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    Prof. Genki esque dream,Thundercracker and Battle Royale....AGAIN!

    by , 01-18-2012 at 12:15 PM (627 Views)
    Dream 1
    I was just in a huge building fighting from room to room to get to the top floor. I think I was with someone. There were loads of "contestants" playing as I moved from room to room. We had guns and all kinds of weapons I think there was a time limit, I got to a stage where soldiers tried to barricade the path so I went through another room and fought to the top floor and then the roof.

    I saw two soldiers one black one white. They were just lying there, I kicked them down the roof and absailed to to ground. I won.

    I did it again but this time I rushed through it really fast, so fast that the soldiers that were on the top floor before didn't get there in time. I won again.

    The third time I raced through it but there were 2 other people on the roof. We absailed down as I watched the dream as if it was a video game cutscene. I absailed and right behind me was another "contestant" and when the final guy came down. He was holding the end of the rope and we plummeted to the ground. It was pretty funny though.

    Dream 2
    I was walking around college. I came to a huge opening and started thinking of how Ultimate Marvel was better than Regular Marvel and the colours were usually brighter. As I thought that the college started to glow. I relaxed, I leaned on nothing I was more or less floating, the calm before a storm. Then all the students had weapons and were walking around killing each other just like Battle Royale.

    I tried to dodge people but the strange thing was that not everyone was "playing" most of them were just walking around. Once again the college looked different there was an East wall with a dip in it like it was for a statue or something. I came to some scanners and then people started playing.

    We had readers on our arms just beneath our shoulders and if you shot that you would kill the other "player". There was a girl I know in the role of "Mad" Souma, she offered oral sex for survival. I obliged I didn't want to but I was put in the role of Tadakatsu Hagami.

    "Always a need for release."

    I saw Thundercracker transform and saw him land on his foot.

    I was talking about Andre Villas-Boas with my friends. I couldn't pronounc ehis name right.

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