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    The Hunt for The O

    by , 11-04-2011 at 08:28 PM (449 Views)
    So here's a snippet from a dream I thought was interesting that has left me feeling all happy-happy for the day.

    I was in and out of lucidity, running down a street at night. Sometimes I'd vaguely realize I was dreaming and try to shout some command but a few moments later, I'd forget and just keep doing what I was doing. I also knew I was worrying about waking up so I think that was preventing me from becoming fully lucid and just doing whatever I wanted, because that worry was becoming an obsession.

    Suddenly I came across a driveway full of cars. I assumed there was some party going on. I was lucid for a second again, but just enough for my brain to be like, "Hey Tara. What's up? I'm pumping a lot of blood to your vagoo, since you're in REM sleep and all, soo you're just gonna go look for sex now, okay?" and that's exactly what I did after losing lucidity again.

    I walked through all of the parked cars, casually looking for someone to have sex with. I found one occupied car but the person inside was asleep or something. I don't quite remember, but either way, I kept looking. I came across another car with a young man inside browsing his phone. He kind of looked like the actor who played Thomas Kalmaku in the new Green Lantern film, with the glasses and everything. I quietly opened the door and said, "Hey." He said the same back and I bluntly and casually said, "Do you wanna have sex?" He seemed a bit confused and asked why and I said something like, "Because I want to, it's fun and it feels good." After fiddling around on his phone for a few more seconds, he nodded and said, "Sure." but seemed kind of tired and not into it. I asked if we could go in the backseat because he wasn't moving, so we did. The dream sort of abruptly transitioned to us being in the back seat.

    We were laughing and eating orange creamsicles. Well, I was mostly acting like a goof and making him laugh. He commented on how silly I was. The excitement died down as we finished our creamsicles and sat in silence. The car light made everything orange and grainy, but provided enough light for me to see that he was smiling at me. He looked somewhat contemplative, like he was pondering the weirdness of the situation and who I was. I smiled back for a long while before glancing at his lips. My ears burned and face flushed, I could feel it. My heart was beating uncomfortably fast and hard. I had the overwhelming urge to kiss him and the overwhelming desire for him to kiss me. After staring at my feet and gathering my courage back up, I stared at him again, then looked at his lips while he sheepishly muttered, "I'm not going to have sex with you." I chuckled, smiled and nodded. I wasn't all that bothered. We were having a genuinely good time, as if we were best friends. I had kind of figured the sex wasn't going to happen as soon as the dream transitioned to us laughing in the back seat. But I still wanted to kiss him. I'm upset that I didn't. My vision faded as I began to have a false awakening, in which I went on Facebook and saw that the guy from the dream had added me and I was astounded that I dreamed of him before even knowing he existed. I was also quite excited to actually be friends with him. Then I woke up for real and was very disappointed but quite pleased with my brain for coming up with such a nice dream.
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