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    Thread: I have some troubles in visualizing & so fourth

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      I have some troubles in visualizing & so fourth

      If I am posting in the wrong thread, please forgive me. I just signed up today and I'm still a little new to all of this.

      Whenever I try to visualize, I get dark reds and dark greens and they are suddenly gone.
      It seems for whatever reason that I cannot conjure images with my own will when I close my eyes or when my eyes are open.

      Visualizing has always been hard for me. I've been having dreams that have always been in dark lit rooms with blurry vision.

      I have a few dreams saved and I am eating certain foods that are said to improve lucidity, like almonds.
      (Unless the information was wrong somehow?)

      I've also been meditating, reaching certain points of calmness, but, always getting too bound to my current reality.
      What I hear and feel seems to prevent me from drifting off since I'm so concerned.

      Haven't the slightest clue in what will happen, what is expected to happen, and how to achieve certain advantages(?) in achieving visualization, out-of-body, and so on.

      They appear to all be connected.

      Could anyone assist me? I'd really like some help.
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      Those colors are HI. You can use binaury beats to assist you in meditaion. They definetly help me. Yeah almonds do help with vividness, but you have to eat them before REM, meaning you should wake up like after 5 hours of sleep, then eat them.
      Are those colors like clear in your eye lids? Becuase HI would be clear, not like seeing them from your mind's eye, and I wouldn't call them visualizations.
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