can, don't think you can! Keep on dreaming dude!
    2. SuddenGun007's Avatar
      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I will try that technique next time. I don't know why I can't fly, maybe I want it to much. Maybe I don't have enough confidence. But maybe your way will work.
    3. Matte87's Avatar
      Yeah trust me, it will work! Belief is everything as you know hehe. Good luck man! Keep on dreaming
    4. SuddenGun007's Avatar
      thanks again, and you do the same