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    Bunk Beds

    by , 06-23-2011 at 06:09 PM (532 Views)
    Missed some dreams the past few days, oh well. Went to bed around 1AM.. I think.. yeah. 1AM and Mom woke me up at 9:10AM, 10 minutes before my alarm would go off.

    I was coming up from some rocky beach, which I'm sure had some cliffs and waves crashing against it, walking towards my friends house on a rocky hill. I could see into his bedroom because it was missing a wall (the house was like.. three stories high but had one floor and just super high ceilings). He had a tower of bunk beds that made up for it, so you could just crawl over one of the bunk beds and be inside his house or vice versa. There were probably 10 beds or so and he had one of those rope climbing things as a way to get to the top, like the ones you see at playgrounds with the little steps on the wall in front of it. There may have been a yellow slide too.

    I'm in his room now and the walls are all burnt orange. The floor was hardwood and very light with a large, round antique rug in the middle, made of mostly reds as most antique rugs are. One of my friend's little brothers was on the top bunk, or almost, and I said something about climbing and being in a window. His brother called down, "That's actually pretty attractive." and I laughed because he's like.. 6 or 7.

    I started climbing up but I was having a lot of trouble. Somehow, I made it to one of the middle bunks. My friend was there, at the end of the bed on his laptop. His youngest brother, about 3 (they're both a few years older IRL), climbed onto the bed to admire a blanket or something. I was hiding my face under one and he started laughing and trying to find me but I started tickling him through the blanket. I imitated his baby scream/laugh and he laughed even more. My friend was laughing at us too and that went on for a while until said friend wanted to show me a video. It was about some video game.

    Then Mom woke me up.

    PS Edit: I tooted after writing this and remembered there was something in my dream about farting.

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