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    Task of the Month: Standing on my Head--both versions

    by , 07-06-2013 at 04:24 PM (462 Views)

    I read about the Lucid Tasks yesterday and told myself the next time I was lucid I would do those. Apparently it's good for me to set goals like that becasue I got lucid last night and completed both tasks.

    Lucid Tasks Dream:

    I was having camera problems and was feeling very frustrated. There was something I really wanted to take a picture of (though I can't remember what it was).

    Something in my mind reminded me that this meant that there was a chance I was dreaming. I didn't want to think about that possibility because that meant that whatever it was that I was taking a picture of was not real, and I really wanted it to be real.

    But I decided to try to fly anyway, and wasn't too surprised when I took off gliding and knew that this was a dream.

    I then remembered the Tasks that I wanted to try.

    I landed on the ground again. I was on the side of a nearly empty city street. I could see no cars and very few people.

    I decided to try the basic task first--the simple headstand. So I bent over with my hands down, just like I would do a hand stand in a pool. I put my head on the pavement and tried to balance my legs in the air. At first I was having trouble maintaining balance. I had to tel myellf, "Oh come on... this is a dream. I should be able to do this with no problems." And at that I steadied myself and held a headstand.

    Pleased with myself, I decided to try the more advanced version of a headstand. I wasn't sure how this one would work. I had never separated body parts on a dream before. I had no idea if they would come off easily or not. Would it hurt at all?

    I grabbed my head in my hands and started giving a sideways pull. I wasn't sure if anything was happening. Then I noticed my shadow on the ground in front of me and I realized that that would be a great help.

    I then watched as I slid my head off my shoulders (no pain or discomfort at all) and lowered it to the ground. I also didn't noticed any change with the way I was viewing things. My vision remained focused on the shadow.

    I placed my head on the ground next to my feet. I felt no sensation on my head at all as I carefully stepped up on my head. My feet, however, were bare, and I could feel my head and hair under my feet. I stood there for a moment.

    And then must have lost lucidity because I remember nothing else.

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