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    TIE Fighter and Hey Arnold!

    by , 08-04-2011 at 08:05 AM (854 Views)
    Dream Fragment

    I was a TIE Pilot I was flying. I think I was in battle.


    I was in the body of Hey Arnold it was like I Quantam Leaped. Something bad was going on and I waved to some guys whn I left a bank. Then a police officer said "Hey, kid!. Don't wave to them,there bad people!" He had some kind of speech impediment.

    I then went home and it was different instead of a board house it was an average house. I went to the kitchen and talked to Grandpa (Arnold's Granpa not mine) He was still crazy and spoke in his usual voice.

    Side Note

    During the Hey Arnold dream I was partially lucid.

    It took me like 4 hours to get to sleep.
    Before I got to sleep I was in a park and my friend threw a ball at me and it woke me up.

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    1. louie54's Avatar
      Do you still watch that show?
    2. superchaz's Avatar
      No but I watched the film recently. I'd watch the TV show again.