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    Memorable Dreams

    1. (Lucid) Avatar and Magic Shark

      , 07-27-2012 at 02:18 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      Finally had another lucid last night! Attempted a WILD but failed and fell asleep. I had a lucid, near the end of the dream so it was short.

      I was at some big lake with a giant floating building right in the middle of the lake. Katara (From Avatar: The Last Airbender) was with me, and some assasin woman came and attacked Katara. The assasin was a lady with two swords. She snuck up on Katara and slashed her in her side at least 4 times, each slash went halfway through her abdomen. (It was pretty nasty.) Then the lady threw Katara into a white cloth bodybag, which she then slashed into like 20 peices. She threw Katara into the water, but there was some magical shark in those waters that could bring people back to life. (And probably other stuff, cause it was... magic.) The shark saw the lady throw Katara in and it found Katara and brought her back to life.

      Later me, Katara (I think it was her, but it could have been someone else.), and some guy with airbender tatoos were in some camp with a big pool. The guy with the tatoos was our counselor. He could control all 4 elements, I think. He was earthbending a rock, aking it float over water, and I earthbent and flung it all the way to the other side of the pool. Katara goes over to grab it, and I swim over there too. It underwater and I want to try to to breathe fire. (By this time I knew I was dreaming, IDK how though.) I let out a small stream of fire, and that was pretty impressive, considering I was underwater! I was above water coming to the side of the pool and I want to blast fire from my mouth and hands at the same time, so I put my hands to my face and then pointed my hands and arms straight forward, blasting fire from my hands and mouth.

      It was cool, but I wanted to do the Task of the Month. I felt the dream slipping and I was thinking I could try to DEILD, but I don't really know how to do that very well. I remember I had to tip people off of their skateboards or something so I could DEILD
      , but I think I kind of lost lucidity at this point.

      I wanted to do the TotM, but I couldn't so I hope I'll get another lucid before this month ends!

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    2. Mom Shows Her Stuff, Kid Gang, Victoria Justice

      , 07-26-2012 at 03:12 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      I started to want to see my mom naked. So I began to be nice to her and do whatever she said. We were on a bus and her straps on the camisole she was wearing started to fall to her arms, and she wasn't wearing a bra. She was joking about how innapropriate that was or something, and I told her I didn't mind. When the bus got to it's stop, my mom got off so I followed her. She went in front of a docking bay, and let her boobs hang out for everyone to see! She turned around and showed me, and said something like hers don't look good because she's old, then I told her she had nice boobs. Then we got back to our van and I got in the middle seat. Mom was packing some stuff into the trunk and the van started driving down the road by itself. I just sat there and Mom was still packing the trunk while it was going. Then when she finished, she ran by the side of the car and got in the middle seat next to me. We talked for a little while. Next thing I know, we were at home and she laid an Xbox 360 controller standing on its side on the floor. She said at 4-5 P.M. you can knock it down for a baseball card. I said we didn't have any baseball cards, so we looked around for regular cards. I found a pack of good playing cards, but before I could use them, Mom got a pack of small cards, and shot them all over the floor, all 52 of them! So I decided to help her pick them up because I wanted to see those boobies again. While I was picking up cards, there were also little puzzle pieces all over and other junk. When it was all cleaned up, Mom walked out of her bedroom, and was licking her finger seductively, and I was gonna do something, then Dad walked out of the bathroom and stopped me from doing anything. It barely looked like my dad though because he had medium length hair, not short; wore a baseball cap, which he never does; and he wasn't wearing his glasses.

      Me and some other kids (4 guys 1 girl) started a gang in our neighborhood. Our hideout was underneath a building. There was a small area of brick that moved up and down so you could lift it and get in. You would have to strech between to walls to get down to the floor. Also before you could even get on the ground you had to do something with your hands (so only your feet were holding you) then something with your feet (so only your hands were holding you). The girls wouldn't have to do that though because it would be too hard. Somehow Mr L (He's the strictest most bitchly teacher at my school who gets you in trouble for just about anything) found our gang hideout, and stopped our gang. Next thing I know we are at some festival and we're in a big tent with a restaurant in it. I see people outside the tent in a big crowd so I start making peace signs at them and saying, "Pee." (Instead of peace) Then the old lady behind the counter at the restaurant starts having problems with her dentures. They're buzzing really loud, and Mr L tells one of the guys in my gang to stop, but he's not doing anything. The lady tries to fix her dentures but nothing works.

      Victoria Justice set up a ladder on some wall and put a clear tube around it, then another yellow tube around it. She said she wanted me to go in there with her. I tried to get in and could barely fit. I did want to go in there with her (she's hoottt), but we just wouldn't be able to fit.

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    3. 2 Normal Dreams and an Hour Long LD! Finally!

