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    October 28 - Nov 2 (recap - part 1)

    , 11-10-2018 at 12:50 AM (152 Views)
    Fragment: I remember two men's faces, one of them being Jerry Seinfeld.
    Dream: I'm at 9, some new neighbors have moved in to a house I used to petsit at; it's an odd couple, a young asian man and an older white lady. Someone is having their wedding there and F and I are attending. As we enter there's a "good" bottle of wine in a blue bottle which someone takes out of a lit china cabinet. I'm in a room with F and we're having dessert, I do some kind of unconscious dream control and transform a wine glass (like glassblowing, but just with fingertip gestures). My grandpa is calling me from the other room. He says something loudly and brashly which is confusing/embarrassing. Tony Soprano is there. Maybe it was Meadow's wedding.
    Fragment: View of a street corner at my old college. It's morning, the light is tinted blue, there aren't many cars on the road.
    Fragment: Brothers (that's all I wrote).

    Dream: Long two-part dream with a painting/cooking competition (influenced by watching S1 of Skin Wars with F - I was competing against Mythica). I'm outside, in a grassy space near some bleachers, crowded with trees and some other metal/cinderblock structures. My painting is very saturated in its colors, it's of several columns with a vibrant sky behind them. The sky/weather around me is morning with tinted blue light -- from now on I'll just denote this as MB since it happens so often. I go to/under the bleachers to get a black plastic or metal barrel and start cooking, it's some kind of jambalaya or gumbo with sausage and potatoes. Later I'm in a bus with F's younger cousin, we're searching for ingredients. The bus is more like a warehouse, with a long table going down the length of it (maybe 2-3 times as long as a regular bus); I find what I need: potatoes and my pot of soup, which is smaller now than the barrel. I pull it from under the table, and notice some bugs crawling around some of the bags of ingredients. Transitions again and I'm at 9 having a crawfish boil and cooking hogs whole.
    Dream: An old HS classmate who was a bit ditzy is asking for my work ID (the environment is a mix of HS and work) so that we can go on a date. I make an excuse that I have to go to my locker to find it.

    Dream: I'm yelling angrily to my dad about my grandpa's medications. It starts in the backyard with my grandpa in a wheelchair near us, my dad is being to lax and not getting the prescriptions filled on time. I'm really yelling and beating on him, he's unfazed. We end up in the front yard, and a lot of family members and family friends are across the street in my neighbor P's driveway/front yard. They're all watching on as I yell and beat my dad. Eventually I walk over there and talk with them to calm down. Transitions and I'm in our driveway in our old van. My aunt is in the front with a baby, and she's holding it out so I can see it. It has a weird mouth -- it extends too far like a proboscis.
    Notes: br stall; swing, flying bound?

    Nothing down for 10-31 or 11-01

    Dream: I'm standing next to a pool. Several of my indian coworkers are walking on water, and I ask them how to do it. An older one who sits near me explains about prana and breathing; a younger one who was on my first team makes an analogy that goes something like "A young man ...(insert foolish attempt); An old man ...(wiser, more effective method)". It was actually really good advice but I didn't write it down.
    Fragment: Off of a country road, there's a suburban house with a staircase to a small loft right off the front door.
    Dream: In 9, at night on the back porch. I'm with F and my dad, there are some ice chests lying around and a tablecloth on the table. It seems like a party is planned soon or just finished. F or I inquire about drinks and my dad says "MImosas" with an emphasis on the first part, making it sound like "My" -- this ties in with an in-joke F and I have about him and the way he says "My TV" or "My truck" in a specific way. There are also tall cans of bud light with weird plastic caps on them. I understand them to be bud light but they look like miller high life; strange. We're on our way to the pool, and I am trying to decide on shoes or flip flops.
    Fragment: Something happened here but it's lost now.
    Dream: F is in a room next to the bed. She stands up and walks to a door in the far left corner, and when she opens the door, a hand reaches out and grabs her. I can't move but I force the perpetrator to let go of her and approach me instead with dream control. I intrinsically understand that I have a certain energy or "light" that will dispel his darkness. I make him touch my arm and he goes blank-faced; this is similar to a past dream where I would reality check and engage with DCs, at which point they would go blank-faced and sort of become broken robots. He was kneeling down near the bed and had an Optimus Prime toy on his head.
    The interesting part is how it started -- I wouldn't call it a WILD, I guess it was more like a DEILD but without the L. I had just gotten up for a bit and I lie down and immediately sort of popped into this one, I just didn't catch it and make it lucid.
    Lucid: I decide to really try and get lucid after being teased by the last dream with awareness. I focus my efforts on it and very soon I'm hearing a radio drama in my head, although I still have full awareness of my body. It reminded me of HS and college when I was staying up late or close to sleep due to a project or homework I was working on, and I would get auditory hallucinations of voices/conversations with friends or family members, and or a loud bang or gunshot. Anyway, the radio drama sounded like It's a Wonderful Life, and one of the key characters was Uncle Billy, who was being forgetful about the night before of course. He remembered that he keyed a tree, scratched his name into it. Soon I can feel a sensation of moving back and forth, and I realize I'm on a swing. Once I realize it, the visualizations follow. I see myself in a wooden swing in a small yellowish room, with darkish blue light coming in from a window to the right. I say "I'm dreaming" as I swing, and imagine myself feeling the armrest, and I pop into the dream and lose most awareness of my physical body. I'm able to use pyromancy, and use my fingertip-flame-laser to carve shapes into the wood of the swing. I jump/get up from the swing and start interacting with a wooden desk with loose objects on its surface. I sweep them them off onto the floor, some wooden items, some glass beakers or bottles. I pick up a wooden item -- I forget what it was now -- and inscribe its surface. I remember the words "left" and "sou". The smoke effect from the pyromancy was vivid.

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