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      Post JoachimDreams' workbook


      I'm a 16 year old boy who's had about 10 lucid dreams through my life, but now it's been about 6 months since my last one...so i decided to join this site just a few days ago. Two techniques have especially captured my attention: WILD & DEILD.

      I understand from reading about it a bit that i'm going to have to be lucky to achieve WILD right away, but i'm gonna give it my best knowing how incredibly rewarding a LD is!

      I'm thinking about trying WILD about 11 pm tonight (despite everyone saying it probs won't work before going to bed). Then, if i just fall asleep without really achieving a LD I'm gonna try DEILD since i usually tend to wake up after a Dream is (nearly) finished.

      I know this isn't where one would normally start (or in my case, pick up) LDing, but do you think i have a decent shot at getting on in the next few weeks if i do this double of WILD and DEILD?

      Thx in advance

      Fellow dreamer

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      Should probably add:

      *All of my LDs so far have been through DILD

      *I do write a dream journal almost every morning

      *In addition to WILD & DEILD, I'll also try saying mantras like in MILD for about 30 minutes in the dark before attempting the WILD. Hoping that this will let my eyes get used to the dark, and also increase the possibility of having a DILD also.

      I'm pretty set overall, right? I have about 3-4 chances of having a LD if i do everything right...i hope

      i'll tell you how it all works out

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      Welcome to the workshop!

      Yes, it's a good idea to practice for all types of lucids. You never know, which one will come handy.

      If yould like to check if there is anything you can add to your DILD practice, check out this collection of techniques.

      As far as WILDs, I do practice WILDs and DEILDs, but you would be better off joining the WILD class, also here in Academy. Sageous is the teacher and he has enormous amount of experience with WILDs and the lessons you can read, even if you don't want to participate, are excellent. They will answer all your WILD questions. Plus, many of the ideas he talkes about will be usefull to you for other techniques also.

      Among other things, he also explains, why WILDing without any prior sleep is not recommended.

      Please feel free to post you DILD progress here. But I understand, if you will be practicing WILDs now. Good luck and Happy dreams

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