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    Some vague fragments

    , 01-25-2011 at 03:08 PM (500 Views)
    Today I couldn't really remember a lot when I woke up, but over the day I started to remember some vague details:

    this one was written during WBTB:
    I'm in my old elementary school, I am helping people to install Dutch-programs (WTH!!) because only the one for the last year works (the name had the letters 'SP' in it, wonder if that was a sign...). I try something with an old flashdrive to put R4-Chips in. Dream Recall minimal.

    DS: Back at old elementary school, the old flashdrive I never use.

    This is what I started to remember over the day, only some vague fragments:
    Somethin with my crush' tarantula. I wrote something on my forehead with bleu pen (it may have been 'lucid' god, I'm really missing the hints...) and felt like I should wash it of, it worked. I remember the feeling of the pen and the washing of feeling very real. Something with a red haired girl in a white parka (may have been a charrie from a book I read). Something with a snow-covered hill. Someone (female, with dreadlocks) is getting hit by several people, woman stopping it. Something with some sort of indians (the sort of indians from America, not India).

    DS: The tarantula acting odd, writing on my own forehead, indians

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