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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Snooze To Win

      by , 03-10-2021 at 04:55 PM
      So the whole thing of hitting my snooze button every 10 minutes has yielded me some very interesting dreams...none lucid however. I don't use a technique like MILD or whatever, I just go back to sleep between alarms.
    2. Ice Skating

      by , 02-14-2020 at 04:51 PM
      Had a dream where I am in a large marsh wetland in the shape of a square with four smaller squares inside. Taylor Swift is in a sparkling dress skating the perimeter as fast as she can. She finishes in the center of square where a photographer sprints towards her and starts to take photos. It is early dawn and the sky is filled with pink. I am walking away because Taylor Swift isn't my cup of soda. Next I am in my bedroom and I am shuffling Uno cards.
    3. Back in School

      by , 12-01-2017 at 05:57 PM
      Dream where I was visiting my old college professors and hanging out on my college campus.
    4. Back in School

      by , 09-05-2017 at 04:28 PM
      I was in elementary school again. My class was taking an exam. The exam had a weird perk where you had to submit the test within a composition notebook. I didn't have a notebook with me. So in the dream, I thought that maybe I would have one in my locker. I go to my locker and enter the combination that I somehow knew: 65 45 11.

      Two significant things about that combination:

      1) Master locks only go up to 39. There can be no 65 or 45 in a combination. Yet in the dream world, the lock had those numbers while still maintaining a normal sized dial.

      2) That combination. I had written it down in my dream journal a while back. I had made it up. For it to just appear in my dream and be of use is very intriguing since I am in the business of trying to master dream incubation.

      The locker opens and I have two composition notebooks inside, one blue; one black. I recognize these immediately yet I am not lucid at any point in the dream. The black one is my regular daily journal tracking my fitness and meditation practices. The blue journal is my physical dream journal in supplement to this on DV. I think to myself that I am not giving the teacher my blue journal because it has some embarrassing dreams in it, so I give her the black one.

      That's all I remember.

      Rant time.

      Why is it that I dream about everything except the one thing I incubate to be dreamed about. My hypothesis is that my mind does NOT understand what a dream is exactly. It only understands real life and tries to replicate that. Perhaps why I can dream about Donald Trump with no incubation required mostly because I was reading articles about him the previous day. Yet, trying to summon a specific dream character after 2 hours of visualization exercises seems nigh impossible.

      My second hypothesis is that I can and will ONLY dream about persons,places and things that I somehow have a waking-life interaction/attachment with. So elementary school mostly. But why elementary school? Why not middle school? Why not high school or more recently college?

      If we dream about things we have a strong emotional attachment to, why not dream constantly about high school; a time of great emotional distress for me?
      non-lucid , side notes
    5. Time Travel Magic and Bombs.

      by , 09-04-2017 at 04:11 PM
      So I am with this girl in my car. Nothing sexual. Just sitting and talking. There is this inflatable mattress thing in the backseat which I know is a bomb. The bomb activates. I usher the girl quickly away from the car and into a nearby building. I am panicking because the bomb is going to blow up my car in a parking lot. Because of my ethnic background, I know in the dream that once that explosion happens and they inevitably identify me, I will be on the news as a terrorist.

      So my next instinct is look for another girl that I somehow knew in the dream world. Her name roughly sounds like the word "Heylmun". She is a black girl I actually knew from high school under a different name. I frantically plead with Heylmun and ask her if she still had/knew the time travel magic that "we used to save [can't remember her name] back then." She affirms she does. I am a bit relieved. My hope is go back in time and stop past-me from putting a bomb in the back of my car.

      Some time in the dream passes and I hear the car explode outside the building me and Heylmun are in. A crowd gathers near the windows to see flames and gasoline spewing everywhere and on other cars. The televisions in the building come on reporting on the incident in no time.

      I run back to Heylmun and ask her if she has any "hiding places" for me to lay low while she gets the Time Travel Magic ready. She says yes, but first she needs my phone number. I give it to her. She gets two numbers mixed up much to my frustration and I have to correct her.
      memorable , non-lucid
    6. Apex

      by , 09-01-2017 at 04:23 PM
      Had a non-lucid dream about buying the first four KoRn albums. I've been really craving that authentic 90s sound.
    7. No Cheating

      by , 08-31-2017 at 05:59 PM
      Tried to go straight into a WILD induction without meditating first. No bueno. One must actually sit and get into a deep meditative state before retiring to sleep. I remember having dreams about elementary school again.
    8. Post-Lucid Dreaming

      by , 07-30-2017 at 04:10 PM
      From teleporting up tall buildings and finding a penny maker. To flying around a schoolyard with an old girlfriend from childhood. To fighting zombies with that same girl. To reading and old notebook from a locker full of books you've read before. To being back on your old football team....So many non-lucid adventures.

