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    by , 03-30-2017 at 12:21 AM (462 Views)
    At some point, I do not recall what sparked it, I become Lucid.

    A friend and I have come up with a experiment where when I was Lucid dreaming I would attempt to view his house, which I have never seen. So as soon as I became Lucid I set the intention to do so, I quickly found myself in the beach looking over a modern looking house, well two distinct houses, each black and cube like. The houses were on a outcropping of rocks which stretched out from the beach. I fly down to look inside. I go in and find a rather normal set-up, there were several pieces of furniture, pictures on the wall, and so forth. I Zero in on a singular piece of art, which is a black sculpture of a lion or gargoyle, I pick it up and carry it into the kitchen with me. There is a odd transition where I follow A man outside who appeared in the room, the door we left opened up into a amazon like scene with large green trees and a river underneath.

    Transition. I am in what I took to be a theme park. There are people everywhere and also tents set up, it is night. There is a large blue orb on top of a building in the distance which sent out light waves into the air. I walked around for a bit.

    Again, the experiment came to mind, and thinking logically I doubted the person lived on a outcropping of rocks. So I again intended to find another house. I end up walking up a small hill. I take time to observe the ground and walk around a small ice hole in the snow, viewing it very intensely to judge if it would remain still, it did as long as I looked at it. I come upon two houses. The first was a large white-yellow home, whose top story was oddly shaped, one room protruded much farther than the others. Then I saw another house. It was one story, made of red brick, and had a underground swimming pool. I go inside And come across two people, it gets hazy after that.

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