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    1. Fake Reality

      by , 03-10-2015 at 06:39 PM
      This felt like one of my longest lucid dreams yet. I went to sleep at around 11:30 PM, after taking sleeping pills, and woke up at about 4:07 AM the next morning and stayed awake until about 5:10 AM using the internet, printing a sheet, and trying to figure out what to do next before I go back to bed. I went back to sleep at around 5:20 AM and performed the WILD technique, I think. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. This is how it turned out.

      I woke up in sleep paralysis, after desperately attempting to move my body up out of bed. It took me a while to realize it, meaning the demons, or whatever it was, would come in to the room earlier. I was laid on my back under my covers(even though the blankets were not actually on me). I closed my eyes and began visualizing myself escape the current paralyzed state and imagine myself leaving the bedroom. I never actually imagined going anywhere else but inside the home I was already in. The harder I thought about myself going through that levitating phase, the harder I had to keep it in my mind. I ended up losing my train of thought the first time, but the second time I tried imagining myself moving freely away from my dream bed, I immediately flew out of this levitation mode and quickly flew through the closed door in my bedroom, in hopes that whatever else was in there would not catch me.

      After making it out, and already becoming lucid, I decided to walk outside the home. I didn't really have anything to do so far, but to save me the sensations of bordem, I decided to go ahead and summon Sydney again, out on the parkway(which was all empty). I extended my right arm back and summon her. I pulled her out in front of me but I didn't actually sure what to do with her. Once we walked back in to the house, I noticed that two of the televisions were on inside the house; one in the living room and one in my parents' bedroom. My father was inside the living room and my mother was inside their bedroom. I also saw two kids walked in to the scene at the same time I did(they somehow where already in the house). One of them was a boy and the other one was a year, one who looked so suspiciously familiar.

      Me and Sydney followed the little girl and when she walked over to my mother inside her bedroom, I then realized that it was one of the children I helped back at a preschool a few years ago. She didn't look exactly the same, nor did it look like she had any of her traits come to think of it, but while dreaming, it really felt like we were finally meeting each other again after a long time. I'm not sure if I hugged her or not.

      Me and Sydney then walked back out of the house and walked around the front steps of the house for a small bit. I saw my dog there, along with his lover, at least that's what it looked like. They stuck very close to each other, walking around me and Sydney. My dog had a tendency to lick me every time he had the chance to. I didn't like it, but then again he was my dog, so I could never neglect him. He also had a tendency to drink water from anywhere, including the dirty brown water that was inside a small fountain next to the front porch. He drank it and didn't even care how dirty it was.

      After hanging around with my dog for a while, him and his lover left. Me and Sydney were now alone with each other. This was the best time to try and talk to her, especially since our waking life communications don't exit, they never did. I walked Sydney over to the wall next to the parkway and turned towards her. I looked in her eyes, closely observing her facial expressions and attempted to ask her a question hoping she reply with a somewhat real answer.

      "I like you, Sydney." I said.

      "I like you." she repeated.

      I continued telling her how I felt about her but she kept repeating what I said. After a couple times, it got annoying. I asked why she was copying me and eventually told her to stop copying me. She didn't want to listen to me. After asking her so many times, she did manage to tell me something irrelevant, but I forgot what she said. I then decided to leave Sydney here while I went venturing out the street I was in.

      Before I walked in to the street, the dream started to turn on me by fading away. I believed the sky was adding to it. It was so dark that many of the homes in the city looked haunted. I raised up both of my arms and imagined the skies to be lit with bright stars. After several attempts, all I did was turn midnight in to late evenings. The dream was practically blind by now. I resorted to the spinning technique as a last motive. I turned my body and turned it as much as I could, so I could feel the vibrations of my dream body move along a strong, consistent pattern to assist in achieving a better vision for the world. It surprisingly worked. Everything, including the skies, were clear. I was not only shocked, but amazed.

      I walked out on to the street and I already saw someone walking it. It was a stranger, someone that kept walking down this street consistently in the dream. They wore a pink/black decorated hoodie, so I had a little trouble recalling if they were male or female. I followed them out on the side of the street. I was walking behind them and felt the urge to do something I knew. I extended my right arm back and pulled out in front of me a metal hammer. What I wanted to do to this person was obvious, and I was going to do it whether or not there were people watching. Unfortunately, that person walked in to an area I did not want to walk in to. I decided to walk away and try my luck someplace else.

      On my way walked off to other houses on the street, I saw a police car driving off in to one of the parking lot of someone's home. I saw another one opposite of the same of the same home. The first one was going down in flames, which I'm not sure what happened, and the other cop car(and whoever else was in it) didn't seem to care that one of their pals' car was burning out.

      I walked over to different house on my right side of the street to see who I could kill in a discreetly manner. I noticed several mothers on the front lawns of their home working and taking the trash out. I focused on one that lived in a darkly lit area, followed by a lonely backyard parkway. I trespassed in to their home and walked up in to the shadowy trees and bushes. They were walking closer up to me and I waited for them to walk up in front of the shadows I was in. Once the got close enough for me to touch them, I swung the hammer heavily on to their forehead and unintentionally broke the hammer. The woman then started laughing at me for not being able to kill her. I gave up trying to kill someone else, so I decided to do something else with my lucidity.

      This was where things got interesting. I flew over near a small food market on the corner of the same street I just came out of. As I was flying on to the parking lot of this place, I summoned someone I didn't really intend on summoning before I went to bed. It was Madison, one of Sydney's friends. I held her hand until the both of us were on the ground. The reason I landed on to the parking lot of this small store was because there was going to be a special event taking place her in just a few more minutes. There was coincidentally two chairs already laid out on this parking lot. I sat in the left one and Madison, on my right. We were seemingly the first ones here. There were still a lot more people left.