      All I did was set an alarm every 20 minutes after I completed my WBTB/meditation period. Wake up to alarm, turn it off, set it 20 minutes ahead, fall asleep again. DEILD basically. This surfing in and out of the dream state via this alarm allowed me to have some very adventurous dreams. Why 20 minutes? Because I will never have nor remember a 3 hour long lucid dream. My lucid dreams have been at most 10 minutes long. And that was one time a while back. Instead, I'll divide that 3 hours into small chunks of dreaming. So 1) I can practice my induction technique more times instead of once 2) If I go into a non-lucid dream or lose lucidity, I know my alarm will wake me up so I can try again. 3) If I am lucid, like I stated before, I'm not going to have or remember a dream longer than 10-20 minutes anyway.

      I can't wait to continue my journey as an oneironaut!
    9. Drug Dealers

      by , 07-28-2017 at 04:02 PM
      Had a dream where a cop busted some guy selling drugs on a corner from a table. Two old men, actually. They got into a lengthy argument which drew a crowd. Much to my amusement, the two old men and cop were spitting some very wise information. Not lucid.
    10. Vice President

      by , 07-27-2017 at 07:35 PM
      Non-Lucid. Had dream I was right-hand man to Donald Trump. One of my secret service agents was a green beret. I was in the white house and we were decorating everything for christmas. Donald had a red cloak on.
    11. Clear Mind Fail

      by , 07-13-2017 at 04:10 PM
      Had a dream about a zombie attack. Was not lucid. Clear mind, means clear mind. You have to sit down and focus your awareness such that your is clear, quiet and in the moment. It takes a bit of concentration and intent. If you are riddled with distractions, the method will not work. Hence why I usually meditate for 10 to 20 minute before retiring after WBTB.
    12. Seeded Crown

      by , 06-22-2017 at 04:07 PM
      Had a dream this morning where the singer for the band Seeded Crown(aka Calm; aka Phoenix Rising), was calling me out for liking his band. He said that Nu Metal was a stupid genre and had a stupid sound. The dream featured me at my old elementary school playing the bass line of one their songs titled "For What It's Worth"; the chorus specifically. Interestingly enough, I had figured out that bass line a few days ago and have been experimenting with it. I was shredding that bass-line in the dream.
    13. Weirdness

      by , 06-21-2017 at 04:28 PM
      Had a dream where I was graduating college in the spring and thus was surrounded by many empty seats since all the cool kids graduate in the fall. I saw my parents there and also saw some old school chums there. There was a woman holding a baby who was urinating everywhere.

      The dream shifted to me traveling through this dark forest. I found a nest of baby squirrels and hit one of the pups with a dirty rag. The mom came out and attacked me repeatedly. Later in the dream, there was a monster that grabbed me. I beat it to death with my fists.
    14. Missed chance

      by , 06-15-2017 at 03:55 PM
      Got to sleep paralysis, messed up the transition. Just slept through since I rather not lose sleep anymore over a failed attempt. Better luck tomorrow.
    15. Resident Evil things

      by , 04-03-2017 at 08:06 PM
      I was riding in a car with a friend. We got pulled over by another car and then my friend got out to give them something. I feel something is wrong so I pull a shotgun from the backseat and point it towards the rear window. My friend holds something up and the people in the car behind us open gunfire. I don't hesitate; I know my friend is a goner. I hop into the driver's side and floor it. I am in the middle of this damn field. I swerve and turn around gravel roads to outrun the pursuers. The car starts to slow to a crawl. I hop out of the car and start to run full speed.

      Later in the dream I find out I am being pursued by three teenage girls. One of them I later find out had a penis. These teenage girls had some type of regenerative ability similar to something out of Resident Evil. I remember the end of the dream had me and the three girls in a standoff in some greenhouse location. One of them was wielding a blunt weapon. There are gardening tools in between us so I lunge forward and grab a sledge hammer off the ground. I viciously attack the girl in the skirt who could barely feel pain due to her monstrous ability. I go berserk in beating her over and over again.

      As for the teenage girl that had a penis.....I knew this because, out of the blue, xe/xir nonchalantly tried to "establish dominance" by flashing and humping me.

      Hammer Smash Face.

      The End.

      Meditation = Vivid Dreams??
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