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    3/27/2014 - LD Data

    by , 03-27-2014 at 03:04 PM (341 Views)

    I was crunching some numbers from my lucid dream records and just wanted to keep a record so far. Chart above shows the total of my LDs so far.

    The day of the week is the morning I woke up. Typically, my LDs take place in the early morning hours.
    The "Yes" column indicates I did not have work that day, so I had potential for more sleep.
    The "No" column indicates I had to work that day, so I had potential for less sleep and being woken up by my alarm.

    One interesting thing I noticed is that the highest number of LDs took place on Monday's. I was surprised by this because I typically get my worst night sleep on Sunday night to Monday morning. I was not surprised to see the next highest numbers were Saturday and Sunday, when I have the opportunity to stay in bed later. The lowest nights were Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri which are all work days.

    I also note that 40% of my LDs took place on mornings where I could sleep later and 60% took place on mornings I had to wake up at a specific time.
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    1. Lucidordie's Avatar
      Do you have any takeaways from this?
    2. Tygar's Avatar
      It show that I have a higher probability of becoming lucid on days when I have more time to sleep, which is what I expected.

      But, the high number of LDs on Mondays was surprising. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I tend to throw off my sleep schedule on Friday Night and Saturday (up later at night, and getting up later in the morning plus getting more hours of sleep). So perhaps I'm less tired on Sunday nights (which explains why I have issues falling asleep) and more likely to be more aware while dreaming. This is all just a theory.