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    Thread: What method of getting objects would be most reliable?

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      Question What method of getting objects would be most reliable?

      Hey there. In my more recent lucid dreams, I've been prioritizing memory to do certain goals in them. One of which is to get a chainsaw or any other destructive object to permanently get rid of certain ideas that hinder my ability to control. Now, I was wondering if it would be more reliable to summon the item myself, or to look for it in the dream world. Most of the time I get lucid inside my house, and I have one area in the basement with a bunch of construction stuff I never use, which could be a great place to find what I'm looking for. But then again if I get lucid somewhere else, I would have a harder time finding it, and either way just summoning it would be faster (about 80% of my lucids are under 2 minutes long) so which would be a more reliable method of summoning an object?

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      The technique I use is I reach my hand behind my back and grab hold of the object I hope to summon. Once I feel it I can bring it Infront of myself and I can start using it. This works because it is much easier to visualize tactile sensations than visual ones. This also works for summoning people. Just imagine feeling the person's hand behind you. For summoning people I recommend having a quick back and forth of dialogue before bringing them forward to make sure they are the right person.
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