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    Thread: I have no dream signs?

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      I have no dream signs?

      I just started taking up lucid dreaming a week ago. I do RC and write a dream journal. At the moment I have recalled over 10 dreams. The problem is I seem to have no dream signs. I'm wondering if these can be considered dream signs.

      - a few of my dreams took place in small remote villages or in jungles although I live in a city and seldom visit those places.
      - Settings in my dreams often irrationally change. For example, In one dream my friend and I were talking about where we would have lunch. After a five minute discussion we decided to go to a restaurant nearby. As we were walking, instead of going to that restaurant, we went to a freaking hospital to visit my other friend. Out of the blue, we had flowers with us. The sick friend was in a patient bed. My first friend and I asked about his conditions and work and so on. I completely forgot about the lunch.

      I can't spot other events or objects that can potentially be my dream signs.

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      but hey, those remote villages seem to be one of your dream signs.
      I try to spot them like that: If something is recurring, it's important and might be a dream sign. If it's also a recurring thing in wake life, then it's logical that it's also recurring in your dreams. For example, if you see your wife/husband everyday, you'll probably often see them in your dreams. And you'll often dream about your home town.
      But if it's something you normally don't see, it's a more reliable dream sign...

      so just re-read your DJ entries and try to find recurring things, you'll eventually find some more I guess
      there's a great android app made by a member of DV, it's called Lucidity.
      I use it as a DJ with tags, it can automatically analyze your entries and tell you repeating words in it.
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