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    1. blurry accidental LD

      by , 08-17-2015 at 11:51 AM
      today I got another accidental LD.
      I woke up at 7 and stayed awake til 8:30, then I decided to go to sleep again
      I fell asleep in an uncomfortable position because my gf took up all the space

      As I was falling asleep, I opened my dream body eyes. It felt like opening my real eyes but it turned out to be a dream. I looked at my hand and thought I was dreaming. I didn't count the fingers, the vision was just so weird and blurry that I KNEW it was a dream. my dream world was crumbling so I looked at my hand again and counted 6 fingers. Then I tried to rotate. I ended up somewhere else with slightly less blurry vision. I had a headache in my dream and at some point it was all black
      in any case, I knew I was dreaming, it was a shitty LD though coz my recall and control and everything wasn't good at all.
      Eventually I woke up and did it again. had another more or less LD, kinda like DEILD technique, but this one was just black so I wasn't interested in it and lost control
    2. Close LD and pre-LD

      by , 07-23-2015 at 09:12 AM
      After over a year, dreaming has caught my attention again because I meditate every day (for about 2 weeks now)

      a few days ago I was taking a nap. Because of more awareness and sleep deprivation I was able to fall asleep without drifting entirely away. I couldn't move and realized I must be sleeping, but I forced myself to wake up because I thought I heard steps

      I decided to wait if I get a similar experience in the next few days.

      Today I took a nap too, again with sleep deprivation. I was falling asleep and forced myself to stay in control. It was a little bit like WILD I guess, but I couldn't quite control everything when I was dreaming, the clarity and vividness were below average and the duration was ridiculous.

      I remember being in the ocean at first. I knew I was dreaming so I tried to dive and breathe water. It worked, but not as good as I expected. I was floating underwater and observing a reef. I forgot that I was dreaming for a few moments, but I remembered it again when I saw a cat with a jetpack. I normally don't dream about such unrealistic things, but this time I did *shrugs*

      I tried to make the cat-dream go away, took me about 20 seconds until I was on a street in a friendly looking neighborhood. Except there were huge weapons in every garage. I even had to destroy 2 weapons because they seemed to want to kill me when I stepped on their property. I didn't quite have control over this dream, I was however able to remember that it's just a dream and I was able to just walk away from the deadly weapons. I walked over to a guy who sold some random things, and I remembered that people in dreams often say interesting things, so I tried to talk with him. I didn't say anything, I just stared at him and expected him to say something but he simply stared back. I was trying really hard to make him say something, but then I woke up.

      I might take another nap after my daily meditation and see if I can continue this dream.
      non-lucid , dream fragment , lucid
    3. May 6: the mysterious forgotten dream and swimming tower

      by , 05-06-2014 at 09:23 PM
      Note: I forgot so much about those dreams, about 80%, just because I was too lazy to write them down

      Date: May 6
      Sleep length: 7h + 1h (nap in the morning)
      Techniques: DILD and nap
      (1) There was a dubious tower in a public swimming pool. there was a bunch of people, some of them naked I think, some not. I think I was naked, and there was a friend of mine. We climbed on top of this tower and apparently there was a platform up there. We played some weird game, I remember it was a game in which I was some emperor or something like that. It was fun.onesi
      (2) this is the mysterious forgotten dream. I wrote the tags down, but as soon as I finished I stopped thinking about it and now I've forgotten it and only the tags are left. So it seems I was in class with a certain professor. And we were talking about an exam I think, and I wanted to put it off because I had a surgery and therapy (?), which makes sense because that's exactly what I did in wake life, but somehow my cell phone was involved. go figure.
      (nap) I fell asleep, had some kind of FA and dreamed I was writing my dreams down (haha), later there was a redhead girl lying in the grass, wearing a weird pajama which you can open to shit without having to take it off. I think I was gonna fake-rape her (coz she actually wanted it I guess), she was squirming on the ground but she kinda turned into a replication, a fake girl made of plastic, the plastic was orange and I oiled it up and put stuff into it... I never knew I had this many sexual dreams