      As we waited, I decided to go ahead and summon a bag of chips(seeing how you don't gain weight in dreams). They were my personal favorites - Cheddar Ruffles. I grabbed some of them to munch on and then handed the bag over to Madison. She ate some with me. The taste felt almost the same, but not vividly. It wasn't strong enough for me to actually set one of my intentions to summon them before going to sleep some other night. Me and Madison both sat there as people quickly started piling up.

      The seats began filling up quickly. Many of the seats in front of us were already filled. Some of the individuals attending this ceremony were young and some were old, but not too old. As me and Madison were eating our food, I noticed a young male staring at the food we were eating. This guy looked a lot like my best friend I used to hang around with during high school. I'm not sure if it was him, though. He never bothered greeting me and I never bothered greeting him. I assumed in forgotten all about me.

      The parking lot was full by the time the one's responsible for this ceremony put up the red/white decorations scattered all over the place. I turned over towards Madison and gave her a small kiss on the lips, which was a little tasty seeing how she still had the cheddar Ruffle powder taste on them. Madison was my date for the night, but I'm not even sure if she knows it.

      Eventually, the staff presenters walked up in front of the large crowd of audience in the parking lot. They went on talking about whatever it was they meant to talk about. I don't have any recollection of what they were trying to speak out. That wasn't the purpose of this perfect moment I held in delight as I sat there that night with Madison. As I sat there, surrounded by so many cheering individuals, most of which were strangers, I felt it'd be the best time to expand my relationship with Madison to something intense. I extended my right arm back and summoned a small black case holding a valuable item inside. I pulled out the box in front of me and held it discreetly in both my hands as I got down on the ground with one left knee in front of Madison. I held the box out in front of her and opened it up as I spoke out those four dazzling words, Will you marry me?

      The audience cheered with "awes" and applause. Madison was caught by surprise. I waited for her reply but after the audience began cheering less, Madison then went on to say something along the lines of, while smiling, It's too early. I was shocked, but as long as the two of us could keep together for a little while longer, it'd eventually be a possibility. The ceremony was over by now and everyone started getting up out of their chairs and walking towards the exit. Me and Madison both got up out of our chairs. I held her in my arms in front of me very closely. At that moment, I just noticed she wore a red. glittery dress. We then both walked out towards the exit, after being escorted, and walked in to what seemed to be a casino.

      Me and Madison departed ways once we entered this new scene. At the beginning on this small hallway, the one we were escorted to, I broke out a few dance moves behind some of the girls I was walking behind with. I think I was dancing to Uptown Funk, but I'm not quite sure. I followed these three girls until we reached the bigger part of the casino - the lounge. This area was big but not too big, and not too small either. There were slot machines on my right side, a set of tables just outside the small hallway I just walked out of, and a small bar to me left, one where Jay-Z happened to be in. Perhaps Jay-Z enjoyed bar tending more than making music. That is what I thought. I also saw two older men sitting just outside the hallway near the tables. I remember summoning a Berreta to see if it couldn't fire actual bullets this time. Instead, I fired off one plastic bb and I also had to reload the gun, which would eventually become harder to pull, at which then I decided to better yet throw the gun at the hairless man who didn't mind me throwing it at him.

      I saw a few others things in the dream. I tried setting the place on fire by using a small box of match and throwing it in small cups of gasoline(what I thought) scattered around the room. The fire would sometimes extended as far as where I was holding it but didn't feel a thing.
    2. Singing in the Rain

      by , 03-09-2015 at 07:26 PM
      Me and a few other family members, including my brother-in-law and aunt, were watching a movie inside the living room of my home. The movie was seconds away from being over and we were reeling in on the resolution moment of it. Me and my aunt were so much in to this movie that she almost held on to me as we both noticed a helicopter being shot down in the movie. There was a creepy vibe to it, not just what was happening on screen but something I felt going on in the living room. I'm not sure how exactly what I saw but, moments later, I showed up somewhere inside that scene along with the rest of my family members watch that movie.

      We were now in what seemed to be a parking lot of a small residential home. There was a long baseball field in front of it. There was also rain, but it felt like heavy rain. I had myself crouched down on the floor, watching what was left of the helicopter explosion that took place moments before. As I watched the flames and ashes floating away from the scene, I sang a tune as I slowly moved back away the explosion area.

      "When You're worried and you can't sleep, just close your eyes and count your blessings"

      I continued singing this tune as I moved up towards the stairs that would eventually led me towards the building that sat on this parking lot. My family followed.

      "and you'll fall sleep counting your blessings."

      The rest of my family were the first ones to run in to the residential home. I'm not sure what was in there, nor did I care much about it. All I wanted to do was listen to myself singing while being comforted with rain. Eventually, I began gaining consciousness of where I was. When I finally reached the building, I became lucid.

      After becoming lucid, I immediately ran in to the home, inside the garage. I walked past the garage and in to what seemed to be another garage in the same small building. I stopped and tried calming myself down. I told myself something along the lines of "This is a dream. I want to stay in this dream." I'm not sure what I said exactly but whatever it was, I felt a better sense of control of prolonging the dream. There was also someone with me. I'm not sure who. Probably someone who lived at the home? I'm not sure. He followed me as I went storming out of the house and towards the inner part of a high school.

