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    1. Lucid in my Living Room

      by , 05-27-2011 at 01:19 PM
      Hanging out with my friend, R Late at night in my living room. I have been sleeping. I wake up lying on the floor. My tv is there but he has also set up a second tv in front of the fireplace. We are watching a cartoon of the knights of the dinner table. I look over and ask him, what's going on with this, where did he get this cartoon? He shrugs. I look at the screen and two teenagers are sitting in the principle's office. One of them is my friend Jared. Jared in staring at his shoes and mumbling incoherently. I say to R, that is a cartoon Jared, this cartoon is in our hometown. R Shrugs.

      He is eating a big bowl of scrambled eggs. He is sitting in an easy chair and eating a big bowl of scrambled eggs. I get up and go to the kitchen. In the fridge are big omelets covering all of the other food. I start looking under the omelets for things to eat and find the rice dish I cooked last night. I look back in the living room and there is a commerical for a furniture store.

      I say to R, This cartoon is on TV? He shrugs, yeah. That is crazy. I thought maybe you downloaded it or something. I ask R if I can make some eggs to put on top of the cassorole and he says that it's fine. I go to the stove and there are two dirty skillets filled with dried cooked eggs. I ask him why did he cook eggs in two skillets? He says he doesn't know. I look again at the two tvs in the living room and realize that this is very strange and say to myself, I think I am dreaming. I open the glass dish and take a bite of the food to ground myself. It's cold and spicy.

      R asks me what time we drove back from our friend's house. I can't remember. He says he has some dvds he wants to watch one of them is of the wedding of Dave and Macey. I say, rusty, dave and macy aren't married, she is going out with john. He says, Oh yeah.

      There is one of those green plant sponges on the table in front of us. I point my finger at it and flick. The sponge floats upword into the air. I flick again and it shoots across the room. I curl my finger and It comes back to me and lands in my hand. I am excited and look over at rusty. He is still watching tv. I try to talk but I can't. I mumble in my head that I am dreaming, that this is a dream and on my third try I am able to say to him. R, this is a dream right now, I am dreaming.
      He looks at me funny and says How do you know. I say, well first of all you aren't wearing any pants. He looks down and starts to cry. I say it's ok, don't worry about it. I close my eyes and imagine him a pair of shorts. I snap my fingers and when I open my eyes, he is wearing shorts.

      I say watch this R, and Point my finger at a blue couch cushion. As I raise my arm the cushion floats up into the air. R gets excited and says, "wow bruh, that's amazing!" I wave my hand back and forth and the cushion shoots all around the room. I let the cushion fall and do the same thing with a fork, this time making it zig zag all over the house.

      I walk to the door and open it, now I'm in the parking lot of a mall. It's that kind of dark where the sun has just set. It's raining Big Drops. I walk into the rain and feel the cool water hitting me. There is a lot of people hanging out by their trucks. I see a large roving band of clowns walking around. I say to myself, one of those clowns wants to have sex with me. I walk over to the clowns and see a pretty one. I say hey pretty clown, want to go have sex over by that church? She shrugs and I take her hand.

      We walk over to the Chinese restaurant/ church and start making out. I unbutton her clown shirt and beneath it is a zipper. I unzip the zipper and there's still more shirt. She smiles at me and I just pull the shirt over her head. She is wearing an aquamarine bra. I reach behind her to unclasp the bra and can't find the hook. I feel in the front of the bra and find it. I kiss her a little more and pull her pants down. She turns around and bends over and I'm trying to figure out where her vagina is. Eventually we figure it out and start going at it. I look over and see a pretty latina lady sitting on a park bench next to a big stack of fireworks. She's watching and I say to her, look, if you can shoot that roman candle off before I finish, you can join in. She grabs the candle and starts looking through her purse for a lighter, The feeling of sex is too intense and I wake up.

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