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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    Fighting the Other Self

    by , 04-27-2022 at 04:35 PM (255 Views)
    Laid down at 8:30PM
    was up at 9:30PM with RLS.
    Laid back down after 10-15min.
    Later I have very strong SP like sensations. I start focusing on the dream state. It is very dark. Have to visualize. I “get up” but I am not sure. I jump up and down and find I am hovering. Good. I get pulled back. I try some more. I can see myself so I start fighting my other self. I wrestle with me and get on top. I start to choke me. It feels like a representation of my waking self and I have to subdue it. I have to win to enter the dream. Who is this other?
    After that victory, I “get out of bed” and jump up and down again to test. I stop mid jump and hover in the room. Then, I drift out and hover through the bathroom into the hallway. I think to turn into the other part of the house but suddenly get a strong urge to go outside time. Instead of opening the door, I decide to phase through. There is resistance and some darkness but only for a moment as I push my face through.
    I am on side porch. The only thing in existence is a small area that the light from the porch could illuminate. Beyond that; darkness. I see the full carport and a vehicle and some bit of the shed and part of the yard. I try to fly away to make the full scene materialize but I am sucked back to the porch by some unseen and unknown force. Apparently, I am allowed to only go so far. I decide to make due.
    I realize the parked car is a small red hatchback. We don’t own anything like that but I don’t think about this. I decide to open the door and fold it back to break it off but it crumbles easily like it’s made of thin aluminum. I think of a soda can. This is kind of fun so I proceed to destroy the car bit by bit by pulling it apart and folding sheets up and wading them up like pieces of paper. It is very satisfying and I continue to do this until I wake up
    The time is 10:30PM
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    Tags: early night
    lucid , memorable