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    Collection of Dreams (Non-Lucid)

    by , 07-15-2014 at 01:28 AM (828 Views)
    I tried WBTB, but instead every time I woke up and went to bed I had a short dream, in which I remember only about three of them.

    1. I was battling a giant monster, after its defeat it turned into a human. My friend was a medium and tried contacting Albert Einstein's spirit to 'prank call' him.

    2. Going to camp, we had to wear our sport uniform. Teacher forgot I was present and though I'd gone missing. Camp never happened just school. I skate out of school (without a skateboard, I was floating, like on a hover board, so I was technically flying - which is a dream sign. DAMN IT!). Jumping was float-like (dream sign. Damn).

    3. Person from school was watching an anime and I got 'sucked' into the screen and was a part of it. We all lived/stayed at a giant house/mansion. My cats were there, Ollie (cat) turned into a kid, found Badger (cat) in a pond outside the house, swimming. Sims game turned into reality, I turned into a horse from the game and escaped the home and ended up at a school oval. I soon turned into Lucy Heartfillia (from Fairy Tail) and got called trashy names so I turned into a lost child and ended back at the house/mansion. Flying? Climbing walls like Spiderman. Suddenly at camp in some sort of hall. Neck touching game with Lisa Simpson there (we had to have hands on the people sitting beside us, sitting in a circle, and if they caught the prize the two people would have to tickle their necks and if they 'let go' and they would vibrate and lose the prize), somehow we had four arms, because two were on the necks of the people sitting next to me and two was reaching out for the prize.

    One group weren't allowed 'camp' maids (we were staying at a fancy place) because they didn't fill out a diary we had to do (probably a subconscious thought about my DJ).
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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      My friend was a medium and tried contacting Albert Einstein's spirit to 'prank call' him.
      Ha! I love it! That made me lol.
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    2. TheLucidDragon's Avatar
      it was the weirdest thing. I'm like "we defeated the monster" and there's my friend trying to contact Albert Einstein
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    3. TheLucidDragon's Avatar
      another thing was, she was contacting him through this picture:

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