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    Thread: My dad tried to kill me and I wanted to kill him back !

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      My dad tried to kill me and I wanted to kill him back !

      I just woke up from the weirdest dream I ever had in my entire life so far ! I couldn't found proper explaining so here I am posting about it...
      The Dream : I was in a unknown place me and my dad and we both were arguing about something I can't remember, my dad got so mad as usual and then he shot me with a gun that he was holding in his hands ( I dunno where he got the gun because in our country we don't have guns and my dad never used one before ). I fall down and he looked at me and shot me again in my stomach, leg and heart ( 10 times in total, 3 times in my heart to make sure that I will die) then he told me crawl back home if I want to get him back ! I didn't felt any paint I didn't see blood but I couldn't walk so I started crawling toward the door to get out that place and once I got there, out of no where my grandma show up. She asked me if I'm ok and I told her that I'm going to kill my father for what he did to me, she tried to convince me not to but I was so serious about it ( usually when I went to do something specially a challenge or something that people tell me I can't do, I work harder and do whatever it takes to prove myself ) I didn't know the road back home so I asked her help and she indeed showed me where to go, I crawled all the way to our house ( that place wasn't even our real house but It was in the dream ! )
      I saw my dad sitting in front of the door so I had to go around so that he can't see me ! while going around the house there was a black dog ( we don't have any pets but dogs are my favorite and never had the chance to own one ) so I had to be very careful so that he can't see me or hear me.Finally I arrived to an open window of a room where my sister and my mom was, I whispered to my mom to help me she looked at me and asked me what happened, I told her everything and I told her that I need her help because I was injured and I also told her that I will kill my father. Some how I got inside of the house and my dad saw me and I was so furious and wanted to kill him so bad but I didn't because I needed to cure my injuries first ! my dad went to another room ( he wasn't scared of me at all ) I don't remeber what happened after that exactly but I was calm and I decided that it's not necessary to kill him and I should just let it go...I went to look at my injuries in the mirror ( somehow I was in our actual house ) I took my shirt off and start looking at my chest, there was 3 scars of the places where bullets went through ( in the side of my heart ). I started questioning how is it possible that I'm still alive and boom I woke up!!!
      ps : when I woke up I was shocked that it's justa dream because for me it was so real ! I'm 19y boy and currently I don't even talk to my dad ( we had a fight days a go ) and tbh I don't hate him but I don't like him either beause he's an asshole and I don't think he would ever kill me or I will ever kill him in the actuall life...
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      to DreamViews, aymane08!

      Well as you know, death in dreams often represents death (end) of an idea or an era. So your dad wanting to kill you may represent that he wants you to stop saying what you are saying (you said you had an argument), and same for you wanting to kill him = wanting to stop his idea.

      Black dog could have been there because you simply like dogs, or representing a friend that you have.

      Also, dream gave you an idea to "let it go". If you think about that, does that make you feel better than 'killing' (arguing) with your dad?

      I believe that dreams show us scenarios to allow us experience our response and feelings about situations from our real life, without having to actually do drastic things like you have described.

      I'm not a professional dream interpreter, I'm just going based on what you said about an argument.

      *Moving this to Dream Interpretation for more replies.

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      thanks man ! that helped a lot and yeah ! it's better to let it go because I'm not the kind of person who argue a lot so I often just stay quiet and smile ( to piss off the other person )

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      I liked gab's take on this.

      My interpretation:

      He told you to crawl back home and that's exactly what you did. I guess it means you should get over your pride and let it go, like you did in the dream. He didn't mind you coming back and had no ill feelings for you. Words have been said (bullets), you felt hurt but they healed.

      The dog is something good (according to you) that wasn't there before. So, whatever happened is in the past now, and maybe your relationship with him and your family could get better.

      Oh, and your granny was your good side, the voice of reason.
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