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    Going Lucid

    by , 11-15-2016 at 03:12 PM (224 Views)
    I found myself in the old house I use to live in. I could hear yelling outside in the living room , so I decided to check it out. As I am outside in the living room I notice it is night outside and there were no lights on. It occured to me now that I shouldn't be here and I quickly suspected that I must be dreaming. Despite knowing I'm dreaming ,I didn't feel aware like I knew I am dreaming. So I attempted to turn on the lights but it did not came on. Now I knew for sure that I am dreaming.

    I felt this huge wave of electricity zap around my head as I became lucid. I was glad but still like old times, the old back door wouldn't open when I would turn the door knob. I tried phasing through it but it still didn't work. After 4 more attempts the door finally open and I step outside. It was raining, but it was no regular rain. The rain was burning my skin and the ground was also burning my feet. Acid came to my mind, interesting as I begin to observe how my world is. I began looking through peoples window's and had an idea. What if I can make myself become invisible to others around me?

    I wonder if I could perform this. So I believed myself to be invisible and walk to a near by store with people sitting around. I move a chair to see if anyone would jump at the sight of a chair moving by itself but instead a woman notice me and said hey. I in disappointment said hey back and walk off. As I am walking I notice a person lying on the ground unconscious in a elevator. The elevator look very risky so I attempted to get inside but it was almost as if these elevators were alive. It would quickly shut close and re open like some monster waiting to eat anything that dare to cross.

    I made another attempt and use both of my arms to keep the door open but as I got inside I heard people caling me to come out. So I tried but it was a fight with this machine. I manage to geto ut as I hear the elevator blast off to some unknown place. I started wanting to test how my dream control is like now as I never was good at it. So I thought about summoning someone by random. I look to the ceiling of the store and thought of the person I wanted to summon. I turn around and surprise my brother appeared before me. I smiled and couldn't believe it just happen like that. I decided I wanted to summon someone else, someone a bit more rare for me. However as turn around my brother was um still there.

    So I tried again and thought deeply about it and turn around to find my brother looking quite a fusion of another random person. It look weird so I wanted to make my brother look normal again and it happen. My brother look like he wanted to explore so I decided to explore with him but as soon as we started walking he dissapeared. I then continue exploring the restaurant thinking baout how long I can keep my lucidity and could feel myself losing focus. I forgot that I should touch objects and rub my hands to keep the dream flowing. But I manage to last another minute which is ok before waking up. Lucidity Time: 5 minutes
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