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      Plz HELP with failed RC's and false awakenings!!!!!!


      So far I've been doing nose plug reality checks and looking at my hands and asking if I'm dreaming all the time along with recording and remembering my dreams in detail, and ever since I've been having a lucid dream every other day. But a huge problem I have is When I'm in the lucid dream I'll do a nose plug RC and when I do I can't breath and my ears pop and I wonder if I'm awake or not when I'm actually dreaming and then just go along with the dream. Last night I had a dream about me thinking about lucid dreaming and a thought occurred to do a RC and I did but I couldn't breath and thought it was not a dream. Luckily I tried to fly for some reason and I could so I then knew it wasn't dream but as I was flying someone told me it wasn't a dream and threatened to do something I can't remember what but I was then like oh no I better listen to him this isn't a dream and went along with it. I also keep having False awakenings after every lucid dream which is so annoying because the RC fails like I said above and I go along with the dream as if I woke up
      So I'm wondering how I can stop all these false awakenings and failed RC's because there driving me crazy

      Thnx and plz respond

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      Start doing multiple reality checks, or switch your primary reality check if the nose plug technique always fails. You probably won't stop the false awakening, but learning to reality check and question your state of wakefulness every time you wake up may carry over to your false awakenings and help identify them as dreams.

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      ^ This—if that one particular RC doesn't work for you, try a different one. Some RCs work better for some people than others. There are tons of them to choose from. Personally, I like to try to fly or glance at text/digital clocks/my watch several times in a row to see if they do weird things. Try a few different reality checks until you find what's reliable for you.

      And, as mentioned, getting in the habit of RCing frequently each time you wake up isn't a bad idea. This can help turn false awakenings into lucids.
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      I second Travis's examples; text and digital clocks are awesome. I use the nose pinch only as confirmation, and even then I am wary because it has failed so many times. I would suggest having something that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are dreaming that you can follow the digital clock with (finger through hand, fly, etc.)

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      I agree with the other posters on the importance of performing multiple reality checks. Like ThreeCat mentioned, the nose pinch test is not the most reliable, you may want to use a different primary reality check. I usually try to push my right pointer finger through my palm and then use the nose pinch test as a backup.

      One trick I've learned to improve the success of reality checks is to do them with the assumption that you are dreaming. This challenges the basic human assumption that all experiences are waking experiences.

      So rather than asking "Am I dreaming?", ask "How do I know I'm awake?"

      It shifts the burden of proof on your mind to prove that you are NOT dreaming.

      As for false awakenings, I agree with Travis. If you make it a habit to perform a reality check every time you wake up, you can turn false awakenings into extended lucid dreams.
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