      Once I reached what seemed to be a high school lunch area, I stopped and observed the environment. I noticed several students scattered all over the place, going on about their day. I saw several of my classmates standing around a drinking fountain, or so that's what it looked like - a fountain? The rain still went on, but not as much as it was a few moments ago. Suddenly, I felt this strange substance building up in my mouth. I'm not sure what it was, but I didn't like it. It started building up rapidly, eventually filling up my whole mouth. I put one of my fingers inside my mouth, hoping it would just be a bubbling type of food, but instead found a white-rice type of food. I don't even think it was rice, it tasted much more disgusting than that. I tried spitting it all out but before I could, woke up.
    3. Fake

      by , 03-07-2015 at 10:18 AM
      I woke up at about 7:00 AM in the morning, debating whether or not I should go back to sleep or to begin going about my day. I decided to dose off to sleep.

      I woke up in paralyzed in sleep, again. I didn't need to look around the room to notice. All I needed to know was the sudden change in emotions that were building up inside my body. I couldn't move. My hands and arms were the only source of strength I could use to try and rise from bed, but once I did, the force on my chest prevents me from doing so. After becoming consciously aware of my current state, I immediately let my mind sink in to the realm of the dream world. I closed my eyes and calmed down my nerves. For a few seconds, I avoided the thoughts of nearby terror. I imagined a place where I would be summoned in lucidity - the home living room.

      My mind then began changing the outcome of this paralyzing fear. My body, as I felt, hovered just slightly over my bed and began tilting out towards the exit door located in front of my bed. My mind was doing good. There was nothing that could have prevented me from escaping sleep paralysis. I gradually went hovering faster throughout the door of my bedroom and the dream then started to take place.

      Suddenly, I ended up in my living room. The ceiling lights were on, all four bulbs. I stood standing in the middle of the somewhat small room and observed what was around me. I felt a strong sense of lucidity. Not only that, but vividness, a very strong fell of it. There was no one else in the room, though it felt like it. At that very moment, I decided to do what I can with the dream world and utilize it in any way I can to escape my waking life.

      I wasn't motivated to perform anything in the dream, not as much as I once was, but my memories of Sydney reminded myself of how much I loved lucid dream and that was the first thing on my mind. I summoned Sydney, extending my right arm back and pulling her out in front of me. The rest was unknown, or unable to remember. I then appeared outside, out on the street. I saw these few individuals and decided to follow them. Their path led me to a small party happening on the front yard of someone's home.

      One of the first things I wanted to do here was to summon a pistol and shoot anyone who might have been an enemy. It turned out, one of them was sitting on the parking lot of the front yard. He was up to something, I just wasn't sure what. I walked slowly past him and slowly tilted my head over to see if he was doing anything suspiciously. I pulled my gun out and moved over to a quiet area. He then moved over deeper in to the backyard of the house. That's when I pointed my gun at him and squeezed the trigger. Surprisingly, nothing happened. What I thought was a overpowered weapon was now an air soft gun. I had to keep pulling the top loader part of the gun back to keep shooting the plastic bb's at him. He then started panicking and ran towards the back yard.

      I ran over behind a set of pillars and summoned an assault rifle, one without bb's. I aimed it at him and started firing. Everyone else at the party ran around in panic. There were a few other individuals standing behind me, one's who wanted to help. I summoned a few weapons for them, in hopes that they would assist me in stopping the bad guys. Bullets went flying over everyone's head, all without any sound coming from the opposite side.

      The criminals then started running back out on to the front yard and running towards the street. Me, along with almost everyone else at the party, including unarmed ones, were all still at the residence. I stood out and ordered everyone to go after the criminals and demanded all to attack. The whole crowds of people then stormed out on to the street towards the direction of the criminals. Change, however, took its toll on me. Before I knew it, I stood on the sidewalk of a street where the only humans left were me and my small group of armed individuals.

      The mood got quieter, softer. The noise left the dream world and the criminals we were all chasing were long gone. Me, along with my group of about 10 people, walked on the sidewalk, hoping something better would come up for us. I stood behind the larger numbers, walking next to an unknown guy. I talked to this guy just like I would to any one around my age. At one point, I brought up Sydney. I even summoned her. I extended my left arm back and summoned her. She stood right by me as I stared at her, almost as if she knew me. This is not true in waking life. I woke up happy.
    4. Strange Preschool

      by , 03-01-2015 at 04:32 AM
      I started out in one of the dollar stores somewhere in the neighborhood(I don't remember which one). I was shopping with my mother. As I was walking, I noticed this individual staring at me giving me a nasty look. He was a lot taller than me, so I knew I wouldn't stand a chance against him. He then came charging after me but before he could touch me, I flew up in the air and hovered above the aisles in the store. As I was flying in mid-air, I kicked him with my feet as hard as I could and taunted him.

      Later on in the dream(after waking up, I think), I woke up in a preschool(one I haven't seen before in my life). I saw one of the teachers I worked with back at the preschool I volunteered for in waking life. She was helping me out with how I'm supposed to handle the classroom. We were both inside a classroom with a full set of kids and a couple other teachers. It felt happy. It felt so happy good to be in a job like this because there was happiness all around.

      At one point, the person teaching me have done an activity that required us to remove our shoes and socks, walking barefoot. I'm not sure why, but seeing how this is preschool, I didn't question the creativity of improvised activities. I was sitting down somewhere in the back of the classroom where I was talking to the teacher. She wanted me to go somewhere, as confusing as that may sound.

