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    Two Tasks of the Month: Hugging and Punching the Pres.

    by , 07-15-2013 at 06:43 PM (581 Views)
    I just completed a couple of the Tasks of the Month.

    The dream starts and ends fuzzy, but I do remember the lucid part in the middle.

    I was at my grandparents' home (This home shows up more than any other home in my dreams. I also dream about my childhood house. But I never ever dream about my current home).

    I saw a group of girls standing on the neighbors' driveway. I went up to them. One of them recognized me. And smiled and called me to come join them. At the same time I recognized her as my childhood friend Jenny. I don't remember what happened next, but I was suddenly floating for them. I had wanted to show off my ability.

    I think lucidity hit me at this point. But I don't remember how I got in the building that I found myself in next when I decided to do the Tasks.

    My first thought was that I needed to find a volcano, but seeing that I was in a building, I decided I needed to do one that didn't require a huge change of scenery. I had to think for a moment. I had only read over the tasks once at the beginning of the month and I hadn't thought about them like I normally do at the time I do a WBTB. Then two popped into my head. I needed to hug someone then punch President Obama.

    The building I was in was very large and ornate. There were official people walking around me. I looked to see if I could see Obama, but he was no where to be seen. But I had an idea. I would hug the next guy I saw and after I hugged them they would be transformed into the president.

    So I did just that. I ran to a random guy and pulled him to me and hugged him. The guy just stood and let me. When I stepped back, sure enough, there was Pres Obama with a completely blank look on his face. Obviously the hug didn't do anything for him. I wondered if a punch in the face would. I have never punched anyone in the face in real life before, but I figured it couldn't be too hard since this was a dream. So I pulled back my fist a bit and swung it right into his face. I was glad that the impact didn't hurt my fist. I was also a little glad that Obama still had that blank look on his face. But then I heard all the security guys coming. I took off flying. The building as a maze. I couldn't find a way out, and everywhere I turned I saw guys with guns.

    I was getting nervous. But I knew I was dreaming, so I should have control. An idea came to me. I would just make myself grow and break out of the building. So I did. I got bigger and as I did I pushed through the walls and made a big mess of the building. I finally stepped out and onto the street. I looked back and was a little horrified to see the beautiful building completely destroyed in one corner.

    This is where I must have lost lucidty. Because I remember flying around and meeting with this guy that was supposed to be my dad and we were trying to get away from an alien invasion.

    Fragments I remember: Reading a letter he had written that had to do with space ships that could help us escape.

    Flying up to a building that had a balcony with a pond on it and me landing by the pond and looking in.

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