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    Thread: Weird lucid dream problem and need help.

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      Weird lucid dream problem and need help.

      So i started to learn lucid dream about 45 days ago and i have about 17 lucid dreams and 14 of them were very short about 1 min. I Then after getting lucid dream from reality checks and i learned ada which gave me many lucid dream night. After dry spell i increaced my awarness and i started to become lucid in every dream. Yesterday all my dream were lucid. I just was aware of everything i stabilized my dream but couldnt control the dream because there was another character in my dream also in control i told him this was my dream and i lost bit of my lucidity i knew it was dream i could do all the simple stuff but i couldnt do much and there lucid dream developed storyline which where i fought for full control. Sometimes i was in full control and sometimes i was in dream but still knew it was a dream. All this was very vivid but now lets go to the true problem. About every 1 min i woke up and i stayed still and went back into the dream lucid this happened about 8 times. the story line changed later and i lost lucidity for awhile but i gained it later but i cant stay in dream long i just wake up and fall back to dream this is so annoying. When im lucid i am so connected to my body if i close my eyes i wake up i have done it accidentally few times. So to the question how can i stay in my dream when it starts fading it always start fading after 1 min when i become lucid? I have tried rubbing hands, grabbing to something i fell it slip away and spinning which havent worked for me because i cant spin fast enough. Thanks for all the help and to this site it has made life so much more intresting .

      Also i have a very interesthing lucid dream experience in my past when i was child. I still remember it very vividly. Ok to the point
      About age of 7 i had this weird dream when i become lucid and i was in this world full of zombies i try kind of things like jumping to the sky but back then i didnt know what i could have done. But this dream was very sad for me i dont remember all the details but i remember that it felt like months or years long. I was in the dream so long that i started to feel sad i was still a child and i wanted it to end. I started missing my family so i atemted suicide in the dream there was this huge black hole on the ground and i jumped in there and as i jumped in there i just fell what felt like months. In the wall of the holes there was these hands coming of the wall trying to grap me i was at first afraid but as i fell i started to lose scence of time. After awhile i woke in my bed and it was still a dream i was so sad back then and given up i didnt almost know anything anymore so i went back to the hole and jumped again same thing happened but i wasnt scared anymore i looked the hands in the wall and i just didnt feel anything anymore. This happened cycle happend over and over again i dont remember much but it felt so long. Then i tried one last jump and after awhile i woke up i was so happy and calm and i felt like i was older this dream changed me i appreciated everything more. I told this to my mom and she couldnt understand this she just said oh poor you. After that dream i stopped all my whining i never asked anything from my parents anymore stopped celebrating my birthday never asked any gifts or got any. Im now 19 and i look back to it and i just remember it felt so long and the feeling of happiness when i woke up. I always been the grown up in my family because parents alcoholic and i wonder was it all because of this. I can never be sure because memory changes but the dream stayed with me. I remember this weird thing when i was a child i used to be afraid under my bed dont remember why but one day i woke up and yelled im not afraid of you and punched a wall and woke up standing fist hurt and i never was afraid of under my bed. This is no story this all really happened nobody would have belived me if i told them.
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      Hi there! Congratulations on the successul induction of so many lds. This is a remarkable achievement!

      So to the question how can i stay in my dream when it starts fading it always start fading after 1 min when i become lucid? I have tried rubbing hands, grabbing to something i fell it slip away and spinning which havent worked for me because i cant spin fast enough. Thanks for all the help and to this site it has made life so much more interesting.
      It takes a while to learn how to make those lds last longer. (It actually took me many years to make my dreams longer and they are still not as long as I would like them to be. )

      As you might have already read rubbing hands, grabbing on to objects, are among some of the recommended techniques. Here is a tutorial on dream stabilization that might give you an overview of these techs.

      Dream Stabilization Tutorial

      One other thing that you might use is to try to ask a DC (dream character) go help you. They can give you a hand when the dream starts to fade. Another very useful thing is having a predetermined task to do in a dream. Maybe you want to find a particular object and do something with it. For ideas you can check our task of the month. Having something to do in the dream will help you focus and keep your determination to stay in the dream.

      Task of the month

      1000 things to do in a lucid dream

      Keep it up having so many lds. It looks like you have been able to DEILD and chain lds quite easily even though they are short ones. With determination and some practice, you will learn to have longer experiences.

      Also, thanks for sharing your story with us.

      See you around!
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