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    DILD and more dream challenges met

    by , 04-30-2017 at 02:12 PM (447 Views)

    Nothing done in particular which would have had much effect.



    Turmeric (Plus black pepper)


    GABA (Done day before)

    rhodiola standardized to 3% salidrosides (Done day before)

    Vitamin B5 aka Pantothenic acid (Done day before)


    Started with a normal dream. The details of which have become a bit hazy at this point. After an assumed car accident I awaken in a psychiatrists office, where I was questioned about my sanity. Then I am ushered in a larger house area with other people committed to be closely observed. There were several long conversations in a living room area which I only barely recall now. The point in which I became lucid was a continuation of this house dream, I was upstairs and suddenly I realized I was dreaming for no obvious external reason.

    After roaming the house for a few moments I end up going outside. I went outside and found myself on the deck of a house a lived at when very young. I decided to attempt the challenges, all tho my control at the time was not particularly strong.

    Still on the wooden deck, attached to the second floor, I find a small square metal can, about a foot across. I pick it up and while focus on what zero-gravity would look like I let it go. It hung there in the ear nearly effortlessly for a few seconds until I was content the challenge was adequately met.

    Next I decided to make something disappear. There was a single red plastic cup sitting on the floor of the deck. At first tried to make is vanish while I was looking at it, but had trouble. I then willed it to vanish while I turned away from it, this took about 3-4 tried, but it did disappear.

    There is a transition.

    I am outside in the middle of the street of a normal looking neighborhood, with houses to either side. It is a clear night, the stars are apparent, and there was no wind to speak of. There was a slightly dark mood 'in the air', so I walk a bit, and then decide to say a mantra out loud, hoping it will make the sun come out. I looked up at the stars while saying "Om-Ah-Hum", my voice soundly strange and wobbly. Suddenly a large object comes out of the sky, it is an UFO, and then lands in the middle of the street. One side was smooth and sphere like, the other half was nearly perfectly flat. It was comprised of large white squares with electric blue trim, perhaps 4-8 squares in all. I enter it, I recall it being bright and very white inside, there were not many details to be seen as I recall. But that part is a bit hazy.

    I am walking down the street, I see there is a city with several large and small buildings-houses in the distance, there are a few lights on, but it is mostly lit by ambient light from behind. I find flying difficult, so I create a rope between me and a fare building, I will it to pull me, and so it does, I am quickly skimming over the water and pass several boats which I consider looking around on, but i decide there is more to be seen in the city itself.

    I end up walking into a building, the outside was brick, the inside was what looked like aged wood, it seemed to me this building had been sitting empty for many years. I walk up the stairs, it is dark, I can see fine, the 'vibe' is creepy tho. At first I Will the lights to turn on or the room to brighten somehow, however, this did not work. I find an old car light on the ground, which I assumed by its shape and age, belonged to a Model T Ford. I was able to 'pump energy' into it and use it as a respectable flashlight. I spend some time looking around, opening closets, the whole place looked abandoned for some time.

    I end up going outside again and the sun is starting to come up, there is a sense of pleasurable 'energy' in the air, there are people about, it is an extremely beautiful scene. I see a man next to a tree and recall what I had read on dream views about pulling it up and seeing what was under it. So I did. The first thing I pulled up was small piece of metal, no more than I half inch long. Then to my surprise, and perhaps to the dream character right next to me, I find a live turtle, I hold it for a few moments and give it a close look over, and perhaps laugh a bit as well. Turtles aren't exactly known for being burroughers that I know of.

    At this point I look around again, with the sun out I get a much clearer look. I am at a lake-side or perhaps ocean-side town. There are boats in the water, people walking along a walkway by the shore, the grass was green, the sky was blue, and the entire scene was filled with movement, living color, and happiness. Every one seemed to happy, and I was exited to be apart of their town happening. Sadly, this part did not last long, I think I jumped upon a docked boat before I woke up.

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