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    18.12.2013 Puss & Boots

    by , 12-28-2013 at 10:46 PM (261 Views)
    I got a second cat, younger than my current one (probably had 3-6 months), and male. It was very fond of cuddling and let me pet it on some bed.

    Early in the morning, before school, I was playing with it with my red laser. It soon took to having fun with a ‘’magic bean’’ toy that it found under my table.
    I thought that it was more fun than Mrvica, my real cat, and thought of keeping it instead (selling my current cat). I thought about how I have to train it to let me pet it ( currently I could only stroke its back) while it was still young.

    I was talking to my brother Matej and looking at my boots intrigued. When he saw me staring at them, he asked what logo that was. I replied they were ‘’Twiligh’’. The boots were black leather winter ones, and the logo was silver.
    I started looking at the logo and thought about what I would write if I posted them on 4chan (on some ‘’show and tell’ thread). I decided I’d write ‘’like Timberlands, but less douchey’’.

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