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    2nd night

    by , 02-14-2015 at 02:13 PM (413 Views)
    On my second attempt with WILD i succeeded again, this time in a OBE fashion in which i felt my body becoming more and more numb and i just had to imagine some movement until it felt real. I think i am going too fast here, and i probably should allow the dreamscape to form first. Instead i force my mind to put me in a bedroom, with this approach.

    The dream was not interrresting, and it was short again, probably as a result of overlap of input between waking and dream bodies, that's why i think i am going too fast

    Anyway, i keep excited about my WILD mindset, and it's progress. So let's see if can keep my good run. And i really hope this time i will master natural DEILD (wo alarm) drop by drop.

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