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    Thread: Delayed expectation for dream control

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      Delayed expectation for dream control

      Delayed expectation for dream control

      I wanted to share a way to fix some struggles relating to dream control that worked for me. In my lucid dreams, some actions would resist the result that was naturally expected; light switches not working, a dark vision, a door wouldn't open where I wanted, my punch didn't break the wall...

      Well, simply keep your task at mind, and anticipate the result to your action in your mind, to give your brain a few seconds to process the result. It is part of 'soft' dream control, play pretend that some situation happened before to launch the consequences at play in your dream... A few seconds do the trick for me, whereas if I just go for it instantly my brain picks the result (or lack of). As explained below, preparing to feel a physical sensation helps giving life to my want.

      A few examples (that solved my issues): before flicking the light on, visualise the room with the light on (or just brightness...), before opening a door to some place you want to be taken to, open it ever so slightly and feel the wind on your face, hear the rain on the other side or some sensation related to the place you wanna be taken to. To throw a really powerful punch, prepare yourself to feel the movement, the resistance of the target against your first during the hit and your target being thrown back. It doesn't have to be thorough, a few seconds of a quick "outline" of the expected event works for me.

      Please let me know your thoughts on the subject, I'd be interested in more tips for a better dream control too.

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      I really like your tip azo!

      I had a dream once where I was being driven home by a friend. Suddenly I realized I should be driving since I know the way better so we switched seats. But when getting in the driver's seat, I noticed my friend and huge chunks of the car were missing. I was going to go look for my friend but then I had the lucid thought "the dream is just not loading right" and I just drove telling myself my friend and the car were intact and they would just take time to be perceivable. When I got to the next turn, the friend was there and the car was intact.

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      Wow. Awesome advice. If I can remember to do it, I definitely want to try this tactic out.
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