      I then somehow appeared to be at an assembly along with a large crowd of people around my age. We were all seated in desks. In front of us was a huge black screen television(as big as the cinema ones). When I was in there, I noticed every student(what I thought) belonged to a specific group based on their past, kind of like the scene in Mean Girls where the geeks sit with the geeks and the jocks with the jocks. I'm not sure which group I was in. I just seemed to be observing everything in the area I was in.

      Later on, it was time to leave. Everyone began leaving the building. I was getting my items together but I remember having trouble finding one of the objects. Because I didn't know it was a dream, yet, I kept looking for it. Sooner or later, without knowing how exactly it happened, I became lucid. I'm not sure how, but I did. I didn't perform any reality checks. Once I did become lucid, I spent most of my time observing the room I was in. What seemed to be a huge theater, was not a small bedroom.

      I walked around this bedroom figuring out what to do. I couldn't think of much to do after becoming lucid. I enjoyed the feeling of it, though. After a while of staring around the room, I had a sudden sense that the dream started to fade. I didn't want to leave yet. I performed the spinning technique to try and prolong the dream. I remember trying to focus on my body as I turned and turned. I even tried telling myself that I was dreaming and that I want to stay in the dream longer. Seconds later, my vision began becoming darker. The dream ended. I didn't even try to attempt the DEILD technique because I knew I would have a hard time going back to sleep uncomfortably with my arm laying just under my body.
    5. No Sun

      by , 02-21-2015 at 05:02 PM
      I woke up at around 4 AM in the morning after going to sleep at around 11:00 PM the night before. I just woke up from a creepy dream where I was stuck inside my home again with all the lights shut off. I went back to sleep and woke up paralyzed in bed.

      It took me a few seconds to realize I couldn't move. The creepy sensations started to run throughout my body as I just started to hear someone in the room with me. It was a woman's voice(one around her 20's). She was standing/sitting right next to my bed and whispered me to turn over and look at her. I tried my very best not to panic and telling myself that it was all in my head.

      I wasn't so much about her, but I was worried if anything, like a furry creature, might come up to me and attacks. I was very scared but not once did I yell out for help. After a few moments of observing the dream elements around me, I decided to close my eyes in hopes that I would teleport myself in a happier dream scene. The first place I thought about was Fairfax Elementary School. I wanted to go there and be surrounded my sunlight and a peaceful playground. I closed my eyes and imagined myself teleporting through the exit door in front of me and being summoned in front of the peaceful scene.

      It felt a lot like I was flying through a portal. I felt the vibrations in my head building up from soft to loud. Unfortunately, it did not work. I was still stuck on my bed. I did, however, somehow managed to get half of my upper body to move. I used the extra time to get up from bed, using all of my strength, and fly out of this demonized home. As soon as I broke loose, I immediately flew through the walls and roof of my home, out towards the front yard. What happens next was a little depressing for me.

      Seeing how I was already lucid, I thought it was a great time to take advantage and do something fun with my imagination. I hovered above my front yard and found there to be one problem. It was still dark. There was no one around, just me. Even worse, I tried to brighten up the globe but failed to. I flew over to my neighbors house to see if anyone was there by looking through one of their windows but I didn't even try to go inside. Who knows what could be in there.

      I didn't know what to do. I thought about summoning some people but I guess I didn't feel motivated enough to be with them. What I really wanted to do was to bring the sun out, but that wasn't achievable in the dream. I tried closing my eyes and dream spinning to appear in a happier place but it just didn't want to work. I am getting a little bit more familiar with dream spinning, though. When I did close my eyes, my right eyes was somehow blocked. I couldn't see anything with my right eye. I knew the dream was over by then.

      Before I left the dream, I did manage to summon a meteor. I summoned the explosion somewhere downtown. Eventually, it'd make its way towards me and shred everything in its path.
    6. Voices

      by , 01-29-2015 at 08:26 PM
      After waking up at around 3:57 in the morning and spent enough time to get my mind focused back on becoming lucid, I laid in bed turning over again and again for almost two hours. I'm not sure if I felt asleep during that time or I might of not noticed I was already asleep, but it felt like I didn't get any sleep until sometime before 8:00 later that same morning.

      I continuing laying in bed for a few more minutes to see if I'm still able to go back to sleep. Moments later, I noticed a strange vibration going on through my chest. I was laying on my side facing the wall. At first I thought it was because of the amount sleeping pills I was taking. Then I noticed a blurry scene as I began drifting off to sleep. In this scene I saw a small bond with a stack of wooden sticks laying on top of each other. I stared at the pond trying to figure out what to make of it - whether I was dreaming or not. Seconds later, I get this sudden urge of panic. After staring at the pond with the set of sticks nestled in to it for a few more seconds, I felt a strong vivid sense of sinking inside it. I woke up startled, but then found out it wasn't over.

      I woke up laying on my side facing my bedroom. I was wrapped up in my blankets as I slowly began opening my eyes. I tried to move my muscles but couldn't. This obviously meant only one thing. I was paralyzed. Upon realizing it, I heard voices going on in the bedroom. I heard my sister telling me happy birthday. I heard my mother telling me something nice about me. The rest, I couldn't remember. The voices started to get closer. I panicked. Nestled in to my blankets, I reminded myself of something. It was all just in my head. I was hallucinating. It wasn't real. I did my best trying to realize that and remained as calm as I tried to be. I kept my eyes closed and thought of a place in which I could become lucid in. I first thought about Sydney. I thought about trying to summon her back on my parking lot just like the previous night. It wasn't a bad idea but then again, I didn't want the dark skies to be there if I did wake up to that same dream.

