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    by , 08-13-2019 at 07:44 PM (42 Views)
    Date: 10/12/18 (Friday 4:25 AM Ė Work day)
    Dream Title: ďHang glidingĒ (Unintentional LD)
    Dream: Note: So for health benefits I started eating one large meal per day (23 hours of fasting then 1 hour of eating a lot of food). This has helped me get lean and improve my overall health. One of the side effects is that Iíve been waking up to urinate more often during early morning hours; as my meal is dinner and I get more liquids (from the food and drink) than usual at night then have to urinate during the night. Iíve had a couple of low level LDs since I started eating one meal per day which I have not recorded; I believe it has been at least 3. (I remember one was about my cat who died recently. I say him and instantly knew I was dreaming because I remembered he was dead. I went over and patted him and placed my ear to his chest to hear him purring. I could hear and feel him purring as well as the warmth of his body before I woke up. Another had to do with my wife and I back in high school. I donít remember much more because I didnít bother to write it down.) It seem that by eating a lot of food and drinking tea and water I have a tendency to wake up in the early hours of the morning to use the bathroom. This becomes an unintentional WBTB (wake back to bed) situation that happens often. So, last night was no different. I awoke due to the urge to urinate, looked at my phone (3:52 am), stumbled to the bathroom, then stumbled back to bed and dozed off fairly quickly. I find myself hanging on to a metal bar in front of me with by body stretched out behind me, suspended by some straps. I know that I am hang gliding. I can see blue sky all around me. I can see the tops of trees below me. I can see the red, yellow, and blue stripes of the fabric of the hang glider above me. Without a reality check I know that I am dreaming. Iím lucid, but at a very low level. I shift my weight forward to direct the glider to descend to the ground. As I glide lower I see a large swimming pool below me and glide right into the water. I quickly strip off the straps and move out from under the glider. I swim to the side of the pool and climb out. I see an old cabin nearby, and I appear to be at some kind of camp ground. There are many large pine trees all around. I move toward the cabin and see a dirt road leading off to my right. As I pass the cabin, which is on my left, I see a very short chubby Hispanic woman wearing a light blue maid uniform (like a real life version of the maid from the Family Guy TV series). I turn to my right to follow the road to see where it leads. But then my urge for sex takes over. I turn back and walk up to the maid. I sit on the ground in front of her, take hold of her hands and gently pull her down toward me. She has on bright read lipstick that reflects the light. I will her to morph with some success as her features become more attractive to me. I begin to kiss her deeply and feel my body ignite with even more sexual energy. I try to keep my eyes open as I know closing them can cause me to wake up or have a false awakening; but fail and close my eyes which causes me to wake up.

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