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    1. WILD Dream (Explicit)

      by , 08-19-2016 at 04:07 PM
      I am trying out the WILD method I am confident that my WBTB skills are on point.I relax, I get all the way up to Hypnagogic Imagery but then lose consciousness. However, the dreams are really vivid.

      Long story short, I dreamed I was in my bedroom with a flamethrower. I was expecting that a monster was supposed to come after me and I was supposed to kill it. A fun note about the flame thrower though is that it was a can of his athlete's foot spray that I have in my closet; it just shot out flames though. I felt confident in that moment.

      But something was wrong; I heard a struggle in the hallway outside my bedroom door. I turned around and saw a large, dark man in a suit which I immediately knew this was the guy. I felt like a nightmare was imminent because something was off about this guy.

      He comes into my bedroom and flame him until his clothes burn off and his skin is midnight pitch-black.

      But it doesn't work.

      The flames stop.

      He tackles me and to be brief, he sexually assaults me. It wasn't some comical event like a lot of men like to joke about. It was slow and disgusting; it felt real, and I was powerless. At this point, the dream was lucid because as the man was pinning me down to the ground on my stomach, I kept trying to control dream to kill him in some form or fashion - to summon monsters on my side or whatever. But it would not happen. He just kept licking and biting my bare left shoulder as I was struggling as hard as I could to prevent him from penetrating me.

      Eventually, he got off me and began to walk out the room. He was lighter-skinned and dressed in a tuxedo. I chased after him, punched him in the face and backed off. The dream began to collapse and the man smiled in my direction.

      lucid , nightmare , memorable