      Instead, I wanted to go back to my elementary school. I wanted to see the beautiful playground standing in the middle of the school. I wanted to be safe. I imagined this location as best as I could and after a more seconds of listening to those surrounding voices, I started to drift away from my dream bed. My body flew out of the bed, without any effort on my part, and started flying straight towards the door exiting my bedroom. Unfortunately, that was all that happened. I woke up.
    7. Broken Guns, Sharper Knives

      by , 01-29-2015 at 02:19 AM
      After waking up at around 3:47 AM, I thought about trying out WBTB. It was hard going to back to sleep. I laid in bed for about an hour trying to. It wasn't until I noticed the shadows entering the bedroom windows that I realized I wasn't going to have a lucid dream that morning. Luckily, I was able to fall asleep minutes before everyone in the house got up.

      Like many of my dreams, I started out inside my room. Two of my younger cousins were with me. The room around me was a complete mess. Everything felt so out of order. It also felt like a depressing night, especially with my two cousins with me. I watched the both of them playing video games on the television while I sat back and observed them. It got boring after a while. I didn't like having them here. They were hogging up all the fun.

      Moments later, they finally announced that they had to go back home. I felt excited when I heard of this. They then began packing their things and headed out the room. I followed and noticed a change in the atmosphere upon entering the living room. It was dark, very dark. It also felt scary. My vision was blurred at that point and I couldn't recall what I had seen while walking through the living room. All I could see was the front door that led out to the front yard.

      After both of my cousins left, I stood just outside the front porch watching both of them leave. My mother then came out of the house and did the same. I stood standing there, staring at the dark black sky and couldn't help but to feel something scary was about to happen to me. That is when I decided to manipulate the environment and take control of the dream. I didn't like how dark the sky was, so I change it. I closed my eyes and looked down at the ground right in front of my feet. I tried my very best to change the color of the sky. After a few seconds of imagining these dark skies to go away, I looked up and noticed a lighter color portion on the sky being lit up. It wasn't enough to get rid of all these unknown fears but it was good enough.

      I became lucid in the dream just after the moment. The next moment got a little more intense. I walked out to the parkway next to my house and thought about some of the many things to do while lucid. After a brief pause, I immediately remembered that I wanted to summon someone. I wanted to summon Sydney, again. I extended my right arm back and summoned her behind me. After noticing her soft hands in my grasp, I pulled her out in front of me and immediately went for the kill. I pulled out a sharp knife and pulled it out in front of her. At that moment, something amazing happened. A couple of cop cars showed up; one to my left, one in front of me and Sydney, and one to my right. It was almost as if they were on my side. I wasn't even concerned if they'd try and detain me or not. I was bound to try anything.

      While all that commotion was taking place, Sydney appeared to be a lot smaller. As a matter of fact, I think she went from a young girl to a really small old man, judging by the amount of wrinkles I noticed on him. I played along with the dream and decided to murder him anyway. I aim the sharp knife towards his chest and pierced his skin. The old man was scared at that point. He looked more pissed off than happy. I wasn't sure whether I should of taken the knife out, or leave it strapped to his skin. Seeing how the cops were already there, it didn't even matter. The policemen lead him towards my front door where he would be detained.

      The scene then began settling down. I was still lucid, but the dream started to turn against me. It wasn't my vision, I just felt like something I was doing was making the dream go away. I refused to let that him and took advantage of one of the techniques I learned to help prolong the dream - the spinning method. I start spinning around like a top in hopes that I would stay in the dream longer. After a moment of doing that, it turned out I was doing it wrong. Not only did I have to spin but I had to feel the motions I performed while spinning. That worked a lot better.

      After feeling it was safe to stop, I then decided to go on and summon Sydney, the actual her, a second time. I extended my right hand back and like many times, it came out a success. I pulled out Sydney in front of me and noticed a change in her clothing. Rather than wearing the purple uniform, she was wearing the white one. I looked up at Sydney and without a surprise, she smiled. Before I attempted to stab her in the gut, I told her how much I loved her. I then pulled out the same sharp, Micheal Myers knife out in front of me with my left hand and pushed it in to her skin. Unlike one of the previous dreams I had about stabbing her, I didn't feel anything after doing it. I don't think I remember looking at her while I did it. The dream ended seconds later.
    8. Fear

      by , 01-27-2015 at 06:28 AM
      1. I started out walking through a small field inside a middle school. It was sunny and it was sometime around noon. I was walking towards a set of classrooms and stared around the area I was in. It wasn't until I looked up at the light blue sky when I slowly realized I was lucid. The feeling was intense. My mind slowly questioned itself whether or not the environment was real without doing any reality checks. I just sort of reminded myself how important it is to remember to question whether or not I'm dreaming.

      When I became lucid, I immediately started speed walking towards the right side of the classroom building. I tried summoning a dream character but the dreaming started fading away. I used the spinning technique to try and stay in the dream but it didn't work out as I planned. Somehow the dream didn't want me to stay in it longer. I'm not even sure if I left the dream, though. As soon as my vision turned black, I still felt as if the dream was still going on, I just couldn't see it. It happened a couple more times the same morning.

      2. I was somewhere inside a dark abandoned building. All the lights were off and no one was nearby. I was scared. I didn't know what to do. I knew I had to do something quickly before anything came out of the dark and attacked me. That's when I figured out the solution. Though I'm not sure whether I was lucid or not at this point, I still managed to do what I planned on doing, in waking life, to light up the darkness. I extended my right arm back and reached out for a summoned flash bang grenade. I held it in my hand and threw it at the ground. As soon as it hit the ground, light started to appear. Not as much as I wanted there to be, but enough to get out of the building quickly.

