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    Bad things going down

    by , 07-05-2011 at 08:45 AM (329 Views)
    I was at a school of some kind and I had a few teachers that I was fighting with. Apparently there had been some kind of dictatorship forced upon us and they were doing some kind of terrible experiments on the people and would turn them in to a kind of zombie. For some reason there was some kind of connection with Toy Story and that I had to keep these two toys safe. Eventually I had to escape from the school so I hid in the back of a truck that was leaving and was nearly home when they had caught up to me. It was a very exciting battle but what I had to do was grab the two toys and run away. I ended up hopping a few fences and ended up in the back of my neighbor's yard, which for some reason, my girlfriend and her family plus friends were in the background surrounded by these large bushes. I laid behind the bushes for a bit and tried to flag my girlfriend to come closer but it seemed that everyone had noticed me and my battle that I had just a few moments before. For some reason her Mom actually supported me in my battle (This is strange because her mother hates me) around then is when I woke up.

    I haven't recorded the past two days even though I had dreams. Haven't had much time to sleep resulting in me not being able to go lucid. I haven't gone lucid in the past 3 days because of that. I need more realities checks or something. I definitely have a lot more sense when I'm dreaming but it doesn't feel like I have any control.

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