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    The Pinsir

    6 December 2010

    by , 12-07-2010 at 05:05 PM (707 Views)
    I'm not too sure about the order, but last night was WEIRD!

    So, I think the first thing that happened was that I was at a truck stop with my mom. We were in the car in the parking lot when an eighteen wheeler hit us (totally his fault). He got out of the car, pissed off and waving a chain saw. He started walking toward my mom. Then, my dad came out of nowhere and tells him to back off. He swings overheaded at Dad, who catches the chainsaw by the handle and tries to wrestle it away from the angry trucker. Then I run up to help dad. I grab the chainsaw by the handle too and take it from the trucker. Then I plunged the chainsaw into the trucker's belly.

    Next (I think), I was at some house kind of in the woods. I was walking around outside when I saw some little kid who looked to be about 9 or 10. He was acting kind of wierd, and I don't know why, but I somehow came to the conclusion that he was possessed by a demon. I took hold of his arm, looked him in the eyes, and boldly said the word "Jesus". Then he started freaking out! Screaming, whailing, hissing and stuff. While still holding the little kid, I started praying in tounges, and he started freaking out harder. Then I saw Josh walking towards me, and I asked him to help, and the two of us sat down and prayed over the little dude for a few minutes, then he suddendly stopped. Then, my mom came outside, and I don't know how, but I thought she was posessed too. So I started praying over her by myself (Josh was gone now) and she started hissing and stuff. I wasn't really scared, though.

    Next dream: I don't know why, but some dude was trying to tell me that my mom neglected me when I was young, and that she was abussive and stuff (which isn't true at all). I tell the dude he doesn't know what he was talking about. Then my mom came in the room, and I went and gave her a hug and told her I love her.

    Next: I was at a gas station with my mom, when I looked outside and saw some shady dude in a trench coat cross the street to go to some porn/adult toy store. I thought I'd check it out too. I ran across the street and went inside the porn store. It was kinda old and run down. Then I saw my mom in the store. Then, I went to the back of the store and saw that they sold haloween costumes too. I saw Bryce with a pirate costume on. Mom then told him to put his regular clothes on top of the costume so they could get the costume for free. I told her that she could get in serious trouble for that, but she disregarded me and Bryce did it anyway. I then told her I didn't want to be seen with her in case she was caught, so I told her I'd walk home. She left in the car, and I picked up a stick and used it as a cane and started walking home. Then, I ended up on campus, still with my stick. I ended up walking into Pottle Hall (the music building) and got lost (it's really easy to get lost ther IRL). I was wandering around searching for the exit, opening random doors to see if it led outside. I walked in on some bongo performance being conducted by my old sociology teacher. And I kept walking around Pottle.

    That's all I remember.

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