      Tags: game, nude, tower, platform, swimming, lr;; class, prof b, therapy, surgery, cell phone, put off;; FA, DJ, faye, sex toy, orange
      non-lucid , false awakening
    4. May 5: drawings

      by , 05-05-2014 at 06:09 PM
      Date: May 5
      Sleep Length: 7h
      Techniques: DILD
      (1) I was in a classroom with a bunch of people (about 50), I sat on a seat on a platform, about 3 meters above the floor, together with a friend of mine (v) I remember seeing the ceiling from above, as if I was inside it. We were drawing stuff. A friend of mine (jt) drew mice with blood around their mouths and I drew a naked lady and said "It's a leftover from the last international women's day"... I'm normally not sexist or anything. There was more, but I forgot the rest because I didn't write it down
      (2) I was on a journey or something, it was summer I think. Well, it was night and I sat on a table with my father and some strange people (guests, probably friends of my dad). The chairs looked like the chairs from my elementary school. For some reason I had to go outside and walk a few miles.
      (3) It was drizzling and I locked a car. very grey, so many clouds. I was in a small village I think. I forgot so much because I didn't write it down.
      Vividness/Awareness: 2/2
      emotions: indifference
      tags: classroom, v, ceiling, drawings;; vacation, guests, table, hiking;; car, drizzle
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. May 4: drugs and the forest

      by , 05-04-2014 at 07:45 AM
      Date: May 4
      Sleep length: 3h + 5h
      Techniques: DILD + WBTB
      Dream Summary:
      (pre) at first, I remembered another dream because of this dream. dream (1) is a sequel of this dream: I was in a forest with a friend of mine. We used to do drugs in a certain forest, but this time we didn't. It looked like autumn, everything was red. We were at a big hollow and suddenly we noticed a police officer with a drug dog. We laughed and said "Luckily we don't have drugs"
      (1) well guess what happens in now. We are at this hollow again, and he got some weird drug. It was mixed with coffee for some reason... He hasn't told me which drug he used though. I thought it was Meth or Cocaine. The effect was more like Weed and a bit Acid though. I blacked out for a moment, when I woke up the drug-mug was under the bench we were sitting on and we were blown away. I tried to stand up and fell down. I was trying to throw away some weird empty blunt which was covered in a yellow liquid. Then we wanted to go away, but of course there was this drug dog again, as expected. We wanted to go away without him noticing, but he already smelled us so we started running. Here's the action part of this dream. I was running and thinking and I thought I was gonna get some "police letter" and I was also kinda afraid of this dog. I realized it's probably too late and turned around. I wanted to keep my dignity. But I couldn't find the police, so I just turned around again and started running again. I ran through the red forest to a field and gradually woke up. When I woke up I continued thinking about running, until I realized it's a dream and I should write it down.
      (2) When I was writing (1), I remembered (2). I was playing pokemon like back when I was a kid. It was fun, I tried to catch a rare pokemon. I went to my balcony to play there, it was night and pretty dark. This is really just a fragment, I was hearing voices from a room with an opened window. It was my mother and a guest.
      Vividness/Awareness: 8/2
      Emotions: trust - indifference - shock - fear - worry - guilt
      Tags: drug, coffee mug, forest, autumn, police dog, running;; balcony, pokemon
    6. Apr 30: creating levitating boats and trees

      by , 04-30-2014 at 04:53 PM
      Note: I would normally separate dream (1) into 2 dreams, but they're kinda connected, because in both dreams there was a voice which told me I can summon things by expecting them to appear

      Date: Apr 30
      Sleep length: 7.5h
      Techniques: DILD
      Dream Summary:
      (1) I was located at the middle of an ocean. There was no land around me, I basically didn't have a body in this dream, my eyes just levitated above the water. I heard a voice telling me to imagine a ship. It was the voice of a teacher. I started to see a ship. It was long, very white and clean, with some red stripes. Then the voice said I should imagine that it's levitating... and of course it started levitating then. It started to look more like a train and less like a ship. And it started to turn into 2 ships, a (still) long one, and an almost spherical one.
      Then I was at a completely different location. I was in a forest, with big trees. The reason I'm merging those 2 locations into one dream is because I still heard the voice telling me what to imagine/expect. As if the voice was trying to tell me that anything I expect starts to exist. But I was too stupid to become aware of the situation. There was a row of people, and they all started trying to create big trees. I should have created one too, but I didn't want to, I just stood up and looked at the trees the other people have created. Some trees were beautiful, others were grey and almost looked like concrete. One tree was crooked and broken. Then I found I person I hate in wake life, li. The weird thing is, I get along with her in my dreams, as if we're friends. Maybe it's a message by my subconscious that I should give her a chance before judging her. The tree she has summoned was amazing. I laid down on the ground, it was very sunny and I looked up at her tree. I think I couldn't even see the top, it was huge. There were no branches either. The last thing I remember about this dream is being rather content and seeing her smiling.
      (2) This is only a fragment, really. I've been in a desert, or maybe somewhere else, but in any case it was pretty dry and warm/hot. There was an AV star, but I didn't find her attractive. She was about 40 or so, and she was on a swing. We were talking about something, but I don't remember the topic. I guess I woke up then
      Vividness/Awareness: 2/2
      Emotions: content
      Tags: levitating ship, small ship, forest, big trees, li, teacher;; AV star, swing, desert
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. no dream, Apr 28

