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    Some Cool Lucids - November 22

    , 11-22-2018 at 06:40 PM (274 Views)
    Note: Went to bed about 11pm or so.

    Dream: Long one first. I was on some kind of job-related trip, which would last for (exactly) 21 hours. It was a serious task, perhaps a manhunt? I'm accompanied by others. There's a scene where I'm in an office late, and a sense of urgency throughout. The most iconic image from the dream is me getting in a taxi. The lighting reminds me of the final episode of The Bodyguard which F was watching on Netflix two nights ago.

    Dream: There are two John Stamoses, each holding grey yorkies, in a kitchen I don't recognize (could have been from a medication commercial on TV; strange because I don't have TV, local or cable, nowadays). They're reading lines against each other. One of them looks like an impersonator, like a John Stamos-Nick Offerman lovechild.

    Fragment: Third-person. A man is in love with his teacher who keeps "marrying Italian men". Most iconic image (will just call these MII's from now on): city street sidewalk, bright daylight.

    WBTB: F got up for work at 5:30, I unfortunately awoke around 4:50 and figured there was no point going back to sleep until after she left since she comes in to say goodbye around 6:10. Also felt really lazy and didn't want to walk my dog though. Ended up having to get up to kill a roach (was afraid that would impact my remaining dreams at first, but I gave him a loving look as I flushed him down the toilet so as to emphasize to my subconscious that I don't have a deep sense of fear or disgust towards him and he shouldn't show up in my dreams; was actually a very empathetic moment for me, considering my deep-seated sense of fear and disgust for those bastards). Finally went back to bed, probably around 6-6:30.

    Dream (WILD): I remembered as I was falling asleep that I've been wanting to do "WILD Wednesdays" and I missed my mark yesterday, so I reminded myself to do so. I also read an interesting article about AILD (reddit) (similar to self-help affirmations, but the main difference is phrasing your "afformation" in the form of "Why do I have 10-minute lucid dreams?" and letting your mind mull it over and find possibilities, instead of repeating "I have 10-minute lucid dreams" over and over with all the evidence pointing to the contrary). I did it a few times in the evening and a few times before bed.
    I fell asleep with my arms in weird positions, so I had a few cycles of popping in and out of a dreams due to struggling against my inability to move and immediately waking up. I finally popped into a dream where I was in a black void and was struggling with this arm movement again, but I managed to wait long enough to let the dream materialize, and my arms started cooperating. My sense of the area came first and my vision came second. I floated down in slow motion towards a tub of water with a golden tile rim and red/blue/cream tiles on the sides and bottom. I landed and then was able to pick myself up from the pool.
    I stepped out and surveyed the room; the tub was in the west corner, flush against the north, west, and south walls, meaning the room was only as wide as the tub. There was some sort of pump equipment on the south wall but I didn't examine it closely. There were some doors along the north and south walls as well, I remember reading a black and white sign on the north wall. There may have been a large green pipe with a patina against the north wall as well.
    There were open reddish double doors to the east about 20-30 feet away from the tub. I went through them towards a door (the tiles on the floor and walls were all creamish colored by the way), I got the strange feeling this was a subway station. I approached the door, which had another black and white sign on it, and
    awoke abruptly.

    Dream (DILD): I became lucid almost instantly after entering this dream scene. I found myself on a cement ramp between two tall redbrick buildings. The space was about 10-20 feet wide, split into two sections lengthwise by a black handrail, one surface being flat and the other being a ramp that rose from where I was up to the level of the flat side (the ramp side was on the right from my position). After the ramp ended, there was a continuation of the path between the buildings, which was covered with brick archways every 40 feet or so. I got the feeling it was a university, or city square.
    As I was walking up the ramp, an old classmate I didn't know well (G) was walking in my direction. When I become lucid, sometimes DCs become hostile and approach me, facing me directly with an angry but somehow blank face. This happened in this case, but remembering how to deal with these, I embraced G. We talked for a second (don't remember exact dialogue) and I brought him to a corner where I transformed him into F. After she was there we talked for a second and
    I awoke.

    Dream (DILD): I was in an unfamiliar classroom of young children, only many of them had faces resembling LOZ:Wind Waker characters (exaggerated nose represented by a pinkish ovoid shape). This was really strange to see on otherwise real children. Some of them also looked like skin-colored pikmin (instead of being green or red) with schoolclothes on. I walked out into the hallway and recognized the main kid from Stranger Things (with short hair). A male teacher was passing kidney stones in the hallway, only they were coming out as large diamond-shaped rocks/pebbles. Lots of screaming. I was only semi-lucid so I accepted the situation pretty much completely.

    Note: Another brief waking for 5-10 minutes. Didn't note time.

    Dream (WILD): This was the coolest WILD I've had yet, not for the content of the dream itself, but for the induction. I had woken from the past dream and been awake for only 5-10 minutes, and before I knew it I popped from 100% wakefulness to 100% sleep-awareness and lucidity. I found myself in a warmly lit cozy bedroom. The walls were woodpanneled or perhaps painted/wallpapered red. The bed was probably a queen or full, and was covered in an ornate crimson and gold comforter. The room was somewhat cluttered with bookshelves and stuff on the floor, and there were nightstands with antique lamps on either side of the bed. I walked to the door and something prevented me from opening it; fear? Instead I decided to push myself through a a mirror hanging on the wall. There was no resistance, I went straight through to another room in the house (memory of the other rooms is fuzzy now). I did this probably 3 or 4 times. I believe one of them was a bathroom, another a hallway, but the details are gone. Finally awoke.

    Dream: Extremely long NL aboard a train. MII: Crawling through a kitchen section of the train which had open sections between cars; this was a combination kitchen-bar area, and above me was a plastic/rubber wine glass rack with holes for the base/stems to go in and be hung. Second-most iconic image: sitting in a large lobby area and conversing with victorian-era women and men. The whole dream had a faint blue light to it, like the RDJ Sherlock Holmes movies (that vibe). Wish I remembered more details, it was very in-depth.

    Dream: Quick FA where I was looking out of the blinds next to my WL bed and it was bright blue outside. Heard F talking to me in a semi-demonic voice and awoke.

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