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    Thread: I had my first lucid dream the other night, but now what??

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      I had my first lucid dream the other night, but now what??

      So I woke up at four in the morning on friday and did homework for half an hour (I'm a morning person ;P), before going back to bed. Having a lucid dream didn't even cross my mind, which is weird because I've been trying for months to become lucid. So anyway I was having this strange dream, and I realized all of a sudden that this couldn't be real, and became lucid and was able to control myself in a dream for a little while. It was an INCREDIBLE experience, and I've never felt anything like it before. I wanted to have another lucid dream last night, but woke up pretty disappointed because I had plenty of dreams, but not once did it occur to me again that I was dreaming. I thought that after I had my first LD, it would be much easier to have more. But I don't know, maybe that's not true. What have been your experiences when you first started lucid dreaming? Also, what techniques have given you the best results? I've been keeping a dream journal and doing reality checks, as well as meditating before bed and waking up early in the morning and then trying to WILD...

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      keep plugging away at it. You have to build momentum, also, think back to something you were trying to accomplish. Lets use guitar as an example. You have been working on a certain song/riff, and after failing at it for a bit you manage to play it half decent without messing up, more by accident than on purpose. That doesn't mean you can do it at least that well every single time you try after that. Takes a bit more work to get to the point where you can play it no problemo on command.
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      You have been trying for months to have 1. If the next one comes in two weeks, you have greatly improved. Having at least 1 a week would be something to be very pleased with. The best LDers can go days between LDs. They may have 50 in a month sometimes, then have only 4 the next month. It is hard to say why that happens.
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      Like stated above, keep working at it. In my experience the few lucid dreams I've had have occurred during points in my life where I was very conscious of the difference between waking and dreaming. Then when I get a little too busy and that effort falls by the wayside, so does my occasional lucid dreams and overall dream recall.

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      Just don't give up. These things seem to come when you least expect it. Some months ago I left my dream journal aside and didn't pay much attention to my dreams because I had a busy couple of months, but my recall was still pretty good. Out of nowhere, I had a random lucid one night. This was back in October, and these last few months I've been paying attention to my dreams again. This time I'm working more on awareness and I have the feeling my next lucid is just around the corner. Just don't lose your faith in it and try not to put too much pressure on yourself. It'll come naturally
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      First of all, congrats on the lucid!:bravo: Although it may sound illogical, sometimes you just need to take a break for a day or 2 and the LDs will come naturally without trying after trying hard for several weeks/months. Don't be discouraged by not having another LD the next day, look on the bright side, you recalled some dreams! Keep up the work and the LDs will start flowing.

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