      by , 04-28-2014 at 01:11 PM
      Date: Apr 28
      Sleep Length: 5h

      Note: I don't expect much recall the next few days due to substances that decrease recall.
      Therefore I might try CAT.
      side notes
    8. Apr 27: DV

      by , 04-27-2014 at 08:40 AM
      Note: This is the first dream in about 3 years in which I can feel 'touch'. Unlike 3 years ago, the sensation wasn't more intense than in wake life, it was pretty equal

      Date: Apr 27
      Sleep Length: 4h + 5h
      Techniques: DILD + WBTB
      Dream Summary:
      (1) Yesterday I spent the whole day on DV, so of course I'm dreaming of DV. It was a house and there was a bunch of people doing sleep experiments and trying stuff. I decided I wanna do one of those experiments, so I went into a certain room. It looked a bit like a hospital, there were some beds and on the beds there were camels, huge camels, with some pillows on their backs. One has lost its pillow, so I gave it another one. Then I climbed on top of it. For some reason the whole room was underwater now. I had some glasses and decided to wear them, then I realized I can see very clearly underwater. Sadly one of those glasses broke and I couldn't see that well anymore. I kinda managed to destroy many glass in the room (unintentionally). People were angry at first, but then we all laughed about it. I think we were talking about the movie "Finding Nemo" then. That's my favorite movie for children.
      Later when I wanted to go there was another group which tried this experiment. They were all sleeping and some of them were naked for some reason. I was curious, I wanted to feel the camel skin/hair, so I approached it and touched it. Then I've actually felt it. I guess I never feel in my normal dreams because I don't focus on touch so much. The reason I'm starting to feel in my dreams now might be Daytime awareness.
      I also met someone who was surprisingly nice to me.
      Vividness (1-15), Awareness (1-10): 5/2
      Emotions: curiosity
      Tags: DV, experiment, camel, glasses, underwater, breaking, touch
      non-lucid , side notes
    9. Apr 26: resort, ghost

      by , 04-26-2014 at 08:42 AM
      Date: Apr 26
      Sleep Length: 4h + 5h
      Techniques: DILD + WBTB
      Dream Summary:
      (1) I was at a resort. It was quite hot, so it was probably in july or in august. Most of the time I was at a pool with my little brother. We were alone there and I had a fun time with him. There was a huge boat with 2 beds in it (in the end there were suddenly 3) and the place was beautiful. I think there was a bunch of pine trees and it was at the edge of a cliff. There was a small shower, like those beach showers, and the water went into the abyss. There was a sea and a small city at the horizon. It looked like a croatian or greek city. The ground was a bit yellowish/orange and brown. It was dusty and dry, like a desert. Anyway, we started to have some kind of fight coz we both wanted to have the boat, but it wasn't a serious fight, nobody was angry. He wanted to give me some other stuff, like the shower, to make amends or something. It doesn't really make sense, but in the end we simply both used it.
      Then we celebrated some family reunion, felt like christmas but it was in summer. We were still kinda at the pool but also kinda not (which should have made me suspicious). We were talking about a dog of someone. The owner gave it a sandwich with cucumbers and meat and it was always on her lap. I've seen it very clearly. Looked like a poor dog
      (2) My mother said my grandparents are coming and I was upset because I wanted to study for an exam. I looked out of the window and saw my grandpa's car. But it was a bit confusing, they were never really here, they were always skiing with my sister I think. I thought my mother was gonna be out of town, but then I was told everyone believes there was a ghost, and they've seen weird flashes of light and they thought it's a ghost. I didn't think it's ridiculous in my dream, I didn't believe it either... I was indifferent
      Vividness (1-15), Awareness (1-10): 3/1
      Emotions: less angry; confused, indifferent
      Tags: resort, brother, bed-boat, pool, christmas?, family, dog on lap, sandwich for dog;; light flash, slope, ghost

