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    Underground Intruder DILD

    by , 09-05-2023 at 05:14 PM (175 Views)
    I was running from an intruder at an underground bunker. As I was running I looked down and realized I had no shoes on. I decided to turn back around to the previous area I was in to retrieve them. Once I got back there I noticed a kid who was running as well and came to the conclusion that he was the intruder son. He was very young no older than 5 years old. I skipped past him knowing that the intruder was close behind me.

    That's when I began to hear a few gun shots. I was almost at the exit after going up a few stairs. As I'm about to reach the last exit he somehow just glitched himself right behind me as if he teleported here. We then struggle against one another in a grapple as he tries to reach for his gun. I thought it was bizarre that he caught up to me like that. I was certain there was no way he would reach me.

    I then said this has to be a dream because it's just too convenient that he would show up like that. He knocks me to the ground and now has the advantage. But now that I have lucidity and know it's a dream I told him it's over. I raise my hand and use telekinesis to zap him out of existence. I look around my environment and slowly lost my lucidity as the dream continue to a non-lucid dream.
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    1. theshirecat's Avatar
      How did the zap look? Did you explode him or was it more like literally deleting him without a trace?
    2. Yumnش's Avatar
      I had lifted him in the air with so much force that he went flying and got deleted due to how fast it was. The whole environment was shaking when it happened and I think it was the reason I couldn't maintain my lucidity afterwards.