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    Dreams are p cool, man.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    by , 06-30-2011 at 07:18 PM (942 Views)
    Skipped out on this for a few days. Whoops. Anyways, I went to bed between 1:30AM and 2AM, woke up around 10AM.

    There were cockroaches in my house, but they were big Madagascar hissing ones. Mom caught one and showed it to me and I thought, "Well, if we have 'roaches now, I should keep some as pets." but the one I was holding was suddenly dead. I accused Mom of accidentally killing it but it started coming back to life, so I assumed it was playing dead. I noticed it had a beetle shell but no wings. They resembled the spotted shell of a Hercules beetle. I realized it was a female and maybe started thinking up names of her, I can't quite remember.


    I was watching this business-type/reporter lady talk to a Japanese man who reminded me of Steve Aoki, except his hair was up in a Samurai-type pony tail thing. Anyways, the woman was asking him questions about I don't know what and the man replied, calling her madam at the end of his sentence. Then he asked, "What can I call you?" and she seemed confused. He said, "I was going to say he, but that wasn't right, and I don't want to say she. What can I call you?" My POV swooshed around them like a fancy camera, stopping at the other side at a low angle looking up. The man suddenly had no shirt and was wearing a piece of armor from a game I play. The two embraced each other all dreamy-like and shared a kiss. I laughed to myself and thought, "This is like all of those movies where the Samurai falls for the white woman." but I've never seen a movie like that.

    Something about leather jackets.

    My alarm went off and I woke up, pressed the snooze button and fell asleep again.

    ~ NSFW part ~

    I was in a parking lot, approaching a p old school van. I opened the door and there was Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who I was apparently going out with. He was either naked or in his underwear. Anyways, the inside of the van had a burnt orange shag carpet and lights. The walls were yellow and when I got all of the way inside, it sort of turned into my room, except 9999x cooler. There were Christmas lights strung up everywhere, a bunch of shelves with cool stuff and of course, the amazing shag carpet. Joseph had turned it into a bed of some kind. He was getting ready to get spicy, putting on a raincoat and such, while I was avoiding the situation by organizing my CDs. I really wanted to, I was just nervous, and self-conscious. Finally I sat down beside him and decided I would close my eyes and just let him undress me and he could stop when ever he wanted. So off comes my shirt and I realized it was kind of nice having my eyes closed, because it was more surprising and exciting when he would touch me. He said something, or maybe I did, but I don't remember what. I was under the impression he was smiling. Off comes my bra (I wasn't wearing any bottoms already, not sure when that happened) and a few seconds later he embraced/kissed me and we laid down. I remember seeing a picture or a tumblr post about Vegeta from DBZ on the floor and something about boners, all just as I was opening my eyes, but my alarm went off and I woke up.

    My alarm clock is silent for 10 minutes between each snooze so that dream was about 9 minutes long. Upon waking up, I realized it was one of the most vivid dreams I've had with my eyes closed. The sensations were all very real and I was surprised I didn't wake up from just having them closed, as that often guarantees the end of a dream. And my sex dreams usually get doubly spicy p fast, so it was nice having this slow and fairly realistic one.

    I really want a Madagascar hissing cockroach.

    EDIT: I forgot a bunch! It all came back to me a little while ago.

    I was at a big party in some.. warehouse or whatevs'. It was just jam packed with people, so many people. There were a few tables set up with.. I guess food but I think there were a few with whatever junk. I was talking with some girls next to me and could sometimes see myself, like I was in a movie. The entire room was very dim, lit with only blue lights so everything and everyone had a blue tint. A girl next to me nodded towards someone in the distance, so I looked over and my vision zoomed in but it was kind of blurry and I missed what I was supposed to see. Everything rewound, I think, and I zoomed in again. Everything was blurry except this one face and it was Voldemort. He stared at me and began to grow hair, then turned around and left very quickly (the warehouse had biiiig sliding doors that were always open. There was a parking lot outside). I was now under the impression that most of the people in the room were wizards. I remember Joseph Gordon-Levitt being outside the door and waving for me to come out. I guess this dream came before the spicy one.


    Some little tidbit about wearing black pants, a black leather jacket and a tie-dye shirt and tie-dye shoes. Most of the focus was on the shoes and just seeing them from different angles (I have tie-dye Converse in real life). I was admiring how nice black clothing looked with rainbow accessories.

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