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    10. Apr 25: cafeteria

      by , 04-25-2014 at 03:40 PM
      Date: Apr 25
      Sleep Length: 6h
      Techniques: DILD
      Dream Summary:
      (1) I was at a place where I could eat free food. (Perfect dream, haha). It was like a cafeteria, I seemed to go there every morning and there was a bunch of people my age (like 100-200). Maybe it was kinda like a special school, idk. There were special kinds of food, like some chocolate-nut mix, weird yellow berries (Physalis I think), loads of orange juice and semi-opaque bluish jelly. the place with the hundred people was downstairs, upstairs there were about 10 people, which seemed to be more arrogant and "better" or smarter (teachers? rich nerds?). I almost always accidentally went to the "better" people at first, until I realized I'm at the wrong place and went downstairs.
      Vividness (1-15), Awareness (1-10): 1/2
      Emotions: happy about the food, pretty anti-social
      Tags: PT, morning, free food, chocolate nut, yellow berries (Physalis?), orange juice, stairs

      Note: recall after 1 hour, I moved too much

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    11. Apr 24: drop in quantity and quality

      by , 04-24-2014 at 02:53 PM
      Note: I forgot most of the dream because I moved in my bed, I remembered it 20 minutes after I woke up. I don't know why I remembered it, it just came to me. I had the feeling that I have had 3 dreams, but I only remembered one.
      I had an important exam today, so I didn't think about my dreams.

      Date: Apr 24
      Sleep Length: 8h
      Techniques: DILD
      Dream Summary:
      (1) I was at a municipal public pool with my father and sister, and I was gonna use a slide like in my childhood. when I was at the end of the slide I saw a japanese girl, a bit younger than me. Since I like japanese culture I tried to talk to her. I said some japanese phrases and she said some phrases as well, I understood parts of it, then she tried speaking german. We were at some weird place, it seemed to be close to the pool but it looked like a room in a basement... pretty weird. Oh, she said something like konbanwa [...], and I didn't understand her.
      Vividness (1-15), Awareness (1-10): 2/2
      Emotions: none?
      Tags: public pool, family, slide, conversation: japanese, languages

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. Apr 23:

      by , 04-23-2014 at 05:28 AM
      Date: Apr 23
      Sleep Length: 7h
      Techniques: DILD
      Dream Summary:
      (1) I'm in class, sitting next to li, I'm getting along with her extraordinarily good, her laughter looks stupid though, I can remember seeing her face which means it was fairly vivid, the teacher said she doesn't know what the bell sounds like, and I exchanged with some student (AG) sheets/candy, the sheets were from a test and he failed
      (2) at home, I look at my scars on my shoulder and I'm angry coz it doesn't heal faster, I'm in front of a cupboard, changing my plasters, then I'm in the living room and my mothr tries to call the grandparents (with a wrong number). Then they're suddenly there because I was thinking of them (I guess), and when I tried to find their number in my address book they saw stuff they weren't supposed to see. then my mother showed me a "report" in front of my room. It was folded like a letter, apparently it was for raspberry syrup and it was written in black capitals. She told me this is what a report is supposed to look like. I assume the words were gibberish
      (3) I was with (LR) and we went through an underpass and met a bunch of girls who were going to a party or something. we knew some of them, those I didn't know resembled other people I know (which made me think "Something isn't right", but sadly I didn't go lucid)
      (4) I was kinda watching a movie but I was also somehow part of it. We were in the forest (family) and we were playing around and we got to a pond. when we went there the second time it was suddenly kinda blurred and strange and I thought it was because of a nuke or some weird bomb. I was looking for my family (thought they died, strangely emotion was indifferent/curious), I found my siblings playing on a meadow and looking through a hole in a rock, on the other side was a red light which looked like fire. The meadow was cold, the grass was bluish, it looked like an autumn day/dusk
      Vividness (1-15), Awareness (1-10): 6/5
      Emotions: don't remember
      Tags: in class, next to li, teacher: bell, AG: exchange sheets, candy;; at home, scars, number from grandparents, report (syrup, capslock, folded like a letter);; underpass, group of girls, party, almost lucid;; movie, lake, atomic bomb

