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    First Lucid

    by , 07-20-2011 at 08:59 AM (504 Views)
    I finally did it. I became Lucidit was awesome.

    Before I went to sleep , while I was still in bed I told myself "the next thing I know I will be dreaming" like a MILD. I can't be in a boxing gym if I'm sleeping.

    So let's get to it I was playing GTA 4 I wasn't Lucid I felt like I was in the game riding a dirtbike doing some stunt jumps to my girlfriends house.

    Then I shifted to a bar and while I was asleep I felt like I had to go to school whenever I need to go somewhere I have very vivid dreams. "Odd" I'm thinking.

    I shifted to my street then I knew I was dreaming so I tried to fly and failed I was just jumping up and down like Superman from the Dailies and thinking that I looked so stupid. (I sure need a tutorial).

    The I remembered a spot that I like to climb so I went over there and there's DC's playing football and that side of the street is lively but its like 6am or something I thouhgt it was 1am it was very dark with nothing but the street lights for brightness. There are kids at playing football at the flats too.

    Anyway I tried to climb my spot but one of the DC kids told me that there are people there. I ask "Are they in the garden?" the kid says yes. So I'm thinkin "Screw It".

    Then I go back to try and fly again I still can't do it. Jumping up and down like a fool although I gradually got higher and higher I still wasn't flying.

    Some guy I know from college was there telling everybody to go home. I could've stayed but I'm really not fond of him so I just left.

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