      When I climbed out of a window inside the room, I was standing on the roof of an average size apartment building. At that point of time, my lucidity went higher. I took advantage and summoned someone I've been wanting to meet. I extended my right hand back again and felt her hand. It was Sydney. She was wearing a different uniform this time. I pulled her out in front of me. She looked back at me and stared at me with a seemingly happy smile. Without saying anything to her, I extended my hand back again and summoned a sharp knife. I pulled out the knife in front of me and noticed it was way too long. It wasn't also the knife I wanted. I wanted a sharp, simplistic knife, one that looks like Micheal Myer's knife.

      I extended my right hand out one last time and summoned one. This time I got the knife I wanted. I pulled the knife out in front of me and turned towards Sydney. It didn't seem to bother her that I had a knife in my hand. She was still smiling.

      I grabbed the knife hard and aimed it towards her left lower part of her stomach. The knife went in to her skin as my body moved in closer to hers. The feeling of my knife going through her stomach was intense. I'm not sure how I can describe it. After stabbing her, the dream then slowly faded away.
    9. Twisted

      by , 01-24-2015 at 06:08 PM
      I didn't prepare too much to try and achieve a lucid dream last night, not like this past week where I spent about an hour thinking about having one. I did have one last night after falling asleep a few minutes before 2 AM.

      Like many other of my dreams, I was back home when I first realized I was dreaming. It was already dark out, which is one of the scariest moments I noticed in my dreams. I had this sudden urge of fear that haunted me while gazing around the parameter of my home. It was really dark and there was nobody else with me. I was alone and afraid.I knew there was something out to get me, but I just wasn't sure when or how they'll catch me. Something was bound to happen if I stood a little while longer.

      I hovered above my backyard and noticed my neighbors backdoor lit up by a lamp just above the door. My first thought was to head there in hopes that I would find someone who could help me throw these feelings of creepiness away. I disapproved of it and immediately flew towards the side of the my house out towards the front yard. My flying abilities were weak at the time. I wasn't able to ascend to a higher position until I got enough run speed but as soon as I did, I quickly flew out of the backyard and landed on the front yard on grass.

      I began to calm down a bit, though still a little scared about what might happen next. That's when I was reminded that there was one way I could make my fears go away. A meteor. I wanted to summon a meteor. I wanted a big ball of roaring fire to come hurling through earth and destroy everything and everyone in it. I raised my right hand up towards the sky and ordered the dream to give me that meteor. Moments later, the meteor came hurling down earth and big waves of fire came mowing down everything and everyone across my field of vision. What happened next is a mystery. I woke up to yet another dream(after waking up and falling asleep again).

      This time I appeared to be inside my bedroom, along with both of my parents drunken out of their minds leaning against a wall while on the bed. I laid there right next to them, drunk as well. We were all just laying there having a good time until one of my dad's friends came walking in to the home for a visit. I didn't really want to talk to him at the time but seeing how I was drunk, I decided that perhaps I'll have a few good laughs and have a good night. I placed my drink down nearby and followed both my parents out the door. When I walked outside, I noticed two kids sitting on the couch watching television with my dad. They were my dad's friends. They looked bored out of their minds. I went up and talk to one of them but they didn't seem to care about what I had to say. It was a good think I was drunk, so it really didn't matter.

      I then walked over to the kitchen where I see my older sister and mother. My mother was sitting at the table near the backdoor enjoying her drink while my sister was near the sink cleaning some of the utilities. At that moment, somehow, it struck me. I became lucid. I'm not sure how but, I felt this sudden urge to do something insane(one of them being too strange to type). One of the things I done second was to try and summon a dream character. Unknowingly, that's when the dream felt like it was slipping away from me. I immediately used the spinning technique to help me prolong my dream time. I turned around and around like a top as I felt the movements of my dream body move in a vibrating-like motion. It took a lot of spinning to get it to work. It wasn't until a few moments in when I felt amazed at how much this technique was working for me. It got even better. After a while of spinning, the dream started to fade a lot more quickly. It came to the point where I couldn't see anything. I started to panic and yelled out something like, "Keep me in the dream!" or something along those lines. I also spun quicker. It worked, surprisingly. I might have not lasted long after all that turning but it's definitely worth practicing with.
      lucid , non-lucid
    10. Morning Scare

      by , 01-11-2015 at 08:52 PM
      I woke up at around 6 AM this morning after grabbing a drink of water from the kitchen(best time for me to induce WILDs). I went back to sleep after feeling a bit tired and had a short dream. I'm not sure what I was doing in it. I can almost remember what some scenes looked like but only one scene caught my attention.

      I was inside to small office apartment. I walked around the lobby which consisted of a big plain open space in the middle with a few desks and computers right next to the walls. I was standing in front of the direction of two door way, and within them I only two closed closets. I stood there for a moment until I took a set of sleeping pills and slowly started to collapse to the floor as I gazed at the handful of pills I had in my hands. That's when the dream started to fade away.

      Seconds after that happened, I woke up in my own bed, or at least it felt like I did. It took me a couple seconds to realize that I couldn't rise my chest up. I thought of two reasons this could be happened...1. I was really tired or 2. I was stuck in sleep paralysis. The answer is obvious.

      I started to panic, not knowing what could be within the room. I wanted to get up quickly, using the shoulders of my bed to help me get out of this paralyzed position. I yelled out in fear with both my eyes closed as I struggled getting up. I wasn't sure what to do until I recalled one of the ways I could use to help me maintain my sanity.