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    13. Apr 22: Quantity good, quality improvable

      by , 04-22-2014 at 09:38 AM
      Date: Apr 22
      Sleep Length: 4.5h - (WBTB) - 6h (= 10.5h)
      Techniques: DILD + WBTB
      I also wrote down what happened to me that day, which is said to help dream recall
      Dream Summary:
      (1) I was dreaming about my piano classes and my piano teacher. I arrived in the classroom and there was a bunch of other musicians, but I don't like music groups, so I just sneaked away. I'm not sure if this is part of the same dream, but I was also having a rehearsal with 2-3 of my friends for some sing and dance show. We did some weird group dance and we weren't bad, but we were bad when the audience was watching.
      (2) I was in the bathtub, and basically just thinking about stuff. I was thinking about posters I've seen on the streets. They seem to have been about fetishes, like japanese domina, bdsm and stuff like that. Probably because my father who's been in japan has seen such things
      (3) I tried to remember this dream, but I was afraid I'd forget dream (1) then. I remember a fragment about a hill, and someone has been acting like a slut. There were rumors or we were talking behind her back, idk, in any case it felt like an american high school movie
      (4) I was meeting a friend of mine (V), IWL he has a plane, in my dream I had a plane, and he kinda borrowed it. It was a small plane, but I loved it. For some reason there was a pixel mario drawn onto the door. I wasn't actually dreaming it, but I imagined using that plane to go skydiving. For some reason I checked his steam account (what a deep dream sign) and noticed he played lots of pokemon recently... go figure
      Vividness (1-15), Awareness (1-10), Length (min): 3/2/30
      Emotions: mostly indifferent
      Tags: piano, teacher, group musicians, stage;; bathtub (morning), fetish (posters);; hill, slut;; plane, skydiving V, games

      Note: I'm happy about my dream recall quantity. 2 dreams per awakening. Odd detail: when I woke up for WBTB, I remembered 3 dreams and wrote tags down. When I woke up in the morning I didn't remember anything about dream (4). When I wrote down the other dreams, I started to remember more details about dream (1) and suddenly recalled dream (4)
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. Apr 21: little sleep, recall getting better

      by , 04-21-2014 at 05:22 AM
      Date: Apr 21
      Sleep Length: 4.5h - (WBTB) - 1h light sleep
      Techniques: DILD + WBTB (+WILD)
      I got up for WBTB and thought I could try WILD. I killed some time and got back to bed, but then hunger started to distract me. WILD was impossible (I tried but distraction was too much), I tried to sleep, but I could barely fall asleep. I rolled over and over and couldn't find a comfortable spot, after an hour I got up and gave up (WBTB failed)
      Dream Summary:
      I dreamed that a friend of mine (K) was my girlfriend, even though I don't have feelings for her. She seemed to be pissed off or angry at me, but I can't remember why. In any case, she was doing chores in my sister's room. I offered her to cuddle and calm down, but I don't remember the rest.
      Another fragment: I remember being at an old looking house, everything was a bit rusty or dirty. but there was an elevator (small but it worked). I think I did something in the kitchen, but I forgot the rest while trying to remember the first fragment
      Vividness (1-15), Awareness (1-10), Length (min): 2/1/5
      Emotions: mostly indifferent
      Tags: girlfriend, annoyed, cuddle, chores; house, elevator

      Note: I woke up before my alarm went off

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      dream fragment
    15. Apr 20: still only fragments

      by , 04-20-2014 at 07:45 AM
      Note: still no proper dream, never mind LD, but it's only the 3rd day after all... gotta have patience!

      Date: Apr 20
      Sleep Length: 4h + 3h (7h)
      Techniques: DILD + WBTB
      I just wanted to sleep. WBTB was a mistake.
      I did lots of RC and Daytime Awareness before.
      Dream Summary:
      You can't call that a dream. I simply remember I was being a girl... for some reason. I'm not transgender, but I was being a girl.
      edit: I just remembered I was wearing a shirt with a quote by someone called Harry or Henry, it was something satiric or cynic, and a friend of mine (L.R.) asked me if I was wearing a shirt by that Harry/Henry and we were talking about it
      *happy that I suddenly remembered another fragment*
      Vividness (1-15), Awareness (1-10), Length (min): 0/0/0
      Emotions: none
      Signs: none
      Tags: transsexual?, girl

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      Tags: frustration
      dream fragment
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