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    Boom ! 4 DILDS !

    by , 03-02-2013 at 01:45 PM (718 Views)
    i had a 9 h sleep and 4 DILDs last night ! they were all very short ( max 1 min ). my mean is 2 DILDS per week and usually very short.

    the first one i got lucid after a DC said « what if this is dream ?». i asked him to remind me again in next dreams , but he didnt so far

    i was in bad shape ( insomnia, being harsh to my self for not noticing clear dreamsigns...and so on ). previous night i slept for 3,5 hours, then insomnia came and i spent the rest of night trying to WILD and giving up to hypnagogic hallucinations.

    i changed my atitude last night, i decided to focus on dream recall ( this was my first goal when i started LD ) so not to put much pressure on myself, and tried a dzochen technique ( fall asleep while imagining the A letter on the centre of the body ) depicted in «dream yoga and the practice of natural light».

    Also during my day i was more aware ( counting footsteps when walking, counting breaths when quiet, starting from zero after some count or situations like doorways; for short periods, imagining everything as if i was lucid dreaming ). it makes a lot of sense to me that if i just go by daydreaming, lost in thoughts and not noticing life around, this mindset is carried into sleep too. i wonder if you can be a good lucid dreamer without lucid living..may be but i don't want that to myself..i want both

    today i will do the same thing, without expecting the same results ( which is already a challenge in itself )

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    1. Daredevilpwn's Avatar
      Hey you say you have insomnia? Well as a suggestion you can try looking up ASMR videos. At first glance they may appear strange or weird but they are very relaxing. ASMR is this tingling sensation that occurs in your scalp and it is a pleasant feeling. I know it sounds weird but it can help those that have insomnia and need to get to sleep.
    2. VagalTone's Avatar
      hi, how are you doing ? have you been sucessful with your ADA+ critical questioning ?

      thank you. i will explore this concept ! it seems interesting. i usually don't have insomnia, just sometimes when i try to WILD during the night and then i cant get back to sleep, and when i finally get sleepy its time to wake up

      so now i just prefer weekends , the normal days i focus more on "daytime practices"
    3. Daredevilpwn's Avatar
      I had a recall hit and recovering and only remember bits and pieces but before that happened I noticed I was getting a lot more "lucid moments" I get lucid but only for brief moments. So I know that this technique is working and if I keep at it I will be able to maintain it longer. Next time, I am going to try and use the counting method while in the dream state. If it helps one stay in the moment in waking life then it should help in a dream.