      Because this felt a lot like a dream, I wanted to summon someone quickly to help me change the dream scene. I yelled out random names of girls I admired in the past and in the present.

      "Trinh!!!" I yelled out, "Sophie!!!" I was yelling a few others but I tried to recall that one person I really wanted to summon, but had trouble doing so. Once I found out who it was I yelled it out. "Syd!!!"

      None of them wanted to appear. That's when the most creepiest moment happened. I opened my eyes slightly and noticed something moving over my right shoulder. It was a ghost. I continued to yell out and once it finally seemed that I leaped up out of the bed, I heard a little girl's voice, giggling. I'm not sure whether she was next to me or inside my head. The dream ended there.
    11. Imaginary Friends

      by , 01-11-2015 at 06:02 AM
      I appeared to be somewhere inside a nice, clean suburban neighborhood. It was sometime around 10:00 Pm when it happened. I was with my mother, walking inside one of the suburban homes making sure things seemed alright. This home we were in was quiet, also lonely. It felt like a two story home, though we didn't get chance to walk upstairs while we were in there. Me and my mothers stuck together to make sure we don't get snatched or killed. We were walking around the living room, too fearful of the place. There were functioning lights but the only one on was inside the living room. I didn't know what lurked inside, it was unknown.

      I then decided to grab a drink from the refrigerator standing in the living room. I walked up to it and opened the cabinet. What I found inside was a set of coke bottles. I took one of them and debated whether or not I should give one to my mom or not. I grabbed mine but before I even thought about getting one for my mother, I heard something inside the kitchen. I walked towards the kitchen, farthest from the entrance door, and stood there in the shadows for a moment. At that moment, I accidentally summoned someone, or something. I cautiously looked at one of the mirrors standing somewhere on the kitchen walls. In it I saw a ghostly figure, perhaps a demon - I'm not sure. This demon was staring at me. It wasn't trying to scare me or kill as I laid eyes on it, but I knew I had to get out of this place right then.

      I shivered in fear and immediately rushed towards the entrance door straight away from where I was standing. My mother followed. I ran in to the dark, empty street and waited for my mother. From then on, my lucid powers kicked in.

      I became lucid a few seconds after leaving the home. After noticing it, I quickly ran towards a field I saw standing right in front of the home. The field stood right there in front of the suburban homes like as entrance. I gradually flew towards this field and hovered as I was entering it.

      When I finally entered the field, I landed in the middle of this small field surrounded by running race track. Beyond the race track was the most hugest field I have ever scene. It was almost like being inside a video game where the maps' that seemed to be miles and miles away. I stood standing there for a bit trying to think of something I could do while lucid. One of them was to get rid of the daunting night sky. I looked up at the sky and raised both my hands up in the air and demanded there to be light! The darkness then slowly began fading away being consumed by the sunlight that struck gradually from the suburban homes all the across the gigantic field. My fears were no longer there. My heart rejoiced, but wait, there was more.

      After summoning light across the long field, I noticed several groups of people inhabiting the outer part of the field, just a few feet away from the race track. There were lots of them. Most stood in groups of about four and two. Everyone spoke among each other, admiring each others company. It was a lot like a high school reunion. There were only young individuals. I walked past these groups and appreciated their business being here with me. It's always good to see these amounts of people when lucid. It helps me develop a sense of curiosity among the dream world.

      There was much to do now that I was lucid, but one of the things I've been wanting to do for a long time was to summon someone I know. I don't know them personally, nor have I ever met them. We are complete strangers. Her name was Sydney. She was the only person I could think about summoning at a time like that.

      I extended my arms back as if I was going to handshake someone and waiting for Sydney to grab on to be. When I felt her hand at the tip of my fingers, I brought her up towards me and stared at her. I didn't throw myself upon her, I just held her in my hands and stood close in front of her as I gazed at her beautiful appearance being here with me. After that brief moment, I kept hold of her hand and moved along her left side. We both started walking towards a marching band standing just a couple feet from the race track.
      lucid , memorable
    12. Back to Elementary School

      by , 10-09-2014 at 05:18 AM
      Just after performing DEILD(I think), which I really didn't want to at the time but did it anyway because it felt a lot easier to go back to sleep this time. I started out in a dream I tend to be in a lot - Fairfax Elementary School. This time was a little bit more interesting for me.

      It was sometime around the early morning. I was on the blacktop facing the set of classroom buildings in front of me and a couple others at the side. I already knew I was lucid the moment I saw this place. There was no one around at the time, just me. It seemed lonely but it didn't felt like it. In my mind I knew that this place was the only place where I could find happiness, despite the circumstances that may frighten or harm me. It was already proven how this dream was going to end.

      I walked straight, towards the directions of the classrooms in front of me. As I was walking, I saw someone waving their hand at me from one of the classrooms in front of me. I smiled, or I think I did, and waved with my right hand back and fourth. After doing so, I finally got to urge to use my lucid abilities to manipulate the dream world. The first thought that popped in to my head - sex. For a second, I looked around the environment and tried to see where I could have sex with one of the females I wanted to summon. This is pretty common for me, which is also one of my biggest disadvantages when achieving a lucid.

      Instead of summoning someone to have sex with, I thought it'd be a better idea to explore the world around me and then hopefully I'll find something good.

      There were a set of classrooms to my left. I decided to walk towards the first room laid eyes on. I assumed there were people inside and went to see what I could find. As soon as I walked in to the classroom, I saw the room filled with about 10 children, maybe more. I wanted to talk to one of them. There was a little girl to my left and walked up to her. I asked her what she was doing and she responded back in a negative matter. It was obvious she didn't like me judging by her physical movements. I asked her, "Why don't you like me?' She looked back at me and responded with another negative. I asked her again because I wanted to see how the dream characters would react. Most often I asked someone in a dream something, it is usually a strange response.

