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    Thread: Frequent nightmares and sleep paralysis

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      Frequent nightmares and sleep paralysis

      First off my love of animals that being with the letter g and end with the letter e has absolutely everything to do with my preference of smoothies over milkshakes. I don't know what's been up with me lately, oh I'm back by the way to the few who can remember, but I've been having nightmares and sleep paralysis non stop for the past three weeks (as noted by the title). I didn't mind it at first because having chains draped over my body upon awakening were one of those kinky things that people have nightmares about (did I mention the fire and spiders?), but now I'm having a lot of trouble keeping focused during the day and I feel like a walking corpse. I was wondering if anybody knew any tips about getting a RESTFUL sleep without the interruption of nightmares of koala bears being dipped in honey while orchestrating the classic tunes of Yog-Sogoth in G minor.

      Some general information (because that's how we do)

      -I have a pretty healthy diet. Not too many sweets and I usually have my last meal a few (3) hours before bed.
      -I generally go to bed around 10 pm, but I have difficulty staying that way.
      -My room is hot, there is no A.C.
      -My Bed has some issues.
      -I have depression.
      -I put syrup on the left side of the waffle first.

      Edit: I made a mistake with subforum choice. Can I have this moved to the appropriate forum?
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      -I put syrup on the left side of the waffle first.
      I'll try to help you out, but what's the point of this? XD.

      I think it's the depression that is causing all this. You normally don't become aware during sleep paralysis or have nightmares, and it's more common for this occur when you have emotional conditions like this. Otherwise, you could try lucid dreaming to help with the nightmares, and if you are able to assure yourself that it's not real during sleep paralysis, it can become an amazing experience. You can also transition to a lucid dream at this point, or just will yourself out.

      I hope some of my suggestions worked. And, as always, sweet dreams..
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