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    Couple of Lucids - November 21

    , 11-21-2018 at 04:00 PM (196 Views)
    Frag: Woman in a long-sleeve yellow sweater, and another one in gray, standing next to each other.

    Frag: Woman whose child is/is infected with a parasite. Quote something like "You would do it if it was your kid too".

    Dream: In 9 kitchen, realize very quickly that I'm dreaming, finger through palm, "I'm dreaming". Walk out from behind kitchen counter and head out the back sliding glass door. On the way, grab a piece of toast remembering to try and taste things at every opportunity; it tasted good! Not too crunchy, not too soft.
    It's daytime outside, and the only DC is my family's dog. I look around quickly and things are starting to lose visual stability. I fingerpalm and repeat "I'm dreaming" and things start to clear up. My family dog reminds me that I wanted to summon my own dog, so I do the turn around and expect method, as well as calling his name. It works! I pet him and he looks pretty much 100% accurate unlike I and other humans sometimes do (i.e. in mirrors).
    I look around at the sky again and this enhances its visual clarity. I can see the moon up there, and a few clouds although it's mostly clear. While I was looking up, the yard and house below changed into a large field like the golf course behind my house.
    I was near a tree so I decided to fly up. The process of flying itself actually stabilized the dream as I felt the sensation of wind in my hair and across my skin. I flew up, spinning lightly for fun (not rapidly so as to avoid changing scenes) until I was above all of the trees. I noticed an object that looked like pile, with a twig or branch and some other stuff, but was very low in detail, as were the trees now; their shapes were very basic geometrically as if I had gone too far away and their LOD was set to low, and when I approached them again, this didn't change back to high detail (for the trees). The stick was there and I picked it up and discarded it. I also saw a notable number of pieces of paper with writing on them, only one at first, but as I hovered around the tree, I saw three or four more. At first I had some kind of instinctive feeling that they were "real" and that their text wouldn't change, and actually believed and expected that, but ultimately each of them did. One of them looked like a movie ticket, another a restaurant receipt, and another maybe a government postcard (like voter registration).
    After a bit up here I floated back to the ground and thought about who to summon. I picked up an advertisement postcard with a photo that reminded me of someone. I was going to try and summon them but while I was thinking I accidentally closed my dream eyes, and when I opened them again
    I was awake. Bummer.

    Dream: Practicing with gun in yellow-lit hallway/range with unknown DC man. We each have both an M16 and a handgun. I'm playing with the sights (for some reason there's a telescoping sight? hard to explain). I feel a strong surge of hate/frustration/resentment towards the man for some reason. As he puts down the M16 and is drawing his handgun, I put down my handgun and grab the M16. We both start shooting at each other, but no sound or bullet wounds or feeling is accompanied, just our angry faces and the guns moving as if they're firing. I get frustrated that the gun won't shoot and am pressing the muzzle of the gun up against his face and deforming his face. This sight reminds me of something else and I wake up.

    Dream: FA where I'm in bed. I feel intense vibrations and want to try and DEILD. I realize it's a dream quickly but don't do anything about it, and sort of DEILD into another FA. In this new FA, the TV is on and I think The Price Is Right or another game show is on. I pay attention to the feeling but ultimately don't do anything. F's voice starts to come from the next room and I wake up. Interesting lucid, just focusing on the sensations rather than doing crazy stuff the whole time.

    Notes: Overall the first lucid lasted somewhere between 1-3 minutes I would say and was really enjoyable. Also, I hadn't really been practicing any day or night work, but have just been writing down dreams. I just woke up coincidentally early today (F got up to go to work) and I decided to tell myself 2-3 times "I will become lucid in my next dream". Very low-effort lucid!

    Edit: Added second fragment.

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