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    DILD and some dream challenges met.

    by , 04-19-2017 at 02:27 AM (252 Views)

    Meditated two times earlier that day.

    Laid down while meditating at about 8:00 PM, after about 30 minutes I became tired and fell asleep.


    Turmeric (plus black pepper)

    D-Phenylalanine (amino-acid)

    L-theanine (amino-acid)

    Yerba mate tea (In morning)

    Green Tea (right before laying down)


    Breath and then open meditation.

    Energy work, i.e. Poor breathing, Micro-cosmic orbit, etc, with emphasis on Ajna chakra.

    Rope method and imagining self raise from body.


    I enter the dream state soon after falling asleep, which was relatively surprising due to the fact it was so close to my normal sleeping time. I find myself in my old room, where I find an attractive female. This part went on for a few minutes. At the end of the encounter something occurred, which was very odd, the girl held up a magazine and pointed at a picture, which I am not sure what of, but the implication was she wanted me to purchase something and then completely dissipated in front of my eyes.

    Either there is a full transition or I left out the window, but I recall flying and landing near what looked to be a construction sight. There were various building supplies laying about. Recalling the dream views contest I decide to start checking activities off my list.

    I start moving stuff around with my mind, first a few pallets of wood, and then a large air compressor.
    At the apex of this event, I had, I believe four objects moving at one time, 3 bundles of wood, and one large air compressor.
    Attempt at mass telekinesis.

    Next in the same location I decide to create a sphere of light. This was much easier than moving multiple large objects around. I looked at my hands and then willed a sphere to appear. Wisps of smoke-light emerged out of my hands and formed between them, something near a sphere, a bit bumpy, close enough I say.

    Next I fly some distance and come across a house or small building. Recalling building a pyramid was another part of the contest I attempt to form it into one. It takes some working, the building would expand and then fall back in on itself a bit, this went on for a few seconds, until a decent step pyramid was built and held its shape for several seconds. Not perfect, but not bad either.
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