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    1. Aquarium

      by , 07-08-2011 at 05:14 AM
      I haven't been posting again. Haven't been getting much sleep as usual but I slept a bit earlier this afternoon and had an odd dream.

      I don't remember much from it but I remember I was being lead somewhere for doing something awful. A woman was leading me through a facility and the entire time I was thinking of how to escape. There was a moment when I knew I could try to escape but for some reason I just couldn't bring my self to try. There were steel walled rooms all around, it felt as if we were moving underneath a complex of some kind. We went down several ladders and the last one had a skull on it. When I reached the bottom I saw a lot of people, they were wearing those full body bathing suit things (They all looked pretty good). The woman leading me then told me that she was going to dispose of me by pushing me in to the shark tank, I immediately grabbed on to one of the sides of the tank and resisted as much as I could. Then something happened I'm not sure what but she stopped trying to push me and went to talk to one of the guys when for some reason every one got down and laid sort of in a praising fashion towards something so I instinctively got down. The woman left me and I was free to move around. It was a very nice place and I saw a lot of it. Beautiful architecture. Seems to be something that is common in my dreams.

      I think that should be enough for the dream. It was very strange. I can normally go between being several different people in my dreams, I suppose that's when my dreams transition. I'm fully conscious when I become another person but I never pay any mind to it. I've also not been lucid dreaming. Dunno what's wrong.