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    On Set with Megan Fox

    by , 01-01-2012 at 01:51 PM (487 Views)
    Megan Fox was acting on set and I was a cameraman. Now I'm guessing my infatuation with Megan Fox made my dream character want to be with her.

    So when it came time for Megan Fox to ship out to her new movie, Mack 10, I was sad but I still stayed until the first movie project finished. We then met up on the set of Mack 10. The scene was in a museum with maroon walls and a chequered floor. (Funny how I'm filming on set and a Illuminati floor is there.)

    I also remember her being at an airport on arriving on a jet probably Michael Bay's.

    Side Notes
    I incubated this dream but didn't realise the theme while in the dream. So I didn't go lucid but you know what still prety cool.
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