      , 04-11-2012 at 12:52 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      Dream Journal April 11, 2012
      Messy Locker
      I was going around school, but everywhere I went, I was going way behind everyone. I was never ready to leave any of my classes when others were, and for some reason, it seemed like my entire locker was randomly spread out around the school, so on my way from one class to another, I would sometimes find a big pile of belts, books, and just stuff ALL over the place. When I did arrive to class, already being late, I didn't have my homework done either, so it sucked twice as much.
      -4:50 AM

      Double Pussy Slide
      Me and some other girl were going down some real long red slide the twisted and curved and looped a lot. At one part of the slide she would speed ahead of me and turn her body into like a double sided pussy, so I went through her every time I went down the slide. And I went down the slide at least 3 times.
      -4:53 AM

      Fell back asleep between 5:30 and 6:00

      LDthat lasted an hour to a hour and and a half!
      I just knew I was lucid right after a WBTB. I didn't fall asleep till 5:30. It felt like this LD lasted hours!!! I RCed SOO many times! I was in a carnival in one, carries friend was trying to hide her gift under a blue bucket, and then later Carrie flattened it. One I was in school and everyone was trying to stop me cause I went down to the gym, then out the gym door to try to sneak outside, but there was some banquet on the stage so I got caught... I think I might have accidentally killed someone, because everyone even my sister and cousin and aunt were asking me to stop. Then my sister showed me something on her droid, so I just calmed down a bit, but I was still jumping everywhere! IN one part every teacher started class by being on the toilet and I saw their legs, then they flushed. It was weird and gross. IN one part my dad was driving me places and I was telling him it was a dream, and he was like "nahhh" but then I told him to look at the clock in the car, it said 7:77! That was obviously wrong, and I wasn't asleep that long yet! There were a whole bunch of hobos in this little campground full of old cabins. All their clocks were saying weird times and I remembered, and said, then numbers on clocks can’t add up higher than 23. And then someone said something like how hard it would be to open a safe. In another part I was in an amusement park! There were a couple rides and I wanted to show people this was a dream. I went on this one where it is a big circle being held up by something like a crane, and it spun in circles. There were little seats on the circle too. I told some girls this was a dream, and only one girl stayed on with me. I started swinging the ride around and she was scared then I totally flipped it upside down and she fall of and went "Splaaat!" I hopped off the ride and saw a pile of goo. So I put my hands over it and started reviving it! Then she came back to life! I also saw some rollercoaster that went off its tracks but it hooks back on its tracks after about a 10ft jump! And there was one roller coaster that went up real high, the tracks disappeared, and it latches onto a Blimp and the blimp carries it to the other side where the tracks start again~! (Scary amusement park for people who don't know it's a dream!) In another part I was in my basement and I found something that I wanted to spear someone with, and I went up my stairs and threw it at my cousin Brandon. (It was some like toy gun that's actually a pen so it’s long and narrow.) Then I was in my mom’s bathroom and she was in there on the counter and I was trying to seduce her and she liked it. I would have to RC ever so often because I didn't want to forget I was dreaming. But every time I look away for a sec, she would disappear! And then I'd go into a different part of the house and I'd find her. Then I'd take her back, and we'd try again. She said we should try in the bathtub, but the water was a grayish-brown color and it was just dark and scary, so I was like nahh let's not go in there. I put her up on the counter sitting down and I was doing stuff then she said look in the mirror. (There are two mirrors on my counter that can open and shut, so one of them was open, making the mirrors reflect each other, looking weird.) I could see myself and her in the mirrors, but I looked away quickly just so I didn't see anything scary. (But me and her both looked normal, so it was ok! lol.) Then in the carnival place, there was some ground so I wanted to try to earth bend. It was hard though because there was that clear kind of carpet on top of the ground and there were pipes! So I tried it, lifting my hands like I was lifting the earth, but I only bent some pipes and the carpet stuff. Earth bending is really hard, haha. I need to practice that!
      -7:33 AM

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    4. First (Fully) Lucid dream!!!

      , 03-19-2011 at 11:46 AM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      I had a few dreams earlier which i recall but this is the lucid dream.

      Key: Non Lucid Lucid

      I was sitting in a folding chair with 3 of my friends at the elementary school of our district. And i was listening to my iPod. I don't know what music it was or any music at all but my teacher walked in front of us and started mouthing things, i didn't hear him so when he started to walk away i pulled of my earphones and said," What?" he turned around at started mouthing something again. i pulled my earphones out again and i said, "What?" (should've become lucid taking my earphones out twice! lol) then he started to say something but he was talking really quiet and not how he really talked at all. so i reached up, did a nose pinch RC and was fully lucid!! i ran down the hall screaming," This is a dream!!" And the people just kept walking away. my arms were really heavy so i stretched them out a bit so i could run and jump easily. i walked down the hall and followed my best friend, but like 2 or three people were right on MY back following me. so i screamed, "STOP FOLLOWING ME!" and they turned around and walked away. i followed my freind for a few seconds then said," where r we going?" he didn't say anything, but you know what i heard? the scariest noise ever... it sounded like this:beep, beep, beep,beep, beep, beep,beep! beep! beep!!

      Then I woke up. i was sooo mad i set my alarm for 5:09 but i mustve became lucid at like 5:07 or 5:08! i slapped myself for that i was soo furious, that was my best lucid dream ever in my life!

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