      After a few seconds later, I see a set of children to my right walking up to me and insulting me. One of them who insulted me was a boy. I wasn't liking this, but either way I got up and walked over to the play area near the right corner of the classroom. When I got there, me and a few other children were staring at something unknown. I'm not sure if it was a television or a teacher. Either way, I was bothered by this other individual who happened to be a volunteer at the school. I had an green apple in my hand and wanted a bite from it. I looked back at him and denied him. He still kept asking me though, and I just kept denying him.

      When class was finally over, I walked towards the classroom exit. On my way there, I saw a few other volunteers, unknown names. They were trying to have a conversation with me but I didn't know why. There were about 2-3 people I was talking to - two of them being males. I ignored them and continued walking towards the exit. When I got to the exit, I saw a recent high school classroom - Daniella. I'm not sure what she was doing her. When I saw her, the scenery changed a bit. Behind Daniella, I saw a different texture on the wall, the one I would see at the school me and her both attended. I walked up in front of her and paid close attention at her face, specifically her lips. Her lips weren't like the ones in reality. In this dream she had dull lips, as if she never put any lipstick or chap stick on. She didn't see too happy to see me. After that, I walked back outside and towards the black top. Before I could think of anything else to do, the dream slowly started to fade and I could see myself waking up.
    13. A Gateway to Death

      by , 10-05-2013 at 11:46 PM
      I'm just outside the front gate in front of my home. I'm going inside one of the families' cars and going to be waiting for the rest of my family to get inside. It's going to take them a while for all of them to get in.

      I waited a bit longer but they still didn't show up. I then decided to start the car up making it easier for us to ride on the road already. Suddenly, something happens. A few seconds after I turn the car on, the car began moving. It moved in reverse for a few seconds and the mirrors on the front seat passenger's side was torn apart by a nearby wall. I was in trouble.

      I immediately took control of the wheel to try and get the car to stop. Unfortunately for me I have a tendency to afraid of being insides cars in dreams. The car begins to take off by itself. I begin to worry, but still, I must make sure I do not crash as bad as I did before.

      The car begins to ride itself down the road and I begin to panic. I have always been afraid of being left alone in a car in dreams. While inside this moving car, its speed begins to increase. There were a few cars coming my way but I tried my best to get out of their way. I hit a few other obstacles on the way such as trashcans.

      I eventually found out this wasn't real but I was not fully lucid. I then began to think. There's a good chance that I may die now and if that's a possibility, I'm going to make sure I crash in to Trinh's home.

      The car begins to go as fast as it can and eventually I knew I was going to die soon. I felt a sense of adrenaline and excitement, almost as if I wasn't afraid to die. I was soon able to see Trinh's house. Before the car could reach the home, I closed my eyes and began to think it was a mistake. I wanted to wake up, and so I did.
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. A Parallel Universe

      by , 10-01-2013 at 06:06 PM
      My love for lucid dreaming is strong as I cope with the loss of a friend, but I cannot stand seeing their home inside the dream and wanting to be able to do what I never did with them in person whenever I would walk her to school.

      It's happening on this street I currently live in. It's not a long street, as a matter of fact, it could take me about 10 minutes to walk across it in reality. It isn't like that in dreams. In dreams, the time it takes to walk down across this street is determined by how many memories I have within it, I assume. My father is driving me down this street in this blue car. He is going to take me near the other side of this street. As he does, I notice a few elements on the way.

      On our way down I saw one of my friends' home. Her name was Trinh. Me and Trinh lived on this same street(a little funny because she is the friend of the girl who I tried apologizing to for a year). Unlike her real home, which was a little bit trashy(okay, a lot trashy), this home is as clean as a rich, suburban home. But I'm still not convinced that this may be a dream.

      As we're driving on to the next houses, I see Trinh's house again. This made me to believe that I am in fact in a dream. After that my father turned at a corner and that was basically it for this scene. My dream was beginning to fade when I kept on emphasizing to my mind that I AM in a lucid dream.
    15. Trapped in Fear

      by , 09-08-2013 at 06:12 PM
      Sleep paralysis decided to made its attack on me today. I'm inside my lonely, dark room. At around 5 AM, I'm laying in bed facing the wall next to me. A second later, I feel a strong sense of drowsiness. My eyes are forcibly closing themselves on me. This was a bad sign for me as I know what it means...I make attempts to keep my eyes open for as long as I can but my power is to weak here. I could only guess that I was already in sleep paralysis.

      I begin struggling to get myself out of it and as I am doing so, I feel some force growing around me. My left ear gets numb and by that time I have already heard something standing behind me...

      I'm going to assume it's an entity for now. It's putting its weight on the bed. I kept my eyes closed the entire time. The demon bends over and licks my neck. It tickles me inside but I remain calm. This demon licks me a few more times, then finally says something. "Uncle?", the demon says. I would believe it to be one of my nieces at the time but I knew it could not be because she would never lick my neck.

      Calmness filled the room. My niece kept saying those words for a while. I started making my way out of this mode, seeing how I always freak out whenever I enter sleep paralysis. I wiggled my fingers and toes and slowly worked my way up until I had enough force to escape. The demon started to say a few other things. There was one other and it would sound something like this, "I am sitting next to a twitcher."

      After a short while, I was finally free and woke up making sure there wasn't anything hiding around the bed.
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